Frances Barlow

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Address: 15, Mint Grove, Derby, England, DE73 6WF, United Kingdom.


Frances Barlow

~ Member Since 2012

I was drawn to working with holistic therapies back in 1997. My initial training was in massage therapy but soon realised that much healing is centred around relaxation which led me on to my training in 2001 as a Reiki Master which in turn led to a deep fascination with the possibilities that energetic healing provided. It was at this point in 2011 that I decided to train with Dolores Cannon, mastering her unique system. This new healing therapy turned my world around and literally changed my life as I saw life with a different perspective.  I went on to do the 2nd level with Dolores Cannon in 2014.

Since then I have gone on to learn Beyond Quantum Healing which has roots in QHHT but with my own skills and experience added in.  Unlike QHHT Beyond Quantum Healing can be done at a distance, over the internet, which makes it perfect for people who are not able to travel for whatever reason.

In addition to QHHT and BQH there are other variations and expansions of the technique that have emerged. ¬†One such example is Quantum Connect which is my latest edition. ¬†Quantum Connect provides a brief introduction to the concept of subconscious connection through the use of interactive games. ¬†It aims to demonstrate the extent of one’s connection to their subconscious mind without going into a trance state.

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Incredible, such a fantastic experience. Fran is such a warm, relaxed person. Seriously no need to worry about a thing. I just cant believe how much i've benefited already and i only went to see her today. My daughters going tomorrow. Indescribable really, you just have to do this for yourself to fully understand how soothed and positive this experience leaves you feeling. Can' t wait for the future.



Where do I start, Fran was amazing from when i first met her. She radiates such calming loving energy which puts you at ease very quickly. I struggled to get a deep relaxed state because i suffer from intense anxiety but Frans patience and perseverance I got amazing results. The Healing work was fantastic and definitely helpful. I would highly recommended Qhht for anyone guided to do so because the results and information you get is amazing.



Fran's work is truly unique in that she goes above and beyond to find details hidden beneath the surface. She is fearless and her confidence in her clients makes for a comfortable and productive healing session. I first came to Fran with a lot of weight on my shoulders and, after just one session, she had helped me to uncover lifetime’s worth of memories. Her counsel after the session helped me to find ways of coping and adjusting to my newfound mindset. My sessions with Fran have been truly life changing and I can’t thank her enough for everything!


Sigita Silina

I really enjoyed the session with Fran, she put me at ease and was a good listener, I felt I could trust her right from the start. She also had a deep understanding of what I was going through which was very important to me. Since the session it has set me free from the fear of death, therefore many other fears. It kick started something within me and I am grateful for all the remarkable changes that have happened since. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Fran – thank you for helping me find clarity in my life and turning it around. Sigita



After discovering Dolores Cannon online and learning more about QHHT I was excited to find that one of the UK’s top practitioners was literally 5 miles away.
What I didn’t anticipate was how profound the session would be and how it would accelerate my spiritual journey and healing. I revisited a couple of relevant past lives, but it was the Higher Self work that really impacted me. I thought the benefits would be all internal but I was amazed that she helped me release physical niggles too. Fran is a powerful healer and guide as well as a beautiful protective soul. You are absolutely in safe hands with her and I highly recommend a session with her.


William O'Leary

As this was the first time I had a QHHT session I was not 100% certain how things would go. But right from the very beginning, due to the relaxing and professional approach from Fran, I immediately felt safe and very much at ease. I was gently taken back to three previous lifetimes, and it took several weeks afterwards before I was able to fully assimilate all of the information I received during the session. Fortunately, Fran had forewarned me that it could take this time frame, before the full extant  of the session would be revealed. Even though I had to travel some distance to have the QHHT session, I can certainly say that it was well worth the effort, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Fran to anyone wishing to have a QHHT experience.

Thank you Fran.

‚ÄãWilliam - April 2017



I feel so passionate to write this testimonial! I was a bit apprehensive at first as I’d not experienced hypnotherapy before but I immediately felt at ease with Fran and had an inner knowing that this was the way forward. Since the session I have noticed that my life has been enhanced on many levels. I feel a much stronger connection to my higher self, my blockages have gone and I feel a major shift within myself. My vibration has gone up, therefore I’m experiencing more life enhancing situations - consequently there are more positive people presenting themselves in my life. I don’t feel attached to unnecessary drama anymore and my old conditioning is falling away. I highly recommend a QHHT with Fran as it will most certainly enhance your experience of life!

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