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Intro to GET READY 

Welcome to Get Ready, a collection of brief videos, tips, instructions, advice, strategies and downloadable content to help you to get ready for your past life regression, quantum healing session, or any consciousness exploration or energy healing session. These core concepts come from the archives and combined wisdom of our community of thousands of quantum healers who have supported each other since 2008

Intention For a Session

Intentions matter. The intention of the client and the intention of the practitioner as well! It is helpful to have a clear intention for booking a session and most helpful to be able to relay this information to your chosen practitioner. Your practitioner’s intention matters greatly as well and cannot be discounted in the energetic exchange in a quantum healing session. We’ve created a downloadable worksheet for you to home in on exactly why you want a session and what your intention might actually be.

Want even more? Here’s an article about Client Intention and Practitioner Intention: Interacting Intentions

Intention Worksheet

Meditation and a Quiet Mind

Much of the world is talking about mindfulness and meditation these days. Remember Meditation is a practice! You have to start somewhere. The goal is not a mind without thoughts, but a mind that is generally more quiet or more capable of being quiet! There are many approaches to meditation. Take some time to research and find one that aligns with you.

Jumpstart your Imagination

Imagination is the language of your Higher Self. Allowing yourself access to your imagination can make all the difference in a quantum healing session! Our society has focused on minimizing our access and nurturing of our imagination. How often have you been told to “stop imagining things” or to “get your head out of the clouds” or stop “daydreaming your life away?” This programming is deep and can affect your quantum healing session in a big way.

We know you want more, here’s 3 additional articles on jump starting that imagination:

Imagination Worksheet

Drink Water!

Water is more important than you might suspect when it comes to consciousness exploration! “Every glass of water you drink has the potential to bring you healing from whatever ails you. Every bath you take can do the same. Every step into the ocean, every walk beside a river, every rest beside a creek is an opportunity to heal. And this healing can be received by you, or intended for others or the planet or both.” – Dream information from the late Masaru Emoto.

Here’s some great info and interesting Session Stories that feature water:

Group Regressions

Group Regressions are an excellent way to practice and get yourself warmed up to have a quantum healing session or past life regression or consciousness exploration of any variety! Here are just a few links from members of the QuantumHealers.com community:

Myth Busting

In this video Candace brings up 12 myths regarding quantum healing and hypnosis. How many did you believe were factual or actually true?

Don’t worry, we’ve got even more resources for you!

Energetic Connection with Practitioner

How to think about choosing the best practitioner for you. Can you really have a great session, with a positive healing experience with someone who has not been practicing for many years? Candace takes a look at the importance of connecting and aligning energetically with your chosen practitioner. Check out this great article below about the teamwork and connection between practitioner and client by Quantum Healer, Heather Wexler.

Expectations-The Double Edged Sword

Expectations – What do you “expect” will happen in a quantum healing session. Do you watch sessions on YouTube and expect your session to be the same? Do you expect the exact opposite? Do you have expectations that you don’t even know about? In this video Candace describes two versions of expectations, and two very different outcomes.

Still want more? We gotcha 🙂


In this brief wrap-up of this video series “Get Ready for your Quantum Healing Session.” Candace goes over the list of key points to keep in mind so that you can have the best quantum healing session ever!

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