Katie Steinle

Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. ~ Albert Einstein

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Katie Steinle

Human Design Analysis
Quantum Biofeedback
Energy Alignment

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~ Member Since 2024

Looking back you can connect the dots. I realize I’ve always had a deep connection with light and energy gravitating towards any modality that would allow me a greater understanding of people and the cosmos. The tragic loss of my son catapulted me into a profound mission to walk both worlds and heal trauma and brokenness. I know all too well if you can’t find meaning and matter in life, it is a downward spiral.

With 20 years of energetic mastery experience I combine Human Design, Quantum Biofeedback, Energy Alignment, and the ancient martial art of Qigong to calibrate and realign your energy to your true purpose. I will teach you powerful new ways to stay resilient and adaptable in these ever-changing times while maintaining a state of creativity and flow.

A synthesis of ancient and modern sciences Human Design integrates the I Ching, Vedic Chakra System, Tree of Life (Kabbalah), Eastern/Western Astrology with Genetics and Quantum Physics weaving together a detailed blueprint of how your energy is designed. REMEMBER your soul’s journey and who you came here to be. Receive a DNA activation to get you back on track. Tap into your greatest strengths, know where your energy is being hijacked, and unlock your unconscious mind so you can start co-creating your best life.

Everything is in a natural state of vibration. If frequency can be measured, if it can be identified, then it can be shifted in some way. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could find out what stress disturbances and sensitivities are affecting your energy and get back into balance? Quantum Biofeedback will get you there! The Genius system records your voice wave pattern and compares it with thousands of energetic frequencies to analyze where you are out of alignment physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically. I administer balancing frequencies. I will scan and read your biofield, or aura, to see how you are responding and what you resonate with.

To find out more about me, the services I offer, and what clients have to say, please check out my website, www.katiesteinle.com



Internationally Certified Human Design Analyst

Quantum Biofeedback Practioner

Quantum Energy Alignment

Reiki Master

Akashic Records Certified Guide

Yi Ren Qigong Certified Instructor



Speaking Engagements

Human Design Mondays ~ 2 hours @ $33.00

You are invited! Bring your charts, questions, open minds and curious hearts. Each week we dive deep into a unique aspect of your Human Design. Gain greater insight into how you are wired in this lifetime. Find out who you came here to be, how to tap into your intuition, overcome your triggers, embody your strengths, and live your best life!

 To join us register here

2027. Here It Comes! ~ Saturday, July 13th, 3 hours @ $55

We will break down the myths, stories, Bodygraph changes and how this will present to humanity…
The predictions of THE BIG CHANGE are astrological, Human Design and Gene Keys… let’s gather to put it all on the table AND share ways to navigate this chapter turn!






Michaela R

June 2024

I just had a Biofeedback session with Katie. Everything about it was so helpful. The analysis was very validating to my experience in my life and indicated the exact issues I was interested in addressing.
The best part about the session was that I didn't have to do anything. I just sat back to receive the healing. I don't know about everyone else, but I was not looking to add anything to my to do list.
I trust in the healing and was amazed to see the difference in my aura before and after the attunement.
I can't wait to integrate and continue on this journey.

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