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Bogdan Morosanu



~ Member Since 2020

My beloved dear friends,

First, pat yourself on the back and be grateful and thankful to yourself for getting as far as here. You’ve done beautifully!

Welcome my brother and sister to discover the real you! Your life experiences and actions got you here now to connect with me! This is not a coincidence, this is the truth. There is definitely a reason for us connecting now. I am grateful and thankful for this opportunity and co-creation!

How wonderful is that you are interested in becoming and rediscovering the real You! How exciting this is!

Here, on earth, I am a human being experiencing this wonderful and magnificent reality. Like you, I am learning, experiencing and discovering each moment what means to be a human being experiencing life at this very moment here on mother Earth. I am continuously transforming and changing, just like you. Meaning that I am not the same person that wrote this description as you will not be the same person after you finished reading it 🙂 Isn’t it wonderful what we are?

Going through extraordinary challenges and unbelievable joy and happiness to finally graduate from the Master Class here on Earth. Yes! It is a Master Class as only the most courageous, powerful, extraordinary, magnificent and bold souls choose to experience life on Earth at this moment. If you ever thought otherwise about yourself, please read again the previous phrase as that is the truth about YOU!

Every day we are offered great opportunities to experience life in many different ways and forms from which we can learn great lessons and wisdom that can bring us closer to wholeness.

I am a Quantum Healer that believes in our inner healing, inner magic, inner God, knowledge and the power of Love. I was guided to create to have the great honor of guiding you to self-discovery and to access your inner healer and knowledge. All the answers that you need and ever needed are within yourself. You are already a God, as we all are, you just need to remember it and rediscover yourself again and find out that there is no separation and we are all one!

Let’s go together on this extraordinary journey of revealing the magnificent and extraordinary story of You! 

Embrace the Love, Light and High Vibrations that I send to you!


Beyond Quantum Healing Certificate




I'm so grateful to Bogdan for his sensitivity, skill, energy and kindness in creating a safe space for me to go deep into my journey and process, to unlock and release trauma and reconnect with my inner child, my ancestors and receive such love, wisdom, guidance and healing from them and my higher self, from my inner child and the magical beings, magical realms. Thanks for the magic and co-creation.


Agota Horvath

Bogdan has a very soothing voice that is perfect for hypnosis . In my session the lives we explored brought clarity as to why I have been plagued with low energy all my life . My higher self spelled out exactly what I had to do to align more with the earth energies for vitality and health . This is priceless insight that I have been seeking for a long time. I also received a very powerful healing session from the higher self and was told I would receive more healing at night when I was sleeping . I would become more aligned with the higher self and this would mean my intuition ( voice of the higher self) would guide me in all areas of life . I just had to follow the intuitive hunched to create the life I wanted . I am very grateful to Bogdan for offering this stellar session, can't recommend him enough !!!!


Andreea Tavitian

My session with Bogdan was quite smooth and relaxed. Although my story was not linear and not easy to grasp, he managed to ask the right questions and take the best decisions of moving me trough the session. In the end all seemed to come together to a wonderful story and really valuable insights. I truly recommend working with Bogdan if you`re looking for an empathic and educated spirit to help you unlock your own hidden misterys and bring in a beautiful healing energy.


Stelian N

Very interesting and intense experience. Bogdan is a great guide, who has the proper patience and knowledge for taking you through this journey . Thanks a lot !


Devialini Agheda-De Souza

I had a wonderful session with Bogdan. He is kind, patient and really listens to what you have to say. He made me feel at ease and the session was fascinating, to say the least.


Alexandra Lopez

My session with Bogdan began with an amazing expansive experience of being a cosmic guardian. Later I understood how contradicting life contracts affect my physical body and finally, my HS counseled me on ways to heal, revealing how our heart is so much more powerful than our minds. Our minds are just tools we have given too much power too. Our hearts can never be wounded and can heal everything. Bogdan was a wonderful guide through my journey. I highly recommend him.



So pleased to have discovered Bogdan. I initially felt a little bit silly explaining my fears, my past life and my emotions to somebody else, but Bogdan quickly made me feel very easy and comfortable fully explaining how he could help me. I soon felt confident that I had made the right decision to try quantum healing.


What is Quantum Healing?

My name is Bogdan and I am a certified Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner. This video is a short introduction to Quantum Healing Hypnosis. It summarises how it started with Dolores Cannon when she was doing past lives regressions and people started to connect with Higher Self. To find out more please visit!

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