Dagny St John

Seeing with the eyes of the soul is our birth right!

Office Phone: 802 3188029
Consulation Type: Online, In Person
Available Hours: I work out of my home most weekdays, some evenings and weekends
Payment Options: personal check or cash
Languages: English, German

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Address: Woolwich, Maine, United States.


Dagny St John

self employed

Soul Intuitive and Energy Healer

~ Member Since 2013

I am fascinated with the soul’s journey and process of fulfillment. Our spirits, our energy, and our personal power are all one and the same source. With an imminent blue print for healing, the body has the ability to overcome individual challenges.

Our spiritual task in this lifetime is to learn to balance the energies of body and soul, of thought and action, of physical and mental power. I see energy connectors with people who support us, often with those who have passed over, hearing and feeling their messages of encouragement.


  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy
  • MA in Counseling from Antioch College
  • Personal Life Coach
  • Certified Matrix Energetics
  • Certified Polarity Therapist, APP
  • High School Teacher and Counselor for 30 years
  • Dean of Students: Berkshire and Hotchkiss Schools
  • Outward Bound Instructor: Hurricane Island and Colorado


Masters in Counseling ( Antioch), Personal Life Coach (Coaches Institute), Matrix Energetics, Level 4 certified, Polarity Therapy, APP, Reiki Level 2, High school teacher and counselor for 30 years,

website is www. dagnystjohn.com


Huffington Post article about me and my work by Laima Vince




July 2019

Over the years Dagny and I exchange session of QHHT /BQH each time pushing the envelope of going deeper and getting more profound insights and healing. Dagny has such and amazing gift of tuning in and letting herself being guided where ever the session takes us. I have sat in a few sessions with her and it is such a joy to watch her work, so full of love and compassion for her clients.


Jacqueline D

March 2019

My session with Dagny changed my life in so many positive ways, more than I can even count or possibly perceive! It was my first time doing anything like QHHT, and I walked in feeling anxious, but also excited for the session. Before we began she helped me to calm my nerves and relax, and that was when I really knew that I was with the perfect person. Dagny is so incredible at what she does, and has the greatest and most loving energy. I felt so comfortable for my session and discovered so many amazing things about my soul, the connection between my sister and I, various past lives of mine, and even tools that will help me create the life that I want in this lifetime. Overall, the entire experience was positively expansive and helped me to see from so many different perspectives. I’ve carried all that I learned from this session with me to this day, and have implemented the tools that my Higher Self suggested, and I am in a much better place in my life than I was before my QHHT session. It's because of Dagny and her amazing work that my sister and I are inspired to learn BQH! Thank you so much, Dagny, for being such a radiant light and for following your calling. I feel very blessed and appreciative to know you!



February 2019

There are not enough words to describe Dagny and the healing she provides her clients. She's full of boundless warmth, love, and light. During my past-life regression session, Dagny gently guided my higher self to fully awaken and provide invaluable insight to the expansive powerful soul I truly am (as we all are!) The things I learned about my path and how to progress even further with compassion and love for myself and everyone I meet will carry me forward the rest of my days! This type of healing is indescribable. Thank you, Dagny!



February 2019

I went to see Dagny for my first ever QHHT session because I knew, from reading her bio and watching the video on her website, that she was going to make me feel completely at ease. She welcomed me into her home like an old friend, and made me feel so free to share everything I needed and wanted to to have the most impactful session. Dagny is masterful in how she weaves in your questions and intention into the hypnosis portion of the session - something you begin to fully appreciate as you listen to your recording playback! The insights I gained from my session, which included two past lives surfacing, utterly changed my life. Afterwards, I was able to set boundaries and release baggage that I had struggled with for DECADES. Not only that, some of the symbols and sign posts my higher self described wound up revealing themselves in the MOST MAGICAL WAYS within two short months, putting me on the fast track to my dream life! I could not possibly recommend Dagny more.



February 2019

My session with Dagny was the first Quantum Healing Hypnosis I had ever experienced, and I am so incredibly grateful for such a positive life changing journey to have been guided by her. When I first visited her website I had a feeling that she would be the perfect practitioner for me, and upon first meeting Dagny I was so glad to have followed my intuition. Dagny helped me to feel relaxed, safe, and comforted throughout our visit with her amazing energy, kindness, and great sense of humor. What I was able to learn from my Higher Self during my session are things that I hold dear and will return to over the course of my Life. Since my session I have had a much easier time connecting with my Higher Self and have been able to recognize a strengthening of trust and allowance in listening/trusting myself. Thank you so much, Dagny, for your incredible abilities and inspiring me to start the Beyond Quantum Healing learning journey that I am now on. I am so excited for our future sessions! You are a gift of light and love - thank you and your Soul for an amazing experience.


Bernadette D

August 2018

I will always be grateful to have met and worked with Dagny. I did a quantum healing hypnosis with Dagny and it was incredible. She is so wonderful at what she does. My biggest worry going into the hypnosis was that I wouldn’t have the ability to fully relax. I felt so comfortable with Dagny that I did achieve complete relaxation and connected with my higher self. Dagny has a way of making you feel safe and at ease. The information I received from my higher self was absolutely priceless, and I will treasure that experience forever. I have recommended her to everyone I know, for I believe everyone should have the opportunity to work with her and converse with their higher self. Thank you Dagny for being warm, sharing your knowledge, and welcoming me into your space for the healing that took place. My spirit is so grateful that we were brought together to work with one another. Thank you Dagny, it was a life changing experience.

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