Consulation Type: Online
Available Hours: Variable
Payment Options: Paypal or bank transfer BQH - AUD$390
Languages: English

Time Zone: (GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Address: 47, Australis Drive, Williams Landing, Victoria, 3027, Australia.

Kelly Playdon

Soul Stories Hypnosis

Beyond quantum healing. practitioner/level 2 QHHT practitioner

~ Member Since 2019

A session with Kelly 

My sessions are treated with the upmost respect and honouring of my clients – My time with you starts before your session even starts, I prepare with my own meditation before our session time

– this is where i set the energetic space to facilitate a beautiful session for you. 

Whether you are seeking higher guidance, healing or exploration in your session I, with the help of your higher-self/subconscious and your angels and team will help you to go to where you need to go. 

As an intuitive, I use my own form of reiki in the healing part of the session – working with the Archangels who assist clients to heal and restore their body, mind and soul. 

This includes repairing DNA, auric field, removing implants, hooks, portals, AI, entities and energies.

There has never been a more important time to have a BQH session, we as the collective of Quantum healers are here to help people to mend past traumas, heal their bodies, reach their higher guidance and move into the coming years with gaining wisdom and love. 

I hope for more people to be opening up to who they really are, to awaken to this new dawn that awaits us in the fifth dimension. 

I cannot tell you what you will experience in a session as it is as unique as you are, so if your guides or higher intuition has been nudging you to book a session, it is time. You might stumble upon this website, know that it is time. 

I ask for my clients to write a list of 10-15 questions that we will explore in your session. 

Also to write a list of health issues and illnesses.

I am no longer conducting QHHT sessions even though I am a level two trained practitioner – this is due to the high need to access as many people as we can wherever they are in the world (through online sessions). 

Intuitively we know and understand that there is a need to transcend beyond the limitations of QHHT. 

BQH practitioners like myself are using other methods of healing within our sessions, which are very much needed at this time. 

For those who have had the Covid jab please get in touch, if you are looking back in regret it is most important to have a session at this time. We cannot as quantum healers guarantee that it can be transmuted, it may or it may not. It is imperative to infuse as much light and love into your system as we can. There are no futile efforts when done in love for humanity. 

If you would like to enquire about a session please contact me, I have clients in many countries and distance is no issue with the use of zoom video call used in my sessions. 

What can I expect from an online BQH session?

My sessions include a pretalk, guided meditation and the hypnosis session. You will recieve your video recording within 12-24 hrs and have the option of adding the pre session preparation and/or the post chat to your booking.  The post chat can be booked after a session. 

How much is a session?

Your BQH session is AUD$390

Optional extra – Pre session preparation (30-45mins) $50 + a donation amount of your choice

Here we will have a chat about your upcoming session, you can ask questions. This allows for you to feel comfortable with me before meeting me on your session day. We will do some relaxation/meditation and visualisation exercises during this time. It also gives you chance to test out how a zoom call works, where to position your ipad/laptop in the session etc. 

Optional extra – Post chat (30-45 mins) $50 + a donation amount of your choice

This gives you the opportunity to talk about what you saw and how you are feeling afterwards. We can discuss what you plan to do moving forward in your new revitalised state of awareness. You are also able to contact me via email after your session. 

*I am open to payment plans, please contact me if you are seeking this.

*If you are experiencing financial hardship and would like a session please send me a message, I do take on occasional clients at a discounted or free rate. 

Thank you and blessings to you, Kelly 


Certified Beyond quantum healing practitionerLevel 2 QHHT practitioner


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