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Available Hours: QHHT sessions are offered on Thursdays and Fridays. Reiki is available any day except Tuesdays, including weekends. Naturopathic consultations, Manual Lymphatic Drainage available weekdays, except Tuesdays.
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Address: 1351, 1st Street, Northbrook, Illinois, 60062, United States.


Annette Kohn-Lau

Cottonwood Healing Center

Certified Traditional Naturopath

~ Member Since 2012

My journey here began with a ¬†two year Dark Night of the Soul in my early 40’s. ¬† Despite a thriving career in Pediatric Speech Pathology and a family that I adored, ¬†my soul was pleading for something more. ¬†Prayer and the universe’s answers (aka synchronicity) ¬†eventually led me to the work for which my soul was yearning.

After a year of an outpouring of gifts from Spirit, ¬†I opened ¬†my own healing practice in 2000, when I became a “Reiki Master.” ¬† Working in the realm of Spirit was an incredible joy to me, and a place in which I have always felt “at home.” ¬† ¬†I loved assisting others in their healing journey. ¬†One thing led to another and after nine years of study, I began to practice as a ¬†Certified Traditional Naturopath.

What I find the most deeply satisfying in my work as a Naturopath is the act of deep listening. ¬†So, I would say that 75% of what I “do” in my naturopathic work ¬†is listening to the client’s story, whether it is told in words over a cup of tea, or communicated through the body during Reiki, Reflexology or Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Even as I relished studying biochemical pathways, ¬†my spiritual inquiry continued to deepen. ¬† Like many who will read this, ¬†a winding path led me to Dolores Cannon. ¬† When I heard about QHHT training, it literally felt like every cell in my body was on fire with the word, “YES!” ¬† So, in April of 2011, I made that memorable trip to Arkansas and took Level One QHHT training from Dolores. ¬†What a blessing to experience her incredible, warm and joyful energy! ¬† I have never met anyone quite like her. ¬†A few months later, ¬†with ten sessions under my belt, I headed out to Portland, Oregon for Level Two, ¬†and the rest is history!

QHHT is my passion. I have learned so much about healing in every aspect, but I feel that QHHT has brought me full circle, back to Spirit, back to the source of our healing.  There is no better feeling than watching the transformation that occurs with this work.

Please be sure to visit my website to take a peek at the beautiful healing space!



QHHT Practitioner (Level Two), Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Traditional Naturopath, Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist



Peggy H.

January 2024

I had a QHHT session with Annette. She was wonderful. Annette was a great listener and asked meaningful questions for clarification and deeper understanding of what I wanted to focus on. Because of her compassion for her clients, she created a safe a loving environment for our session. Annette helped me understand the root of what I wanted to release. After our session, I experienced a wonderful shift that has allowed me to begin releasing what no longer serves me. Annette is the best!!


Pri Mani

November 2023

I had a profound first-ever past life regression session with Annette. It has been a few weeks and I am still processing it. I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to work with a healer like Annette. She was compassionate, and thoroughly professional, and I look forward to continue working with her.


Matt R

February 2021

I visited Annette in November of 2020, the timing couldn't have been more perfect. At the time there were a few key things in my life that I felt needed sorting/clarity about. The QHHT experience was extremely helpful and insightful. Annette helped me to connect with my Higher Self. I was able to gain the insight that I needed. It has been over three months since my QHHT session, and my life has continued to ascend. I've never been in a better place spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. To anyone looking for internal clarity, more peace, a better relationship with one's self, physical/mental/emotional healing, I would strongly recommend seeing Annette.



November 2020

I just had my QHHT session with Annette, I had no problems that I was aware of but a few things came up to my surprise and we healed past pain I wasn’t aware of. I have never felt so much love it was like I had my best friend watching my back the whole time. Annette is so loving she changed my life. Thank you Annette for the most beautiful journey of my life. Love cindy


Karen H.

April 2019

I consulted with Annette Kohn-Lau for healing related to three issues; 1. Two decades of living with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 2. Challenges related to my caregiving role with my adult son who lives with the symptoms of bipolar disorder and autism and 3. My spiritual mission as an author and a solo-entrepreneur. During the past 20 years, I have seen countless number of physicians, professionals and healers. One of the most striking things about Annette is her ability to deeply listen and witness a client's pain points and story from a place of heart-centered compassion and non-judgment. She is incredibly open-minded and is able to facilitate the healing without her own agenda coming into play. She knows how to use words that heal and to dovetail those words throughout the QHHT session. Although I felt that I entered into the experience with an open heart, I soon discovered that my Ego was quite skeptical about the process and definitely tried to object. Annette knew exactly how to manage that circumstance and move the process forward so that I could gain the most benefit from the session. It has been four weeks since I underwent QHHT and I have definitely noticed ongoing improvements. I listened to my recording daily for 15 days following my session. I also made a written transcript and typed out the healing messages that I received and I will continue to listen to my recording. I feel more peace and ease as I move through my life. There were two particularly heavy issues that were weighing me down prior to the session. The weight of those issues has been lifted! I consistently have more energy and passion! I feel more optimistic and confident about my future. I also feel that I am receiving important divine messages on an almost daily basis. Although this happened prior to the session intermittently, it feels as though my intuition is back up and running at full speed. I highly recommend QHHT with Annette as your facilitator. You will be in excellent hands!



August 2018

After trying self-guided meditation for a while to manage my anxiety, I was full of questions, I decided to explore the path of QHHT under Annette's guide. I had to wait a few weeks for the appointment, but it was worth it. Since I saw her for the first time I felt a special connection and a peaceful vibe from her.
The session was very intense for me, it was the first time I ever experience anything like this, her soothing voice guided me and helped me navigate through my subconscious. I listened to my own voice answering the questions that I had been asking for so long.
I left her place feeling much better than before. She is very easy to talk to, she is so full of healing light and love. I would recommend this experience to anyone that is looking for answers.



April 2018

My first venture into the land of QHHT was so kindly and deftly facilitated by Annette, I am so glad that I took that step across the threshold to explore my connections in life from a slightly different perspective. A most excellent and grounding experience, with a wonderful practitioner!


Chad Morgan

April 2018

Annette was absolutely wonderful! I felt at home and very relaxed. I was a little uneasy at first due to my fear of judgment before I arrived, but that was immediately put to rest the moment I walked in the door. She made tea then we casually began to talk. It was like taking to a friend you didn't know you had. She was very supportive and helpful. My questions were answered and my experience was beyond what I had envisioned. She is a kindred spirit. I highly recommend Annette for QHHT!



July 2017

I am a very mainstream person: lawyer, business owner, father of 4, mid fifties. What am I doing taking QHHT? I was facing some business challenges and a friend suggested QHHT - I did some research and found Annette in May, 2017. That month we met for an amazing and powerful QHHT experience. Annette has a great presence - calm, grounded, centered and welcoming.

This work took me to a new level of clarity and contentedness in my life. Annette is a trustworthy ally and guide in this experience. I felt she was right with me, always ensuring that I got all I wanted / needed from the experience. She was an advocate for me in the experience.

At first, the experience is much like any hypnosis experience. Then it was like crossing a threshold into a powerful realm of knowingness and oneness. It's taken me a few weeks to be able to describe the experience.

My thoughts regarding QHHT are these: 1. Do it! It is safe - it is wonderful and enriching. 2. Call Annette and work with her - ask her any questions you have. Annette was thorough and thoughtful - it is a gift to work with her. 3. QHHT is the real deal. I hope you love yourself enough to give yourself (and by extension everyone) this gift.


Teresa Schaal

June 2017

I recently had a QHHT session with Annette. It was a wonderful experience. Annette took her time getting to know me and my history. She successfully took me through two past lifetimes wherein I was able to get some insights into some things that were occurring in this lifetime. It was very helpful. She was also able to facilitate the connection between my higher self and my autistic son's higher self. Through this, I was able to get some advice on how to help him with some issues that were making it difficult for him to function. I have begun implementing these ideas and they have made a difference. Annette is a lovely person and a gifted healer. I have recommended several people to go see her. I would definitely go back to have another QHHT session in the future.


Candace Craw-Goldman, Founder, The ORIGINAL Quantum Healing Support Forum

May 2017

I have been recommending Annette Kohn-Lau to others as a QHHT Practitioner for many years. She has been a valuable contributing member of the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum Community since 2011 and dedicated to the work of Dolores Cannon. She is open-minded and thoughtful and her heart-based listening, care and concern for her client's health and well-being are exceptional.


Aura Maribel Quezada

May 2017

Annette is absolutely highly recommended! Her energy is pure and of love! Welcomes you patiently, serves you tea, makes you feel at home!!! The atmosphere in the room is welcoming, peaceful and relaxing! The divine is sensed within it all! Is incredibly detailed when getting to know you and what your needs are! When doing my QHHT she asked every question that was needed. Helped me achieve all the answers my soul needed to hear, for my spiritual advancement! I thank you! I love you! I honor you! Blessings!

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