Rikki Zulyevic

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Time Zone: (GMT-10:00) Hawaii

Address: 75-5644, Palani Road, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, 96740, United States.


Rikki Zulyevic

Rikki Ziva Quantum Journeys

BQH Practitioner

~ Member Since 2018

I help souls discover their own ability to heal and transform themselves.






I had a BQH session with Rikki several weeks ago now and just wanted to share some of my experience and what it did for me now I've had chance to integrate the experience. Rikki is a very empathetic person and put me at ease immediately. I was coming to this session with the intention to connect more deeply with my guides and seek counsel on a writing project I’m currently involved in. Once Rikki took me into the trance state, I was in very deep and was taken on a guided tour around the stars and a mission to another world to collect this glowing orb of energy that was to be used in the creation of a new solar system. From there, I went back to the home planet of my soul family, Arcturus where I was taken onboard one of their ships and had my physical body - in that experience - worked on while my astral body disconnected and was worked on outside of the ship by an angelic being specifically on my third eye. In the weeks that have followed, this healing has provided me with additional capacity for insight and farsight, which has translated to an increased level of creativity in my writing project. If you’re on the fence about having a session, don’t be. Rikki is an amazing guide. I felt very well held and listened to throughout the entire experience. I don’t hesitate in recommending Rikki to anyone looking to take their own consciousness exploration/healing journey.


Farrah Miller

I have had two sessions with Rikki and she is a pure light with healing gifts. Both of my sessions were everything and more.

Grateful to Rikki for offering her gifts to the world.

-FM, Washington


J. Faith

My journey within, facilitated by Rikki, was powerful.

My intention for the session was to anchor deeper connection with my higher-self, guides and spirit team, as well as gain clarity on my spiritual mission.

I appreciated Rikki's willingness and openness to be present with my experiences during the journey, allowing me to freely explore without restrictions, while she guided me to zoom into moments that may need healing or clarification or "realization." In moments when I was not sure or in doubt, she encouraged me to look deeper and trust myself.

I am, now, feeling anchored and able to trust my ongoing communion with my higher-self and guides. There were events in my previous life time that I visited which provided confirmations on my current paths and my communion with the higher-realms. It is truly amazing how this simple confirmation holds so much power.

I am grateful for connecting with Rikki in my life journey through BQH.


Chandler bustamante

Rikki is WONDERFUL and helped me in audacity a more profound way than I expected. She truly allows you to trust and fall into the truth of yourself and allows you to feel safe enough to get where you need to be while the answers arise. Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart! What a healing, intuitive woman. My heart feels so warm.


Sarah Garcia

This was such a powerful experience! She has been the first to get me to such a deep level of hypnosis and it was great! From traveling to many past lives to connecting with my spirit team and receiving the confirmation I desired, I got it all! Thank you Rikki for being such a profound healer! I HIGHLY recommend Rikki for anyone looking to experience deep levels of healing! ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Gail FS

I am in awe of the many past lives that popped up in my session. It was an incredible journey and I see where I learned many lessons on love, relationships, support to and from others. In listening to it afterwards I was amazed to find that there was alot I didn't remember at the end of our session. Thank you for this beautiful experience.



Rikki did an amazing job making me feel comfortable, preparing me for hypnosis, helping me to visualize and then guiding me through the experience. She was extremely patient and persistent and I liked her customized script. I will be listening to the recording and thinking about the session for quite some time to come.


Mathias Narducci

I had an amazing session with Rikki!
She is a master at hypnosis while being very caring and empathetic.
I felt very comfortable being open to share with her, which really set the precedent for a marvelous session!
I highly recommend receiving a healing BQH session from Rikki!
Thank you Rikki!


Sophie Guellati-Salcedo

After two QHHT sessions, in which my analytical mind brought in a significant amount of resistance, I had the most wonderful experience in my first BQH session with Rikki.

She came so well prepared that she was able to unlock my ability to visualize and awaken my creative mind in a well-designed pre-session exercise. The message given in this imagery exercise set the tone for the intention of our session.

Digging into her higher self's experience working with energy, Rikki has designed an effective and personalized induction incorporating energy healing work that will benefit all her clients, as it did with me.

Another highlight of my session was when Rikki guided me through amazing inner child work, leading to the healing and integration of my younger self with my adult self; the unexpected outcome was to have my younger self bringing along her creative imagination and ability to experience emotions, as she became integrated with my adult self.

I can't wait to listen to my session again and again so that I continue to grow from it. I am deeply grateful for Rikki's dedication to her quantum healing work, integrating different techniques in her truly healing sessions. I am confident that this memorable session will have a lasting, positive impact on my quantum journey.



I had my first hypnotherapy session with Rikki and wow, what a journey! She thoroughly explained the process beforehand and made sure I was comfortable and ready before we began. I did not remember the majority of the session afterward but I continue to listen to the recording and gain new insights each time I do.

I feel so much lighter and clear since the session and I intend to continue my quantum healing journey with her.

I highly recommend Rikki to guide you through your hypnosis journey. She is very intuitive on where to lead you and exceptional at holding space throughout.

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