Grace Haeusler ~ Yuen Method & BQH


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Address: 525, Lentz Road, Belleair Bluffs, Florida, 33770, United States.

Grace Haeusler ~ Yuen Method & BQH

~ Member Since 2018

I am a 5th Degree Black Belt in Uechi Ryu Okinawan Karate. I practice Chinese Energetic Medicine, a remote healing modality taught to me in 2001 by a 35th Generation Shaolin Kung Fu Master, Dr. Kam Yuen. (also known as the Yuen Method.)  October 2018 I began The "Beyond Quantum Healing" Course, which has proven to be an excellent addition to my remote healing practice.

 My mission is to raise consciousness.

There are 3 options I have developed for us to connect.

1: I  will send you a report detailing the Major issues  I have corrected, and we will keep in touch via messaging, so that I can go deeper and correct more layers.  The fee is $150.

2: I will send you a report, and also speak with you on zoom for an hour.  The fee is $250.

3: We connect via zoom video, for 2 hours, for the Energetic healing, and Beyond Quantum healing session. The fee is $550.


Yuen Practitioner since 2001 www.yuenmethod.comBQH Practitioner since October 2018Master of Karate – 5th Degree Black Belt in Uechi Ryu Karate-do (Traditional Okinawan Karate)




Grace gave me release from many things, on many levels. Mostly, she helped remove the barriers I have around being deeply happy and empowered.

Her skill in also eliminating karmic roadblocks from my ancestry helped me shed multi generational ideas and beliefs. This is indeed deep healing... and I give special thanks to all of the angelics who came to help.

I also learned more about healing myself and taking control of my whole wellbeing. I feel more balanced than I have in years!

Grateful for Grace.


Mary Flaherty

During my BQH session with Grace, I learned things about myself that I will carry with me forever. I got to meet my higher self a recieve a glimpse of who I truly am. This has opened a door for me to becoming self-realized. It was an incredible experience and I am grateful for it.



I have known Grace for a while but just recently started utilizing her gift and I have to say that she has given me tremendous peace of mind knowing and understanding of the things going on inside of me and is really helping me to alleviate the issues that I have been caring around.

She will always be someone I contact when I have an issue that needs to be resolved.
She is warm and inviting, a genuine person and I highly recommend her services


Phil H

My session with Grace was very intense past life stuff that I needed to know about in how it affects me in my daily life in this lifetime. Grace's ability to get the session going quickly and use muscletesting to figure out where the session needs to go really helped. I found out that she's also a Karate Master so she really brings a lot to the table as a BQH practitioner - very highly recommended.

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