Jonathan Finn

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" - Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Address: Galway, County Galway, Ireland.


Jonathan Finn

Jonathan Finn Hypnosis


• Quantum Journeys Hypnosis (QJH)
• Past Life Regression
• QHHT Level 2 (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)
• Clinical Hypnosis
• 13th Octave LaHoChi (Energy Healing)
• NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
• Mindscaping
• Soul Speak – The Language of Your Body
• EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
• Shamanic Healing



Magdalena K

April 2024

I had an incredible experience with Jonathan during my recent QHJ session. He was an amazing guide, leading me through a transformative journey that exceeded all my expectations. Not only did he provide expert guidance and support before, throughout and after the session, but the results were truly remarkable. Immediately after the session, I noticed positive shifts in my mindset and emotions, and even experienced synchronicities that reaffirmed the impact of the session. Jonathan helped me delve deep into themes we discussed before the session, and the changes I experienced were truly impressive. I can't thank Jonathan enough for his time, dedication, expertise, and support on this amazing QJH journey. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking profound transformation and healing through hypnotherapy.


Terri Kay

March 2024

I attribute a near death experience as an infant as likely being the catalyst that turned on my empathic, intuitive and mediumship abilities. I share this to say that a lot of people might assume that people with such abilities would have all the answers and no problems. Simply not the case. I have experienced both emotional trauma and physical issues in my life, and have lived with chronic pain for years. I believe, for the most part, one led to the other. I also believe in a complete and total healing, and while Ive been manifesting that complete healing, I’ve also learned that some traumas, some of which we designed pre birth for particular life experiences and lessons, might need a little help to release from our bodies once we’ve dealt with those experiences and are ready to move on. I’ve definitely done that necessary emotional work and so I found it perplexing as to why symptoms were persisting. My session with Jonathan was a divinely orchestrated event and I’m certain that Archangel Raphael, who works with me in the readings I do for others, had his celestial hands in bringing 13 Octave LaHoChi and Jonathan into my life! I definitely felt multiple types of energy waves during my session. What I hadn’t anticipated was what I felt immediately following the session. As I sat up I felt so different, as though I had lost a lot of weight. But I quickly realized it was much more than that, I felt expanded. The best way I could describe it was like I had lived wrapped in a heavy, wet blanket. Able to move and function in my life, but always carrying this heaviness. It was gone! I wouldn’t have been able to have put words to this before this session because I didn’t know what it felt to not have that heaviness. Freedom is what got out of that session! I think many of us experience temporary quick fixes through some other wise wonderful energy healing methods, but until you do the work to deal with the root causes of those deeply traumatic issues, the physical problems resurface. This was a major step in my healing and I know it is what will carry me forward to complete and total healing. For those who are serious about healing and breaking the holds these energies can have, I wholeheartedly endorse and encourage this as an avenue to heal! Gratitude doesn’t cover all that I feel! I want everyone to know the freedom I now have and the healing that continues to generate!
Thank you Jonathan and Raphael!
Sincerely, Terri Kay


Seda Day

February 2024

Jonathan is a very caring and knowledgeable hypnotist. You will be in good hands!


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