"Unconditional love has one condition: Love" - Katmir

Consulation Type: Online,In Person
Available Hours: * Readings & Blessings: Live on Skype, 30 minutes max, $9 USD.* Reiki 1.: On Location, 30 minutes max, Free.
Payment Options: Via PayPal prior to session start.
Languages: English|Spanish

Address: 750, Catamount Way Southwest, Lilburn, Georgia, 30047, United States.

Jose Inoa

~ Member Since 2018

   I was born an Aquarian within the southeast point of the Bermuda Triangle.   

   My current paranormal experiences go back as far as age 4; my truth is multiversal.   

   I was, however, influenced by the State and I did join the government military as a teen.   

   The good, bad, and otherwise of that: the truth is out there, and within.   

   Divination, and contact with whom I lovingly call my celestial crew are a constant.   

   I did attempt to stabilize my spirituality within Christianity,   

   becoming an ordained high priest of the order of Melchizedek at the turn of the century.   

   As I say, I was a very good student, and so, I shifted onto my path.   

   My family calls me Jay-Jay.  My favorite name for myself is Katmir.   

   I am an Usui Reiki Master,   

   incorporating the measure of my spiritual gifts as my uniquely created modality,   

   to divine, heal, and counsel with those whom resonate as needed,   

   for the highest, greatest, good of all.   

   Namaste, beautiful family.   



* Divination: Divine Guides, Tarot/Oracle cards, Pendulum, Dowsing rods; Unique modality.* Ordained High Priest, Melchizedek Order.* Usui Reiki: Level 1, Practitioner.


1) Usui Reiki 1 Practitioner2) Illinois Chicago Area, full time Christian minister (mission served)3) USAF, Desert Storm/Desert Shield, Honorable4) Paranormal experienced since birth; Aquarius.


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