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Ingrid Romano

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Greetings All!

I just want to mention a little bit about myself. Through my spiritual awakening process different gifts have come into fruition. These are gifts that I feel we all have some form of but they are just locked away in a cage of lower vibrational energies within our energetic field. When you begin to release those lower vibrational energies (your thoughts, emotions, and words) you in essence turn the key to unlock that cage to those gifts!

First and foremost I am a Certified Hypnotist, QHHT/BQH Practitioner, and Certified Bioenergy Healer (these are all learned trades).

These are my unlocked gifts:

I am able to channel other’s higher selves/subconscious for healing.

If appropriate, for healing purposes as well, I am able to tap into your Akashic Records for you to better understand how karmic cycles are being playing out in this life from past lives. When you can see the repeat patterns, duality (want to experience both sides of a coin) that we asked to experience, and/or lessons that we have asked to learn, then it makes it easier to understand and can begin to heal from.

I also speak light languages – they are a healing language on a cellular level. Your cells understand what is being conveyed through the vibration and frequency of the sound. You do not need to understand what is being spoken, your cells will understand. The spoken language (ex. English) can be interpreted one way by one person and interpreted a different way by a different person. Use the example of toboggan, in the North it means a sled in the South a hat. The light language has no misinterpretation by the person since it is on a cellular level.

I also want to mention that I can assist with the releasing of Karmic lower vibrational energies from your energetic field (aura/merkaba)

If you have been led to my profile, I want to thank you for taking the time to review it.

  • Thank you again for your time and consideration!


Certified Consulting Hypnotist with National Guild of Hypnotist, Certified QHHT, Certified Bioenergy Healer


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