Galina Raykova

The Creator is The Greatest Healer

Consulation Type: Online,In Person
Languages: Bulgarian|English|Russian

Time Zone: (GMT+02:00) Athens, Bucharest, Istanbul

Address: 100, "Pirin" Str., Bansko, Blagoevgrad Province, 2770, Bulgaria.

Galina Raykova

~ Member Since 2021

I believe that if you are reading this, we are ment to connect. I welcome you with an open heart. We are all One. 

–√í—√®—√Ñ–‚⧖‚àû–¬∫, —ć–¬µ —√¢–æ–¬∫ —ć–¬µ—√á–¬µ—√† —√á–æ–‚àë–ø —√á–¬µ–‚à´—√Ö—√á, –Œ©–ø–¬µ –‚⧖¬µ—ć–¬µ —√Ö–¬µ –ø–æ–‚àë–Œ©–‚àû–‚⧖‚àû–¬∫–¬µ… –√º–æ—√Ö—√Ñ–¬µ—√¢–‚àû–¬∫ —√á–¬µ —√Ö –æ—√ᖂ⧖æ—√Ñ–¬µ–Œ©–æ —√Ö—√§—√Ñ—√ú–¬µ. –√í—√Ö–ø—ć–‚à´–ø —√Ö–¬∫–¬µ –√Ø–¬•–Œ©–æ. 


Certified Level 2 QHHT Practitioner (Studied with Dolores Cannon) Theta HealerPsychologist (MA)Philosopher (PhD candidate)


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