Alexandra Zwaal-Kallos

Office Phone: 34 664145941
Consultation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: Email
Languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch

Address: 202, Carrer de Mallorca, Barcelona, Catalunya, 08036, Spain.


Alexandra Zwaal-Kallos

~ Member Since 2013

In this current time period of great change and shifts, many are stepping into their Soul Purpose to assist humanity in this great Ascension process. Like many other Starseeds, Alexandra Zwaal Kallos honored that Soul call and started to share her gifts with the world. In 2012 she started out as a QHHT Practitioner (Dolores Cannon method) and went on to create her own modality TQH (Transformational Quantum Healing ) in 2018. She is a Clear Channel and provides a wide array of channeled- mediumship services for clients all over the world. In 2020 she started holding Sacred Circles for small groups , offering Sacred space and deep, transformative healing.

Alexandra is a clear channel for the Divine and channels universal Light Language and Cosmic Toning.

 Her other spiritual services include Past life Regression, Future Life Progression and Reiki  in Barcelona, Spain and in Dubai, UAE.

She also travels frequently to Muscat Oman as a member of aswell as hosting Quantum Retreats and sessions in locations like Barcelona, Zurich, London, Dublin, Berlin, Bali amongst others.

Services on offer: 

 TQH sessions – in-person and online Individual aswell as group settings.

  QHHT sessions one-on-one (private)  of 3hr and 4/5 hr. aswell as Group Regression sessions.  

Channeling/ Mediumship sessions :  Online and private. 1 hour.

 Alexandra is a clear channel for the Divine and channels universal Light Language and Cosmic Toning.

In a channeling session she does  a ‘reading’ of  the chakras, will answer all your  personal questions and the session will be completed by a unique transmission of Light Language, containing codes to upgrade and  activate  DNA.

All sessions, private and online are recorded and clients will receive their recordings by mail.

If you would like to know more about Alexandra, the services she offers or book a session with her, please go to the website or follow her on YOUTUBE channel INNER QUANTUM with ALEXANDRA

You can always jump on a free 15 min call to streamline your unique, individual session needs!

Thank you and hoping to meet you soon!

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