Consulation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: Email
Available Hours: I offer three types of Mini Sessions. They run 2.5 hours cost is $111 per session. Please indicate which session when booking. Payment is required within 24 hours of booking if using payment outside of the booking app. Session Choices 1.) Connection Building ~ Get to know your spirit guides and or deities. 2.) Soul Contract Review ~ Who are you and why did you incarnate. 3.) Energy Work ~ Introducing you to your sacred healing place and work with your healing team. Cash app: $Shaunna44
Languages: English

Address: 11437, Southeast 55th Avenue Road, Belleview, Florida, 34420, United States.


Shaunna Cross

~ Member Since 2021

Hi, I’m Shaunna and¬† I am a volunteer. My mission is simply to be here. Present, in this now space and to connect with other souls here. That’s it. Mission achieved.

It was my mission until 2017. I have had other awakenings. In 2017 however I began through a series of synchronicities and signs that left me with a lot of questions. Deep soul level questions. So I started searching for answers.

That quest led me to study akashic records, Reiki, mediumship, and then to past life regression and BQH. It was here I found a place to make an intentional soul choice point. That choice is to guide you through your subconscious and remember your power.

Just think of me as your personal soul GPS and let’s get started.



I have studied: BQH, Past Life Regression, Reiki Master


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