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Be You, Be Free, Aligning with your Authentic Divine Self for Health, Happiness and Wellbeing

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Lynda Thayer

Radiant Healing Center


~ Member Since 2022

Healing has been my life and personal journey. 

My curiosity how people heal lead me to become certified in various healing modalities including: Energy Healing-

(Language Light, Reconnection, Marconics, Reiki) Beyond Quantum Healing, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Akashic Record Reading, and Higher Conscious  Life Coaching.

My Be You, Be Free, Healing and Coaching program utilizes all my healing services for a powerful individualized process to clear and align with your true authentic self for happiness, health and wellbeing.

Shortly after receiving my BA in Psychology, I became dedicated to holistic healing. The journey started after becoming certified in Massage Therapy and has continued over 20 years.


My psychic intuition opened while with massage clients. To strengthened and improve my intuition I went through many intuitive and medium trainings. As I witnessed and experienced the shift of energy during massage sessions, I was guided (by my spirit Guide) to get attuned to The Reconnection Energy Healing frequency and later to Marconics.


I got curious about the different levels of consciousness so I studied and received a certification in Hypnotherapy and later Past Life Regression.  My curiosity grew as I witnessed how people can assist or hinder their own healing. I went on to receive certification in Beyond Quantum Healing to help people get to the next level in their ascension.  I love BQH as It facilitates healing at the source of an imbalance. 


Knowing people need to take actions steps to manifest what is in their hearts, I engaged in a Professional Certification Coaching training with IPEC accredited by ICF (International Coaching Federation). Focusing on Emotional and Wellness Coaching.

My Healing Experience

As part of my healing journey, I was directed by my Spirit Guides to travel to India and later to Brazil. As a Oneness Blessing practitioner, I went to India to become a clear channel for the healing of others.  In Chennai, India at the Oneness University, I went through the transformational Awakening Process where I experienced an Enlightenment Awakening.

In my travels to Brazil, I experienced the unbelievable and incredible healing power of John of God's spiritual healing. ¬†John of God, known as the next best healer from Christ has performed thousands of documented miracle healings in Brazil. ¬†I was transformed through John of God’s Spiritual Healing – a physiological experience that to reach a higher vibration in our thoughts and actions, our energy systems and subconscious must shift to a higher vibration.

Others I Have Studied With

Through out the years of I have read and/or worked with influential leaders including: Abraham- Ester Hicks-The Law of Attraction, Marianne Williamson, Dolores Cannon, Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Gary Renard-The Course in Miracles, Adyashani and Eckhart Tolle, Joe Vitale, Adyshanti, Donna Eden, Linda Howe, Brian Weiss, John Holland and Eric Pearl.



BA – Psychology, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Past Life Regression, Reconnection level 111 practitioner, Marconic Energy Practitioner, Certified Life Coach


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