Christopher Grant

Quantum Qigong™ is a bridge, bringing together ancient wisdom and modern science. Your healing and understanding will lead you to joyful service as you become a light unto this world.

Consultation Type: Online
Best Contact Method: Email
Languages: English

Address: Ithaca, New York, United States.


Christopher Grant

Inspired Living


“It’s your birthright to live free of unnecessary suffering, to be compassionately connected with yourself and others, and to offer your unique gifts to the world, as Service.

Inspired Living is a transformative journey where you clear inner barriers, unlock your potential, and ask the most pivotal questions:

Why am I here? What is my purpose? What wants to happen through me in my life? In what way can I be useful?

We’re here to guide you on this revolutionary journey, empowering you to uncover and share your unique talents in a way that’s not just fulfilling for you, but also uplifts the lives of others.”

Live a Life That Matters!

With UnReasonable Love,

Daniela & Christopher
Co-Founders and Lead Educators



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