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If you can imagine, you can achieve. With knowing who you are and will be is in the healing.

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candace durand

Candace Durand


~ Member Since 2017

Oh Hello,

I hope you are having a great Day. 

Working in the past lives area always had a fascination for me.

I have learned to clear chakras in the body with your help.

I have worked with Eckankar for over 16 years . This give me some insights of  the spiritual side of life. .

 I  have my Introspective Hypnosis certificate as well as QHHT.    I have trained to be a certified Hypnotherapist graduate of HMI.

Introspective hypnosis  HELP WITH  entities, SOUL, THOUGHT FORMs, releases, and forgiveness therapy.   

Being now a certified Hypnotherapist gives me more tools to deal with everyday living too.

I do believe in reincarnation, so this not woo woo stuff for me. But, it is not necessary to see a past life for healing within. We can just look into the body and see what is taking place and ask the higher self for solutions. Angels may show up or relatives that have pasted on. Yet all help with your well being.

I do work part-time in another field, but you can message on Facebook or text me at any time. 

Please leave a message on my text field if you like. 406 855 8300 MST or my web page


QHHT certified
Introspective Hypnosis with Antonio S.
Precision Hypnosis
HMI Hypnotherapist certified for stress and issues




October 2022

I was put at ease right away by the thoroughness of the pre-session interview. I felt understood which gave me confidence. The session itself included a tour through a past life which brought the exact healing I was hoping for. Candace has vast experience and it shows in the way she seamlessly directs one through the whole process. I am so grateful for the new freedom I’m feeling.



May 2021

I have done hypnotherapy before, but never like this. Candy is extremely innovative and intuitive and has a dynamic range of tools and techniques to pull from. No session is like the last and she is super present and tuned-in to me / source... so much that she can be almost psychic. She has guided me through past life experiences that needed healing, helped me clear stuck energy not serving me anymore and taken me to new levels of consciousness that have brought me closer to my true self, my mission and this feeling of peace and "knowing".

At the beginning of a session, we always set an intension or I come up with questions to ask my higher self for when I'm in hypnosis, and I think this is where I have found the most growth. She guides me towards ME. If I'm dealing with something, we find the source. If I'm confused about something, the answers pop up easily in hypnosis.
If I am desiring something new, we can find it and how to get there. We all have access to the answers of our most painful or confusing experiences, but sometimes it's just blocked or in a place we haven't checked before. Candy has helped me integrate with my spirit guides, past lives and higher aspects of me I didn't know I even had; bringing them to the light and to completion so they can serve me.

This is not just reprogramming the mind... it's deeper than that. Sure, the day-to-day affects are fippin' amazing!!! Like negative thought loops effortlessly lifting, habits redirected on a dime and instant emotional relief, but with Candy, it's not just that.
With her, hypnotherapy is more of journey into the unknown aspects of self that wouldn't otherwise be seen on demand. Discovering natural abilities and resources within myself that I've felt from time to time deep down but could never fully grasp or use. It's so healing and exciting. I couldn't be more thankful to Candy for helping me make these internal connections.

And by the way, I'm not talking about dozens of sessions on one topic.... this is LIGHT SPEED STUFF here, guys! Like one session can clear decades of buried trauma energy... if not lifetimes if it is karmic. Trust the process and you will be guided to new levels of understanding and awareness to what weird little "source antennas" we all are.


Sabrina R

May 2019

Had an amazing session with Candace! She did some chakra clearing which was wonderful since it was my first time experiencing it. Dealt with an attachment which I didnt know I had and a past life that brought healing to some emotional issues. She was professional and her voice was very soothing during hypnosis. She was wonderful and her pointers were true gems to me. I am grateful!


Lilly Espiau

April 2018

Very patient with me throughout the whole process, from interview, to camera set up, to follow up questions afterwards. Was very thankful to have her knowledge of entities during the session!


Tonya L-Smith

March 2018

I had a wonderful session with Ms. Durand. Candace facilitated a discussion with my Higher Self and Spirit Guide. I was also shown a previous life during the early 1600s.


Cindy Hingley

March 2018

Candy's confident manner helped me tremendously to connect and have a great session. I appreciate that she took the time to really understand the questions I wanted answered.



March 2018

Candy had a nice, calming manner and put me at ease during our initial interview. She intuitively knew the right questions to ask, and as a result helped me remove a large energetic blockage that had been holding me back. I visited three past lives and she successfully removed two spirit attachments. I enjoyed the session and felt that her work initiated deep healing of a past trauma. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Candy to a friend.


Serena Anderson

February 2018

It was amazing that almost two hours had gone by. I was in such a relaxed state and felt at peace. I experienced being this purple energy coming toward the earth to help with the shift. I am here to help with this shift. I was told I didnt really want to do all this and had some hesitation but I was told this was my time to shine and that I had been going through the process of getting ready for this. Additionally, I was also told about my sons light anchoring abilities. Candy did a nice job with this over the internet session. She was patient and asked good questions. I would recommend her to others!

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