Donna Brenner

Have the experience of a lifetime,experience the past thrive in the future

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Donna Brenner

~ Member Since 2015

When I was in my teens and explored the concept of reincarnation my life had changed profoundly. I always knew intuitively that there was more to life than what meets the eye. I was relieved in fact, on a deeper level this made more sense to me. Training in the method of QHHT  has brought profound growth to myself as well as the clients that work with me.  I am curious, dedicated, and passionate about self growth. My lifetimes work has been healing my generational lineage, my limiting beliefs, and the destructive patterns that keep me stuck. I have used sound and vibrations to heal my soul, knowing that everything is energy and it can be manipulated. I help empower people to heal themselves and find to find the source within that knows everything about about them. The various modalities I use but are not limited too are QHHT, BQH, Reiki, Sound healing, guided meditation, and compassionate energy healing. I want to help my clients free the chains that bind them and too find the true wisdom, understanding and knowledge that their higher self has to offer.


Trained in QHHT with the late Dolores Cannon, Also Brian Weiss Many Lives many masters) training Reiki Master/ Usui Reiki Dedicated to Beyond Quantum Healing




Donna made me feel very comfortable during our session. I feel like I received a number of good insights it.


Acy Todd

I once had many questions, and worries. After sometime of soul searching. The late Dolores Cannon found me in a video about the metaphysical hour. Later with much interest she guided me to Donna. All I can say is the whole experience from the beginning has truly been an awaking. I will always send my light to you and encourage your journey of helping others.

Beside, we have to make sure someone is around to keep the lights on. right?


Acy Todd


Julie S.

Donna made me feel very comfortable and set the pace for an insightful yet comforting experience. She took all the time we needed to understand each other and my goals for the session. Highly recommend.


Gina Gatlin

Donna was amazing at facilitating a personal experience even virtually for me. My experience was incredible and her voice was very soothing at guiding me through. She had great communication prior to the session and I would highly recommend her to anyone.


Maria Lute

I just finished the course and wanted to get a feel for BQH. Donna was nice enough to give me a free session. The session was fantastic. She guided me in a very comfortable way, giving the time fully experience each setting. She was very intuitive in knowing when I was having a hard time describing my experiences and offered just the right possibilities for me to be able to put it into words. In the follow up, she was able to help me see the connections between this lifetime and the ones experienced in the session. She was also kind enough to offer me some advice and tips on getting started as a practitioner. I highly recommend her.



My QHHT session with Donna was life changing. Not only did I get much needed advice and love from my higher self, I left the session with the ability to discern between my intuition and conscious mind. I got exactly what I needed from the session. Donna did a wonderful job by asking the right questions and being a great guide during the session.


Elana PW

Today I experienced my first reiki session with Donna, and I was very happy with the level of connection she had with me and the power of the energy that flowed through her. I'll choose her again!



My healing session with Donna began during the phone call she made to me 3 days before the session. Her ability to hear what I was saying and guide me with soft words to a safe space had already made a shift in my anxiety days before the session. The session was relaxing and successful. Donna easily brought me to a deep state of relaxation where I was able to experience past lives and find physical barriers that were hurting my health. I was also given fabulous suggestions to help me on my healing journey. Donna is doing a great job at fulfilling her purpose in life. I wish her continued success on her wonderful journey of helping others heal !



A journey at center of your higher self...
It's difficult to begin to describe the profound experience when going into hypnosis with Donna. So much insight can be gained, greater connection to our own soul and source, and incredible physical and emotional healing. So much to be gained and healed for the benefit of the world and Gaia. Thank you Dona for the amazing guidance and patience.



I felt very comfortable with Donna...she made me feel safe and protected, her energy is very soothing, she was also very precise in her questions. Overall a great experience.

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