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Angie Dollar

Future Life Today

~ Member Since 2018

QHHT, BQH, and SRT: Let’s work together so you can live the wonderful life you deserve! It’s time to heal and enjoy happiness here on earth. I’ve helped people with opening to the flow of abundance, improving relationships, releasing inner child traumas, to improve the future. Read my reviews here and check my website for much more information.

You can find me in Houston, Texas.


QHHT Trained by Dolores Cannon, BQH, Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner, Spiritual Restructuring




Great session-I saw 2 past lives. That was super exciting. The lives did relate to my questions. Angie helped me to feel safe during the session. I was nervous since it was my first time. I’m so happy to have chosen Angie for the session. Highly recommended!


Beth R

I had a QHHT session with Angie. This was my first time being hypnotized. I was a bit afraid but she eased my fears over the phone before coming in for the session. It was such a simple process where I felt safe and it went by so quickly. I saw amazing visions of the future on this earth. I saw myself living with a group around me. Some of them I knew and some I didn’t. They felt like soul family. We had created a community together and it just all felt safe and joyful the way earth should be. My guidance kept saying the word community over and over. It didn’t feel too far in the future and my guidance said it would be very soon. I came out of the hypnosis session so happy that I came in to have the session. The session gave me a ton of information I didn’t know and confirmed some things I was feeling. Thanks so much!


Bobby A

QHHT: I’ve been having issues with my family because I’ve been waking up quickly and they are staying in the same place-asleep. I came to Angie for a session with some questions written out but she did a great job expanding my questions so that I left with way more information than I expected. I had another session a few months ago with a different practitioner and the practitioner just asked the questions on my list and didn’t push to have my high self expand on any information. Angie pushed and pushed taking her time to go deep into the questioning. Another interesting thing is that I could feel myself being lifted up to meet with my high self and I felt I was floating down when she was ending the session. I woke having so much confirmed and my path was more clearly defined when I woke. I definitely recommend Angie.



I had a BQH session over zoom with Angie. I was considering driving to have a QHHT session but I felt having a session online would be just as good and it would save me a few hours driving. The session went really well. And she was right that it was nice being home in my own bed having the session. I had a session a few years ago. But I felt the went deeper into trance with this session. The session a few years ago was interesting but the hypnotist did not ask why I went into that past life. Angie clarified the reason for going into the two past lives that I saw. Then she took me to a connection with my high self. I could feel my high self speaking through me and I knew it wasn’t me making the information up. I sounded different on the recording, I felt a loving energy coming through me, and it was information I didn’t know. I have a lot of detailed information about my path now and I’m happy with the information about the future of earth. I’m planning on moving soon, which I was told many people have been doing.


Gail P

My QHHT session was wonderful. It was my first, so I was nervous and not knowing what to expect. Angie has a way of making me feel relaxed and comfortable. I went with questions and was surprised at how easily the answers came. Angie is really good at getting a lot of information to come forward. I felt safe, and the answers felt authentic. This was a great experience.


Donna B

I had a session with Angie to look at my relationship with my Twin Flame and to look into my future.

The session went great. I was able to see an amazing future and have confirmation of who my Twin Flame is.

It feels amazing to be hypnotized and to connect on that high level. I didn’t want to come back to this reality. But I feel much happier being here now.

I so glad I did this session and Angie did a wonderful job making me feel safe and relaxed. All my questions were answered in detail. I highly recommend Angie’s services.



I’ve struggled with letting go of childhood issues. I tried therapy and medication for years. Even though I’m an adult, I could never break away from my past. The past life regression and QHHT changed my life. I have a deep understanding and deep healing now of my childhood. I feel like a different person.


Rob K

I had two energy clearing sessions over issues at work and financial blocks. I was limiting myself which was confirmed when I found another job and asked for a higher salary than what I was making. I’ve been at the new job now for 2 months. I like this job more than my last one, and I’m happy with the salary. It’s nice waking up to go to work now. I feel totally different now instead of being constantly stressed. I feel free.


Cindy S

My QHHT session was amazing. I had a past life session years ago. But this QHHT session was much better.

I saw two past lives that showed me things for me to let go of here in this life. I also was shown my purpose and some glimpses into my future here on earth.

It’s been two months since my session, and I feel free and in charge of my life. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Thank you so much!


Emily G

I’ve been thinking of having a QHHT session with someone for over a year now. I’m so happy I had one with Angie. I wish I had set up the session sooner because it was amazing. It was safe and easy. She asked all my questions and now I have a lot of information about the blast of 5D energy that will be coming to earth. But I also have a much deeper and clear connection with my high self now. This session was life changing.


Bethany H

I highly recommend Angie for a QHHT session.

I’m a YouTube junkie tracking the New Earth info, and Schuman, etc. I feel my body and mind changing, and I left my job because I didn’t fit in there anymore.

The QHHT session revealed info. about my next steps to ascension as a Star Seed. I was able to see a past life that was holding me back and all my questions were answered.

Angie has a great way of getting my high self to expand on answers. I ended up with much more info than I expected.


Marc F

I contacted Angie for a QHHT session. We met at her beautiful office in Sedona. I wanted to gain insight about my future. Also, I wanted to know if the earth is really changing and how to leave my 3D job.

This was my first hypnosis session. Everything went way better than I expected. She took me to the future and I saw myself on the new earth helping and doing energy work. All my questioned were answered and I feel great. I’m deeply thankful.


Marie C

I saw Angie in Sedona for a QHHT session. I received great info about the earth moving to a 5D state and found out what I would be doing during the earth change. Angie was amazing. I felt safe and gained a ton of info.


Irina Nola

Angie did Spiritual Response Therapy Energy Clearing for me and my place, and it was truly amazing. She created an energy shield between me and my 'bad energy" neighbors, who used to yell at me, after the session, they became very polite and just say 'Hello" to me. My place feels so much lighter. I notice that after the session my dreams changed - they are 'otherworldly" and loving, instead of hectic and based in everyday hassle. Thank you Angie for the beautiful session!


Rae B

Angie has been doing energy clearing work (SRT, SpR) for work issues I’m having plus we have been working regarding some changes in my life.

I have been moving forward with better work opportunities coming to me since doing the energy clearing. I’ve had 2 sessions out of the 3 I signed up for.

I’ll have the last one this week. It’s like I can feel the energy coming towards me before we start the session. During the sessions, it’s interesting to hear about the past life visions Angie is seeing. I can feel energy moving off me causing a feeling of lightness.

Angie is a very powerful healer. I’m sure we have been together in other lifetimes which must be why I found her in this lifetime. She is definitely on her path with her doing this kind of work.


Paul T

I had a BQH session with Angie a couple months ago. The shifts are amazing. I highly recommend her.

I feel that my life is getting better and better. I had the opportunity to take a job that allowed me more free time to create my music. I had fear around taking the job which required me to move out of state. But frankly, I had been shedding friends and had lost interest in hobbies I use to enjoy.

I came to realize my old friends and my desire to hang out at the bars with my friends was a lower vibration. Most of my relationships were on the surface-actually meaningless.

During the session I received a strong suggestion to take the new job and leave most of my old life behind. This is a quote from my higher self: “Leave your old life. Walk into the truth of what you came to this planet to do.”

That message was delivered in a strong voice without hesitation. Most of fear to move forward was released when I heard those words.

As I made plans to move into my new job, sold my house, looked at places to live in my new state, and so on, the rest of my fears released.

I’ve been here in a completely different life now for over two months. I love my job. I have time for my music and time for being outside. I’ve met a woman that I really connect with who is talking about a Twin Flame relationship between us.

I’m so glad I took the step of having a session with Angie. She did an amazing job of assisting me to connect with my higher self and did an amazing job expanding on the questions once I was connected with my higher self. When I went back to listen to the session it just sounded like Angie was having a conversation with a friend. But it actually sounded like Angie’s higher self was speaking to my higher self. I could feel and hear the high vibration.

My life is completely changed. I feel more and more of a 5D existence coming into my life.


Mark L

I met Angie at her beautiful location in Houston. We spoke by the pond about what I was expecting from my session.

Once we started the session, I experienced a past life that related to trauma I had experienced in this life. Seeing that past life brought insight into this life. This has helped me to let go of trauma in this life.

When Angie took me to my higher self, all my questions were answered. But also, Angie had a way of asking additional questions so that my higher self would go into detail so that I retrieved a great deal of information.

It was confirmed to me that I am a volunteer who came here to assist in raising the vibration of the planet. I was shown what the earth will be like when we enter the 5th dimensional state of living here. I saw amazing visions of a new earth that’s coming soon. After having struggled through most of my life, I’m excited to be here at this time. My session completely changed my outlook on life.

I am forever grateful for this session and forever grateful to Angie.


Cici D

I had a past life session once before when I was younger. It was quite different from this session. This session felt much deeper.

During this session with Angie, I saw and felt one past life in detail. Angie moved me to important experiences in that life. The life I experienced has a purpose that does help me as I reflect on this life.

I don’t know what was the best part of the session: experiencing the past life or having my questions answered??? Both parts were great, and Angie began by helping me to feel relaxed as we talked through my questions and my intention. I received way more than what I expected from the session.



I had a SRT energy clearing Session and QHHT session with Angie as my practitioner. It was a very interesting session as I have never had Spiritual Response Therapy. It appears to be a dowsing technique and was very pleasant and restful. After that, she moved into QHHT. It has become evident to me that getting to the Higher Self is easy for me. We asked a number of questions which the Higher Self responded to. One of those questions was about an infection under my right eye tooth. That has now gone away, and I am so happy about it. But the question about my general anxiety was the amazing one, because my anxiety issue has gone away. Spectacular. Thanks, Angie.


Marsha M

I had an in person BQH session with Angie. It was my first time doing anything like this. She helped me to easily connect with my higher consciousness to answer questions that I brought to the session. We also quickly went though 2 lifetimes that related to things I’ve been dealing with in this life.

The office location is beautiful with a pond, birds, and just a relaxing feeling being there. I didn’t want to leave the office, and I felt so amazing after the session.

I have to say this experience was life changing.


Lana W

I found Angie on You Tube, and I felt comfortable when I heard her voice. She did the energy clearing while we were on the phone. Since I live in California, she said I could choose Zoom video or phone. She said that energy can be moved without having to be physically together.

I asked for clearing around my physical body because I’m feeling tired & depressed lately. I also just started a new business. Physically over the last few weeks since the clearing I’ve felt energized and I feel like moving forward with the business I’ve started. I simply feel happy & free now.


Mia E

I was so excited when I found YouTube videos online such as Dolores Cannon. I reached out to Angie due to a referral from a friend.

I had a session with Angie where I saw the future on earth where things are so much better, and heard my higher self answering my questions. According to my higher self, the world is getting better, and we are supported and loved.

It felt wonderful relaxing and hearing my higher self say that the world is being healed by raising in vibration.


John I

I had many questions about the New Earth. I figured they would be answered during a higher consciousness connection portion of the session. This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve had two other sessions. One years ago. The other was just last year. But it feels things have changed so much for me, and I’ve been having many New Earth visions in my dreams. That’s why I wanted another session. Angie did something a little different. She asked to take me back in time. I did see another lifetime where I was channeling healing energy, and I was teaching. But then instead of going to the higher consciousness, she took me forward and I was able to see the New Earth and what I’ll be doing there. I know some feel we have free will and maybe there are different paths. However, I could feel that this is where I’ll be. I’ll be helping others on the New Earth. I’ll be creating something new, leading, and supporting. It’s like missing puzzle pieces from my dreams came in clear view, and I can tell it is all going to happen as I saw it. When we connected to the higher consciousness, I was told what I saw was real and was going to be a beautiful experience. The session moved along without a hitch-all questions were answered in detail. She did a great job asking more questions than what I had listed (without leading or without giving answers) so that I would have more detailed answers than what my Higher Consciousness was giving.


Kerri P

Angie is a truly gifted and special energy healer. For the first time, today I participated in her “Awaken to 5D:Quantum Healing and Beyond” session and ...just Wow! I’m usually fairly eloquent but I’m a bit at a lose for words on how profoundly it impacted me. I feel truly blessed to have been introduced to her and benefit from her special gifts!


Victoria T

Work stuff. Always work stuff. I've had some conflicts with my boss over the last couple of years. I liked working there until he was hired. Angie said it's Karma between us and some healing agreements. She was able to clear those things off because she said it was time to be free from this cycle that him and I have had going on for several lifetimes. She cleared negative energy between us and cleared some negative energy in the building where we office. I can sleep through the night now because I actually want to go to work. It's definitely a change for the better.


Zoe R

Angie, you beautiful angel. Thank you ever so much for your healing. The entire time I was feeling so many shifts happening at once, like things were clearing very quickly unlike any other healing modality I have experienced. Being a healer myself and very in tune with energy, I found you to be extremely wise, highly intuitive, grounded, with such a deep understanding of the twin flame journey as well as the spirit world. You are humble and yet very confident in your work which is the perfect combination for a true lightworker.

I have recommended you to all the women I know that will resonate with your high level healing and support.

Thank you for being You! You inspire me and I look forward to reading more of your blog. I loved how you talked about the Surrender stage which is where I feel I am at and it feels so nice to LET GO.

You make me smile. I felt so clear and grounded after our session yesterday and this morning alot of old feelings of not feeling good enough came up to be released and I said goodbye to them and am feeling really present right now with no attachment and a deeper sense of surrender and self love. So thank you from the core of my soul.

Love, Zoe


Elizabeth C

Angie is an earth angel, sent from the universe, to help those of us on the Twin Flame path to facilitate healing for the self and assist in union. I had a relationship with my unawakened TF for about a year, when text book TF conflict occurred, and we separated. In the depths of my deep pain, despair and desperation, I had seen a number of healers for assistance in healing, which were helpful (allowing me to at least get out of bed every day) but it was not profound. Then I found Angie, was immediately drawn to her energy, and reached out and booked a series of healing sessions, which had immediate impact. She has a true gift to clear dark energies, inner child issues, interferences, old programs, blockages from past lives and this lifetime, just to name a few. Angie's higher self is so powerful, that it takes other healers weeks and months to clear the baggage, she can accomplish in 2 hours.

After 4 months of virtually no contact with my Twin Flame and 3-4 sessions with Angie, I had an opportunity to see my TF. She helped clear our blocks to communication, any negativity in my energy and his, as well as any blocks between us, and also coached me through how to communicate in 3D to facilitate a meeting. He agreed to see me in person, where we communicated openly, and cleared up the issues that lead to our separation. The reunion was even more magical than my wildest dreams. Though we are not completely back in union, we are now communicating regularly again, have wiped the slate clean and restarting our relationship with renewed hope, love and positivity.

I know that with the continued help of Angie, our full union is imminent. I am under no illusion that it will be simple and easy, I expect the triggering to continue as the layers of wounding from this and previous lifetimes continue to surface, individually and as a couple. That being said, the greatest gift that Angie has given me peace and surrender to let go of trying to control the direction of travel. I no longer feel the need to chase, no longer feel needy and incomplete without my TF in my life on a day-to-day basis, and no longer living in fear of the triggering. Angie is the REAL-DEAL Twin Flame healer, who personalizes her healings with love and compassion and provides guidance and support. She is in full alignment with her life purpose, which is to bring twin flames on this earth back together. Thank you, Angie for all you do, I am so grateful for you and wish you continued success in building out your business to help the Twin Flame collective heal and reunite. With your continued love and support, I look forward to my final testimonial, announcing full union with my beloved.

With deep love and gratitude,


Christine L

I have had three clearing sessions with Angie in the last couple of months. During our first session it was very apparent to me that she is very connected as I myself entered a higher state of mind just through the two of us talking and felt energy shifting during the clearings.

After our first session I received a text from an old soulmate friend of mine literally two minutes after the session was over and then had some pretty awesome synchronicities occur representing other soul connections as well as my twin flame connection.

We have been working on clearing for my TwinFlame relationship among other things and that relationship has progressed from a state of non-communication to plans to meet up since my clearing sessions.

Angie is very thorough and caring and I would highly recommend a session with her to help propel you forward on your journey!


Liz W

My daughter went in for surgery and I asked that energy work be done (SRT, SpR). While Angie was remotely doing the clearing, I was sitting in the hospital. I could visually see golden energy moving through the hospital during the surgery. Angie said she could see a white being moving through the hall spreading a healing energy as she did the clearing. That was really cool that we both saw healing energy.

Of course the surgery went way better than the doctors expected. An ovary that doctors said should have been dead was perfectly healthy.

I KNOW the surgery would have resulted in a dead ovary that would have been removed if the energy clearing had not been done.

I am BEYOND grateful!


Brianna N

I had a session where Angie did SRT energy clearing with me. Then the next day we did a BQH session. Doing the SRT energy clearing the day before helped to clear out any fears around the BQH session and I felt much more relaxed about the BQH session the next day.

On the day of the BQH session, I connected with my Higher Guidance & received so much information. I’ve listened to the recording several times and I can hardly believe the amazing information I have from the session.

Angie returns emails quickly, and when I told her I was super stressed with my financial issues, Angie said she could fit me in. I only had to wait a few days to get an appointment. I could tell that Angie sincerely cared about helping me. I feel I have released a huge weight that has been holding me back from abundance.


Mark F

During this ascension for me I’ve felt more attacked by negative energy while I’ve been awakening. I went to another healer because I felt something was holding me back and causing me to feel terrible emotionally. My business had gone south. I had a huge drop of income.

After seeing the other healer, I started seeing visions of myself being held down by something. I went to Angie and found out I had past lives with the other healer. While that healer did clear some things, the door was still open to entities, and things had gotten worse for my business.

Angie “shut the door” is how I would word it to entities coming in. She cleared them all-yes-more than one. Within 10 minutes I was feeling light and and more energetic.

Angie then cleared between me and the other healer. Angie has a good sense of humor. She just said something like: Its good you went to the other healer first because now you’ve let go of a lot. You were with her in several lifetimes.

Angie cleared many things. Programs were cleared. My business was cleared.

I had abundance issues. I decided to go back to Angie to work on my abundance issues. I found out much is related to my parents and how they reacted towards money when I was a child. I could feel a huge release when that was brought up to clear.

I ended up having 3 energy sessions with Angie. I feel like I’ve been completely washed down with light. It’s like I’m a better me now.


Mimi R

My BQH session this week helped me to have clarity and connection with my Twin Flame. My questions were answered in depth. I felt happy and relaxed about my future when I left.


Karen C

I had a session about 5 years ago but all we did was visit a past life. That other practitioner didn’t do things that now I know are imperative. With Angie, the session revealed so much information. She asked the purpose and lesson of the life shown. Angie was able to help me easily connect with my higher self. All my questions were answered. It was amazing. I would say it was one of the most amazing days of my life.


Jackie M

I started with a SRT-Spiritual Response Therapy energy clearing. Then I had a BQH session. I was nervous because I had never done anything like this before. It all went very well. I was able to let go to a lot of things from my childhood. It was interesting to see similarities from another lifetime and to see that I have people in this lifetime that I’ve incarnated with before. I feel a big weight has been lifted off of me. I’m so glad I did this.


Gina S

I’ve never had any kind of session done before. Angie made me feel very relaxed when we met. My session was in person. But she did say she can do online for a friend I’m recommending. Angie is friendly and easy going. I felt like I was with someone I could trust. I was able to go into a deep state where I saw 2 other lifetimes. My intent was to look at what could help me in this lifetime. I was shown lives where I was working as a healer. It really helped me to see that I can move forward on my mission. I felt like I was there in those lifetimes which was so cool. I highly recommend Angie.


Sarah K

I’m in a relationship with my Twin Flame. We’ve had many ups and downs. I’ve had a QHJT session with a different practioner about a year ago. I’ve also had a past life regression done 5 years ago. I gained so much insight through the BQH session with Angie. She also used energy healing-Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) the day before the session. I was really needing guidance with my relationship and I was able to easily connect with my high self to receive clarity and to clear my blocks. It’s been a couple months now since my session. I can definitely see a difference with my twin and I. We communicate in a more positive way toward each other and we seems happier when we are together now. I was also dealing with severe migraines at least once a week. I haven’t had a migraine since the session over 2 months ago.


Jacob R

My wife and I are Twin Flames. My wife recommend Angie for energy healing. I decided to do both BQH and SRT energy healing. I wanted to do something that would help cause a huge shift in my life. After my wife had energy healing with Angie, our relationship improved. It was as if some cloud lifted. I wanted to have the BQH and energy healing to help increase my business income and gain more clients. I waited a month to write this to watch for results. I’ve been so busy with new clients that I can hardly believe the shift. But we stay open to the flow. The money is coming in. I tell my wife daily that this is the life we came here to live. We are happy. My business is flowing with amazing abundance. And we are thankful everyday. Our goal has been reached so that now we can give back financially to a non-profit organization we have been watching. Our next goal is to learn more on how non-profits are ran so we can start our own. We are helping raise the vibration and so is Angie and BQH.


Ralph G

This was my first time having a session. I was surprised at how easy it was to relax completely and connect to my higher self. My questions were answered. Plus, Angie had a way of communicating with my higher self to retrieve even more information than I expected about my future here as we head to a New Earth. I highly recommend her.


Unbiased and on the Fence Speaking about BQH and Spiritual Response Therapy

Imagination Warrior Channel Speaking about Hypnotism and Spiritual Response Therapy

SRT to Assist with Releasing Money Problems and Fear

Many times when we have problems with money and fear in this lifetime, the issues started in another lifetime. It's time to heal and let it go so we can live the abundant life we deserve.

SRT Energy Clearing (Spiritual Response Therapy) for Self Love & Regaining your Power

Many times when doing energy clearing we find that we do not love ourselves enough. We can actually be our own worse enemy not forgiving ourselves for mistakes or for what we consider as lost opportunities. My clients have found that things like therapy brings things to the surface and then clients are still in a state of depression or unhappiness when they could release the trapped energy with SRT so they can be happy and free from the past.

Energy Clearing Dark Energy, Satanic Forces, Curses, Black Magic

I wanted to share a short video with Spiritual Response Therapy Energy Clearing (SRT). This clearing is to assist in releasing darkness such as curses, black or negative magic, satanic forces, etc. SRT taps into what we want to release so we can choose to live a happier life that’s full of love, abundance, and vitality. Feel free to contact me for a longer individualized session or reach out with any questions.

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