Meriam Miyara Rose

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." "We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life." ~Carl Jung

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Address: Port Orange, Florida, United States.


Meriam Miyara Rose

Awakened Aspects

Hi, I’m Meriam, previously known as Miyara. Researcher, Professional Astrologer and Practitioner of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. My aim is assist in your inner excavation, and explore that which is hidden in the depths of the subconscious. I have found this to be quite effective in healing and liberating one’s higher soul expression.

Fragmented parts of ourselves can be retrieved through receiving conscious awareness of that which is hidden from us. As it becomes integrated over time, we can learn to trust ourselves & the universe again.

On this journey for over 20+ years, after a very early onset kundalini awakening, I was led to study various forms of Astrology, Jungian & Psycho-spiritual Psychology, as well as Energetic & Healing modalities from Reiki, to Barbara Brennon, to Keylontics through Energetic Synthesis, alongside Holotropic Breathworkas taught by Stan Grof.

In 2017, I received multiple Galactic downloads and guidances where I was fortunate enough to work and learn alongside a Galactic Astrologer who taught me how to see a cosmic blueprint in multiple dimensions. This is where I worked with Starseed Astrology & began to understand multi-cosmic inter-dimensional heritage(s) & origins. I have combined this information with Evolutionary Astrology to read a history and trajectory of a blueprint (astrology chart) that I enjoy combining with Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Sessions to give my clients a full view of what may be unfolding in their lives at any current moment.

I have recently started a Podcast Series where I reach out to many talented Energy workers I have met along the way and discuss the various ways in which they approach their work, which I’m endlessly fascinated by.

Hope to connect and/or reconnect with you along this journey traveler.



Myrna KLing

April 2023

Miyara designed and facilitated a wonderful session with me! She used 2 areas of her practice where she is an Expert: BQH and Astrology. I has many questions about both - which she patiently and clearly answered. I think of the Birth Chart as "the hand I was dealt" and Miyara not only reviewed my starting point but provided so much more insight with progressed charts. She saw my Life Purpose and more!
In the magical BQH session, I learned even more. I saw my connection to nature as a place of restoration for me, and it answered the largest question I had about the vibration separation I seem to be having in my community of friends and family. I highly recommend sessions with Miyara. This won't be my last!


Riley O

November 2022

Miyara is SUCH a phenomenal facilitator. I was reaching depths of myself that I did NOT think possible to reach. Miyara's gentle, yet confident voice was like a guiding light illuminating the dark spaces within myself. This was my first time ever surrendering to something like this. I was extremely anxious about it, and had a tremendous amount of uncertainty about the whole thing. What an amazing lesson! I learned that having truly powerful support can produce powerful results. Thank you, Miyara, for your expert guidance and mighty support!


Neil Michaels

October 2022

Miyara led me through a Quantum Healing Regression Session. I was put at ease through her soothing voice and professional yet friendly demeanor. The experience was truly revealing and invigorating. It opened doors for me I didn't realize were closed. I'm definitely suggesting this to some friends and family.


B. A.

July 2021

Miyara was kind and wonderful to work with. Her voice was so soothing to listen to as I drifted off easily into a hypnotic trance. She held space for me and facilitated an absolutely mind blowing session. She asked just the right questions during my session to get to the deeper information hidden within my subconscious. I would definitely do a BQH session with her again. Thank you so much Miyara!


Desiree DeMars

July 2021

My session with Miyara Rose was a beautiful journey into past lives that reflected important patterns in my life now. It brought access to memories from ancient times that confirmed words of wisdom and actions that are needed to be taken now. Her intuitive skills in guiding me through the process felt safe and solid. Thank you Miyara!

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