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Jaecee Sutterfield / Ihle

Into the Mystic

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practicioner and Reiki Master

~ Member Since 2017

I am honored to have been practicing QHHT and Reiki for a couple years now. I was guided to start this practice after my awakening really started kicking off after a traumatic experience led me on a quest for answers. The teachings I was taught while growing up just had some missing links. I knew there had to be more. I had also felt a spiritual "calling" since I was a child that was beckoning my soul. I found Dolores Cannon's book, "Between Death and Life" first. It changed my perspective in so many aspects. Answers were revealed to me that surrounded me with peace and understanding, BUT it opened the door for so many more questions that I had never even thought before.  I had to have a session of my own! I was a bit skeptical before. Could my higher self really be THAT easy to contact? What if I my subconscious makes things up based off a movie or who knows what?! I had my session and was completely blown away. Now my LIFE had been changed. There was no way I could have made up what I experienced. The synchronization of how it all came together in the end was so clever and so perfect, it had to be divinely orchestrated. I experienced an intense physical healing which I am relieved and amazed to say that I haven't had any issues with sense. It explained the connection of emotional trauma and the physical issues. It answered ALL the questions I had about situations in my life and past lives. I felt like a new human being. I became immediately inspired to share and be apart of the knowledge Dolores had acquired after years of determination to find truth about our universe and find healing for the planet. This can be beneficial for literally anything. I've witnessed miracles in peoples lives including my own. I want to share this unique gift the universe has provided us with through Dolores Cannon as much as possible. It's exactly what we need in these changing times. The Great Awakening is here and I'm honored to be apart of it.


Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Level 2 and Reiki Master (also Karuna Reiki)




This was my second session with Jaecee, and it was just as amazing as the first! My visions are strong and clear. The positive experience I received was body, mind and soul awakening! My outlook on life is much stronger as a result of both sessions with Jaecee, and many lifelong mysteries that have lingered in darkness are now out in full view with understanding. The, why have these things happened to me questions that many of us have in life now have meaning and a better understanding. Thank you, Jaecee!



I scheduled my session with Jaecee after doing some research on QHHT and I am so glad I did.  I arrived at Jaecee’s house and immediately felt at ease. We talked for about an hour before starting the session and I felt open and connected. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Jaecee let me know exactly what we were going to do and I was able to relax easily. It’s been a few days and I am still having revelations about the information provided in my session. One issue I brought up was the pain in my hip, and it is mostly gone now. I’ve had that pain for all of my life to some extent, worse in the last 10 years. If you are considering a QHHT session, I highly recommend Jaecee. I’m so glad I did it and I hope to do it again in the future! 



I really enjoyed how very relaxing Jaecee’s voice is, it made it easy for me to go deep into my subconscious and learn about myself and with her help, I could visualize memories I didn’t remember I had that held their own importance! 10/10 experience


Debbie Burgamy

Jaecee instantly made me feel comfortable; she was warm and welcoming. She explained each step of the process clearly and made sure I innerstood. She is very friendly and will have you feeling so comfortable that you feel as though you’re with an old friend. The QHHT session was a new experience as I have never been under hypnosis, besides the programming that’s present in this physical existence. I felt my QHHT experience is going to allow me to trust inner knowing so much more than I have let myself do. It was refreshing and gave me an additional perspective towards my desired path. Thank you Jaecee for a wonderful first time QHHT session!!! ????✨????????????☺️



From the moment I entered The room I knew my predetermined path had this appointment set for me long before I knew it! Jaecee is genuine, professional, understanding and has a passion for her work, as well as her clients. I was able to discover answers to some lifelong questions that never added up. I felt a since of renewal and clarity from the moment our session ended. Even now, days later I feel good, my spirit is ALIVE, my energy is STRONG and my anxiety issues have not bothered me since my session. I am greatly looking forward to another session with Jaecee later this year.


Jenny S

It’s been one week since I saw Jaecee for the first time and I’m still experiencing the healing effects of my session. Since then, I have had an overall peace in my soul that has been missing for me over the last 2 years. Jaecee is easy to connect with to the point I felt like I was visiting a long-term, comfortable friend. Seeing her was worth the 3 hour, one-way trip for me. Thank you, Jaecee! I’m sure I will see you soon.



This was my first experience with hypnosis of any kind. I was a bit skeptical but promised myself I'd go in with an open mind. I’m also a heavy thinker, so I was worried I wouldn’t have any success. Jaecee really helped ease my anxiety and spent a great deal of time building my trust with her and the process. I think that was crucial in having the best experience. Never did I feel judged or uncomfortable. I was very worried that I would make something up but she helped me let go of that fear. As a matter of fact, after the session she helped me see how there was no way I could have made up my experience. The perfection in how everything came together was definitely not something imagined or fabricated. In the coming days and weeks, I still found validity in my experience. This session helped me answer some questions that I didn't even know I had which allowed me to let go of a lot of guilt and other emotions and thoughts that were keeping me stuck. This session offered me more than any conventional therapy could have. It uncovered my past so I could move forward in my present life. It has opened my eyes to new possibilities. Jaecee helped change my life.


Rachelle Summer

When I pulled up to her place I already knew that we’d vibe. I can’t spoil the experience for you so I won’t divulge.

It only got better.

The welcoming nature of her home is only outdone by her attentive and caring disposition.

I had opened up and shared things I swore I’d take to the grave.. it just flowed. She’s intuitive so she was really a strong catalyst in the healing process before the session even begins..

I do have one suggestion; wear loose fitting clothing. I was able to get deep into it and actually recall a past life in lumeria but for sure I remember thinking of my pants.

Even so, she assured me that she was there to help guide me and help me get resolve and if at any point I needed to be put in a deeper trance that it wasn’t a problem that it’s wasn’t my fault and for my over active mine I can’t tell you what that meant to me.

The acceptance really mellowed me out. I think she knows what she’s doing.

I’ll stop with the gushing but I have such hard things me letting people in and it felt like she let me in at the same time….. it was beautiful.

Highly recommend to anyone looking for insight and a lil conversation with your highest self.



Jaecee is so warm and loving, she makes you feel right at ease. She is extremely thorough and takes her time answer questions and give you the time you need. She is insightful and well-versed in the whole QHHT process. Loved her and had an amazing experience!


RJE Tulsa

Excellent experience! Went very deep. Took about one hour to get grounded after the session. Received good answers on many of my questions. Had a powerful connection with my son who passed away 46 years ago. Cleared up a residual guilt about an Atlantean lifetime. Looking forward to going even deeper next time. Thank you JAECEE.



I first encountered Jaecee in early 2019 for my first QHHT session. I was experiencing a internal expansion and felt blocked. My session with Jaecee was wonderful. She's nicely disarming, I felt I was in safe hands, that enabled me to relax more. What I experienced during my session greatly helped me get to the next phase of my healing.



When I arrived for my session with Jaecee, I immediately felt at ease with her peaceful energy. She made me feel so at home and i enjoyed the heart to heart talk we had before we began the session. You can feel right away, when you're with her, that she truly cares about the ppl she is working with and that creating a safe, loving space is important to her. My session with her was life changing. She's very great at what she does and I cannot wait to work with her again. I wanted to do a past life regression session for 2 years and honestly I can't think of a better person to have had my first one with. ‚ù§ Thank you, Jaecee!



My session with Jaecee was one of the best Ive ever had. I felt as Ive known her my whole life. The environment she provides is relaxing and positive. I got the answers I was looking for it was seriously life changing.



My QHHT season with Jaecee was truly a life changing experience. I really appreciated how she took the time to get to know me a little bit before the session and made me feel at ease and we came up with more questions to ask. She is really a beautiful soul and is doing a great service to humanity. Highly recommended. What I spoke during the session and what has been imparted to me since will be with me for all of this life. May all you seekers find peace.


Renee Doctorman

I was very apprehensive at first but she does a great job getting you comfortable. She helped me answer questions about me and I feel closer to myself.


Chelsea lairson

So for starters I’ve always had an open mind but I was afraid I wouldn’t get anything from this experience. Wellll I was so very very wrong. Jaecee was amazing and patient and so very very knowledgeable. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed. All my questions were answered and my past life was interesting. I wasn’t 100% going into this but she made a believer out of me and the weirdest thing is I didn’t remember saying anything to her but it was for sure my voice on the recording. You won’t be disappointed.



The session was very interesting and has changed my life completely. She was amazing at hitting the points i needed from the experience.



The session with Jaecee was so amazing! It has totally changed my perception of who I am and why I have made some of my life choices. She was very patient, kind and had postive energy. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting a positive change in their life.



I had a friend mention that they had done a QHHT session and it sparked my interest. Without knowing much about the process and a lengthy delay before taking the plunge to submit information, I submitted a request, asking to set up an appointment. The response time was wonderful, with Jaecee emailing me within 24 hours, on a Sunday no less! I immediately felt comfortable enough to text her and scheduled an appointment a few weeks out.
I was really looking forward to the appointment and was not in the least bit disappointed! When I met Jaecee, I immediately felt as ease, knowing I had been guided to the right person. She was easy to open up to and more grounded and balanced than what I had anticipated.
After sharing some background information, the actual session was amazing. Listening to the session afterwards, (she sent me an audio recording of it via email), it was clear that she knew what she was doing, keeping her voice in a smoothing and consistent tone. I came away with a better understanding of myself, which was exactly my intention.
The true testimony of a good experience though, is that I've already scheduled another appointment with her!

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