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The time has come to awaken the gifts you hold within. Step up, step out and embody your true soul calling.

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Natalie Parise

The Re-Awakening


~ Member Since 2018

Hello!!! I'm Natalie Parise, Founder of  The Re-Awakening. I'm an Intuitive, Energy Healer, Alchemist, Wayshower, Activator and a Quantum Healer utilizing BQH or Universal Regression Alchemy. 

I was aware of my gifts to communicate with spirits as a young child, but without support or understanding from the adults around me, I hid my gifts out of fear and blocked them. 

Fast forward many years later after being diagnosed with a life threatening cancer diagnosis, I decided to forgo the doctors recommendations to receive what I considered harmful drugs and therapies. I took my health into my own hands and decided to heal naturally. I started receiving natural healing modalities and along the way I was able to see the guides around me again. St. Germaine stepped forward. He has always been my closest guide, and I also opened up to connecting with my higher-self on a deeper level, galactic family, inter-dimensional beings and many other benevolent guides. 

After doctors gave me a death sentence for choosing to heal naturally, I knew I had to change my life and live on my terms. I pursued and received certifications in Usui Ryoko Reiki, Crystology, Mediumship, BQH and many more.  I left a lucrative career in the United States working in sales in the natural food industry. I sold my home and started my own healing business.The only constant is change, and I have learned to fully trust and go with the flow.  

This period on earth can be challenging for many souls. What is happening on our planet is shaking up what no longer serves humanity. This time on earth is pivotal. The work has begun to clear your lower chakras so that you are able to fully access your higher self and your mission here at this time.   It’s time to come out of chrysalis and emerge outwardly as the radiant, beautiful, spiritual being that you truly are.

I am passionate about helping others empower themselves, and remember. I take great care to hold space for my clients during sessions, ensuring they feel safe and nurtured at all times. This in turn leads to a deeper connection in the session.

Below are my current services. If available times listed will not work for you, please reach out and I will try to find a time that will work. 

BQH/Universal Regression Alchemy 

One BQH/Universal Regression Alchemy past life/parallel life/future life session. Each session is approx. 4 hours in duration. Includes an attachment clearing if found during the session, light language transmission and assistance from the angelics and galactics. Sessions are held Thur/Fri/Sat 8-2 PST. Sessions are held in person or remote via Zoom. Send email to to schedule a session.

Energy Healing/Clearing 

A one hour intentional energetic healing session with assistance from our guides, clearing your energy fields, balancing your chakras and filling you with a sense of piece. Utilizing sacred geometry, sound healing, light language and specific messages from the Divine. Sessions are held Thur/Fri/Sat 8-2 PST.  All sessions are in-person or remote via Zoom. My clients have expressed that the remote sessions are even more powerful than the in-person session. Send email to to schedule a session

The Re-Awakening Spiritual Course

The Re-Awakening Spiritual Course is for individuals/lightworkers that have been yearning to connect with their higher-self and their spirit teams on a deeper level. This class takes you from the spiritual basics all the way into more advanced techniques of making direct connection with your guides. Gain insight into your personal life path. Receive more joy, clarity and connection in your day to day life. This is a powerful class to empower yourself. 8 week class, meeting once a week for 1 hour and 15 minutes each week via Zoom. Class size is limited to 6 people. Contact me via to reserve a space in the next class.

Intuitive Readings

A half hour intuitive reading. Helping you identify your soul path and galactic origin,  As well as assisting you in navigating this challenging time on earth and helping you to raise your vibration and consciousness.  During the session your higher-self, guides and/or galactic family step forward. Includes a light language transmission at the end of the session. Sessions are held Thur/Fri/Sat 8-2 PST. In-person or remote sessions via Zoom. Send email to to schedule a session.  *Please note, I am only offering half hour sessions for intuitive readings at this time. 

I look forward to working with you.

~Divine Blessings


~Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level 1 РSpirit Reiki РBoulder, CO June 2016~Usui Shiki Ryoho Level 2 РSpirit Reiki -Boulder, CO August 2016~Usui Shiki Ryoho Level 3 РSpirit Reiki -Boulder, CO April 2017~Akashic Records Level 1 РDiscover Your Spiritual Gifts РLittleton, CO September, 2017~Master of Crystology Levels 1&2- Hands of Spirit Boulder, CO October, 2017~Reiki Master Teacher based on the teachings of Marnie Vincolisi- GEAF Gifts Healing Arts Center РArvada, CO March, 2018~Universal Regression Alchemy June 2018~Evidential Mediumship, Nicole de Haas РRiver of Light Center Westminster, CO Sept. 2018~Trance Mediumship, Nicole de Haas- River of Light Center Sept. 2018~BQH ‚Äì Candace Craw Goldman June 2020Healing the Womb-Xi EarthstarApril 2021




Natalie is an truly exceptional healer. She receives clear messages and guidance from spirit and frames it in a way that resonates for each person individually. I have worked with Natalie many times for various healing work and every time I am blown away. She is not afraid to speak the truth of what your higher self/guides are trying to communicate and you will always get exactly what you need. She knows how to hold safe, sacred space and to do the work that is necessary for you! I couldn't recommend her enough.


K. Hval

I have been working with Natalie for a few years now - and when I know I'm due for a spiritual tune up - she is the one I call! Her work has been truly helpful and deeply healing. Every time we work together I leave feeling totally blissed out, and crystal clear... having come back to myself. Her intuitive faculties, vast and always growing knowledge, and loving intention facilitate healing for which I am always grateful... Looking forward to more! Thank you Natalie!!


Candace Uvalle

Natalie Parise has a very compassionate and customized approach to her BQH sessions. Coupled with her deep connection to Spirit and her desire to assist others along their healing journey, Natalie's intuition as well as time spent understanding her client's needs and intentions helps to create a very safe, supportive and dynamic growth experience. The information that I gained from my session with Natalie helped me to more deeply understand my multi-dimensional aspects that revealed hints, nudges and information meant to help me travel my soul's path with more clarity. I highly recommend!



If you are drawn to Natalie's presence, what you're feeling is love. Natalie expertly guides you through a regression with a calm gentleness that is organic and without an agenda. Her connection to Source and your own Unified Self is powerful.

My own regression with Natalie brought freedom, with answers to many questions. The integration afterwards proved that it was all love, without a shred of anything but love.

As the answers come from your Higher Consciousness, you know you can feel safe and trust the process. Natalie knows how to hold that space for your human self to feel comfortable and loved. She is authentic and of a pure heart.

5 stars is only the human rating because you can't rate love. But Natalie gets 5 stars from me all day, everyday.

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