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Chelsea Deane

Chelsea C. Deane

Owner, BQH Practitioner, Shamanic Healer

~ Member Since 2020

My focus as a healer is to help my clients clear and heal their old stories and wounds to make space for their highest potential; and to reconnect them to their authentic Inner Divine.

This is so special to me, as someone who has walked many paths in search of the one that I felt I was meant to follow. I spent many years wandering before I was introduced to the Q'ero Incan tradition and Quantum Healing, and the timing couldn't have been more synchronistic.

In 2018, my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and it was my journey around the shamanic medicine wheel that allowed me to come to a place of healing surrounding his illness and eventual passing. While the wound of grief is a perpetual healing process, I at least helped myself find peace and transformation through the same techniques I now offer my clients.

The modalities I offer are so special to me and I am truly passionate about facilitating amazing and wondrous changes with my clients, changes that create HUGE shifts and change lives!


BQH Practitioner, Q’ero Incan Shaman



Julie M

October 2020

Hi all!! I booked my BQH session with Chelsea, and it was such a phenomenal experience! Chelsea is such a gifted soul and provided such a deep heart-based protective space for the session!! During the session, I connected to my higher self in a deeply profound but conscious way. I received so many answers that I had been unable to in the past, including a very intense awakening of a spiritual gift I had not yet discovered. Can't say enough about Chelsea and her ability to truly hold sacred space and guide/connect our human aspect to our higher self for answers our consciousness has been craving!! A million stars out of five, and highly recommend everyone to book with Chelsea and try quantum healing! I walked around in a daze for three days processing all the information that came through during the session. It was an awakening of a gift that I had been trying to understand for years, and the healing and understanding that came from that is unexplainable and phenomenal. Thank you, Chelsea!! I can't wait to book again soon!!! You rock!!



October 2020

I can not even express how amazing my Quantum Healing session on Zoom with Chelsea Deane was. She guided me through several past life experiences and healing journeys. I have no doubt she is extremely gifted in this arena. Chelsea’s gentle voice also guided me on a journey where I easily connected to my higher self, and now things in my life are making sense. It was a session that I will never forget. I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in exploring their spiritual path of self discovery in a deeper more profound way. Her remote session gave me all the answers I was looking for. I look forward to another healing session in the future. Thank you Chelsea for all of your spiritual guidance and healing.


Loya Riggan

October 2020

I had my first BQH session and the experience was beyond amazing! Chelsea gently led me through the process with such natural ease and I discovered several prior lives and experienced physical healing in my present life. It truly was an incredible 3-hour journey and I enjoyed every minute of it! I highly recommend Chelsea Deane’s services. You won’t regret it!

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