Beyond Quantum Healing

The Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) Course is available in English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)

A New Modality for the New Earth

The Beyond Quantum Healing course prepares you to work with clients not only in person but also remote! The higher realms, in quantum healing sessions themselves, have indicated time after time that the internet is not only a technological advance but an actual physical training ground for future higher human communication and connection. Online sessions are a safe, effective and affordable way for practitioners to connect to clients all over the world.

Ready when you are, the BQH course curriculum is fully online and self-paced. Binge the course over a week or two or take your sweet time! No previous hypnosis, quantum or energy healing experience is necessary. Class Fee USD $444

Quantum Connect

The Quantum Connect Course will only be available in English for now.

Quantum Connect

The Perfect Complement for Quantum Healers

Quantum Connect (QC) is a quick connection session with your clients’ ever-present Higher Self. The exercises or games that QC practitioners demonstrate, with real-time experiences, how we are always connected to our Higher Selves.

The ultimate goal of a Quantum Connect session is to provide confirmation to the client that they are always connected ‘in a fun and quick way’ so they can have confidence in listening to this guidance in the future. Class Fee USD $279

BQH Immersion

This in-person class is limited to ten practitioners and is offered twice per year.

BQH Immersion

The Perfect Complement Event for BQH’ers

An immersive, exclusive in-person experience offered twice per year for Quantum Healers who have completed the online foundational course of Beyond Quantum Healing. BQH is heart-based, acknowledges the wisdom and power of the human heart field energy and recognizes that water as liquid consciousness. With these core principles in mind, we invite you to consider joining our small group (limited to 10) event to be held in a large AirBnB Lake house in Kansas.

Experienced and newer like-minded Quantum Healing Practitioners alike will gather to swap sessions, share skillsets and present new and relevant information and techniques, all while enjoying a warm home-like atmosphere and fresh organic lunches prepared on site. Class Fee $750 USD, the next event is April 28-May 3, 2024

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