Martha Hines

"We are midwifing ourselves back into a remembering of who we really are."

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Address: Goleta, California, United States.


Martha Hines

Living the One Light

Martha Alter Hines, MSW, is a mom, an author, a healer, and an astrologer. Martha has twenty years of experience as a clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and body worker. She has primarily studied Evolutionary Astrology with Ari Moshe Wolfe and is currently a student of Heather Ensworth as well.  

Martha bridges her trauma informed clinical background with her astrological knowledge, as well as a deep understanding of ourselves as beings of the cosmos, Earth, divine, heart, mind, and so much more.  

Martha was born in Thailand and grew up in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, and the United States. Therefore, she has a deep passion for alleviating the suffering of our world.

Martha is dedicated to serving our world, to helping us each to thrive, and to supporting us to come back into the infinite wisdom and healing that is our natural state of being.




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