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Founded in 2008 by Candace Craw-Goldman, is the only Energy-Healing Support Community of its kind on the planet. With a large and vibrant Community, and over 15 years-worth of content, it is the “go to” place for help and support, providing a private Support Forum and Global Directory.

Our Directory listings help connect you with clients. The individual listing pages are feature-rich, easy to set up and are a perfect solution for those who just do not have the time or the inclination to create or manage their own stand-alone website and a great supplement to the media savvy practitioners who do.

Courses are Available in these Languages:

BQH Immersion Course

A New Modality for the New Earth

BQH prepares you to assist clients not only in-person but also online! The higher realms, in many quantum healing sessions, have indicated time after time that the internet is not only a technological advance but an actual physical training ground for future higher human communication and connection! Online sessions are a safe, effective, and affordable way for practitioners to connect to clients all over the world; connection issues are rare and easily solved.

Ready when you are, the BQH course curriculum is fully online and self-paced. Binge the course over a week or two, or take your sweet time! NO previous hypnosis, quantum or energy healing experience is necessary.

Included in This Course

  • 14 Lessons, 28+ videos, 40+ support PDF information documents for download
  • Full Session Examples
  • Complimentary 30-day access to the Quantum Healing Support Forum is provided upon enrollment
  • Interact with other quantum healers in our thriving Support Community
  • Never lose access, as long as we’re around you’ll have access to your course materials
  • High quality, personalized, digital Certificates are offered after course completion

Lesson Plans

Lesson 1:  Course Introduction
Lesson 2:  Why Beyond Quantum Healing?
Lesson 3:  Getting Ready to Start
Lesson 4:  How to Communicate, Connect and Prepare your Clients
Lesson 5:  Assess each Client’s Needs and Goals
Lesson 6:  Suggested Session Script ideas
Lesson 7:  The Session Itself – Exploration
Lesson 8:  The Session Itself – The Healing Component
Lesson 9:  The Session – More Details
Lesson 10:  Session Variables and how to Address Them
Lesson 11:  Session Debrief
Lesson 12:  The Importance of a Support Community
Lesson 13:  Technology, Business, and Marketing
Lesson 14:  Wrap-up and Webinars

“BQH is powerful, heart-based, and above all; flexible. Practitioners and their clients are individuals, this method recognizes and celebrates each unique perspective.”  ~ Candace Craw-Goldman, Creator of BQH


Are online sessions possible?

Yes, and frees both client and practitioner from the physical constraints and cost of travel.

What courses do you offer?

We currently offer BQH in five languages and Quantum Connect in English (more languages coming soon!). Future courses are in the works.

Do you get a certificate after completing a course?

Yes! All courses provide a certificate after completion. All certificates are digital, personalized, numbered, and signed by Candace.

Are there long term commitments to subscribe to the Forum and Directory?

Nope. Starting at just 15 dollars a month, you can come and go as you please.

Is this really for beginners?

BQH is for anyone with a desire to help others but we keep beginners in mind, absolutely. We start with some fundamental basics that many healing courses never even consider, but it also serves as a great template for the more experienced practitioner.

If it is for beginners, what is in it for the advanced practitioner?

Experienced practitioners have told us this course has freed them from limits and helped them incorporate their other unique skills and gifts into their practice.

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Meet the Instructor

Candace Craw-Goldman has been involved in the Healing Arts since the year 2000 and has studied with many healers across the world. Notably, she worked closely with the late, great Dolores Cannon from 2008-2014, assisting her in her live classes and workshops. Candace is the founder of the ORIGINAL Quantum Healing Support Forum Community for Spiritual and Energy Practitioners and also the Worldwide Directory of Quantum Healers,

She is known in the Metaphysical Community as a healer, writer, teacher, speaker and consultant. Candace is currently offering instruction in her own concepts and methods, called, “Beyond Quantum Healing,” and “Quantum Connect.” BQH and QC move beyond dogma and limitation which breaks new ground for practitioners and clients alike who are ready to experience healing in a new way on the New Earth.

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