Melissa Saubers

I help my clients heal their hearts and expand their consciousness so they can manifest a life of joy, love, abundance, and freedom.

Consulation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: Email
Available Hours: convenient session times 7 days a week
Payment Options: Credit Card, Venmo (@Melissa-Saubers) or PayPal or cash (in person) 15-minute Discovery Call - Free 75-minute Hypnotherapy or Conscious Connected Breathwork Journey Session - $111 2+ hour Beyond Quantum Healing Session - $244 4+ hour Beyond Quantum Healing Session - $488
Languages: English

Time Zone: (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

Address: 7211, West 95th Street, Overland Park, Kansas, 66212, United States.


Melissa Saubers

Heal and Expand with Melissa

Quantum Healer

~ Member Since 2021

Hi! I’m Melissa Saubers

Through intentional heart-centered coaching, Beyond Quantum Healing, Cacao ceremonies, breathwork, energy healing, and hypnotherapy, I help my clients’ discover and remove the conscious and subconscious beliefs, behaviors, and barriers that are numbing and dulling their life so they can begin to heal.

I guide them on a journey of healing and expansion while holding them in a safe container. There they can access insights & awareness, repattern limiting beliefs, remove destructive behaviors, heal their hearts, and expand into their fullest expression of their most authentic self.

In a nutshell, I help my clients heal their hearts and expand their consciousness so they manifest a life of joy, love, abundance, and freedom.

I’m grateful that I “get to do this work” every day. I look forward to helping you.



Training and Certifications: Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy: Grace Space Hypnotherapy School Breathwork Facilitator: Alchemy of Breath Heart-Centered Facilitator - Danielle LaPorte Cacao Ceremonialist: Love Cacao Yoga and Meditation Teacher: True Love Yoga Reiki I & II: Reiki Usui Tradition of Natural Healing Energy Healer & Channeler: The Be Love Healing School




Originally I saw Melissa's posts on Social Media. I attended one of her New Moon Circles and loved it! I honestly didn't know what to expect for or from the Quantum Hypnosis session. Melissa was very good at explaining and made me feel comfortable in knowing this was my journey and experience, and there were no rules or preset notions. She gently guides but doesn't lead, and she listens with calm and sincerity allowing for the natural flow. She aids in healing past trauma, allows reflection and understanding of the here and now, helps to purge unfelt emotions, reveals true passions and so much more. It was an emotional and profound experience that I would definitely recommend to all.


Sara Robinson

I met Melissa through breathwork at a time when I was going through some major life stuff and was trying to reconnect to my body. WOW! Done and done. Sweet Jesus. Breathwork is now a normal part of my practice.

When she said she was doing hypnosis, I ran to her! My session was unlike any session I'd ever had. This wasn't my first foray with hypnosis nor energetic travel, but man was it insightful and amazing.

She always guides with love from a true place of service. There is never a doubt that she is there for your experience and your healing. I rate Melissa a 10/10. Highly recommend.



I've attended Melissa's free breathwork events on Tuesdays and have received so much insight and healing in these free events. But I recently had my first Quantum Healing session with Melissa. Since breathwork was already so healing I couldn't imagine how healing an in person session would be! I was excited and nervous and didn't know what to expect. I went into the session wanting to know more about my life purpose as well as a deeper connection to the Divine. I certainly got it, and then some! Melissa's guidance put me in such a relaxed state. So much has shifted for me since then and I now have specific steps to take on my path as a healer. I cannot express the gratitude I have for Melissa and the work she is providing. 10/10 would highly recommend to anyone.


Judith Hoppen-Arcilla

Melissa offers a wonderful alchemy of consciousness exploration and expansion, of presence and coaching, of activation and healing with a very special heart-centered focus. Amazing warm practitioner of hypnosis and breath-work as well as sacred cacao ceremonialist and so much more. I truly benefited so much from her facilitation and activation in the most delicious and healing way on all levels and bodies!


Michael B

I accomplished more in my first private hypnotherapy session with Melissa than I did in years of traditional therapy. I highly encourage anyone that is considering giving breath work or hypnotherapy a shot, reach out to Melissa. You will get more than you ever imagined


David, King of Himself

Melissa has worked with me extensively regarding breathwork, personal coaching and quantum healing sessions. With her assistance, my path forward in life has become very clear and I couldn't recommend her enough to anyone looking to delve deeper into their soul and understand the Why that we all ask ourselves on a routine basis!

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