Jeroen de Wit

My mission in this life is to empower as many people as possible - including myself - to live authentically.

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Available Hours: Wednesday through Sunday daily 11 am - 7pm
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Languages: English, French, German, Dutch

Address: 5230, Babcock Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 91607, United States.


Jeroen de Wit

Source Energy Therapy QHHT


~ Member Since 2008

Hi! I teach and practice energy medicine to help myself and others live authentically. I offer QHHT Рlevel 3 practitioner, Energy healing  and a comprehensive healing meditation.

I trained with Dolores Cannon herself in 2006 and have since regressed 1000+ people. My mission in this life is to empower as many people as possible Рincluding myself Рto live authentically, by facilitating and teaching energy medicine processes. QHHT is of great value because of its magical capacity to bring about healing within the non-physical and physical dimensions of our being.

My regression work is featured in the HayHouse book ‘The Boy Who Knew Too Much’ by Cathy Byrd.

My practice is located in Los Angeles, easily accessible from the 101, 170 and 405 freeways. There’s plenty free parking available.

Nearest airport is Bob Hope Burbank airport (10 min) LAX is about a 40 min drive.


QHHT level 3 Reiki Level 2 MA in Spiritual Psychology BA in Art Therapy Quantum Touch EMF Balancing Technique Basic Shamanism EFT



Lorena Bernardelli

Jeroen is such an amazing delightful soul. I finally had the pleasure meeting him and had my QHHT session with him. I had such an amazing time and experience. I am honored to have met him. Thank you Jeroen for the time and kindness you offered me. Love and light my dear friend.


Jennie F

My first QHHT session was nothing short of a revelation, and I'm so glad I found Jeroen as my guide to walk me through this experience. He was gentle, kind, patient, and wise in his questioning. He made sure to close every loop and make sure you didn't say "Oh, I wish he had asked THAT question to my Higher Self". He dug in deep with each question..really gettin to the heart of things and practices I could take with me to help me continue my journey. I completely believe that this was my higher self talking to me. I used phrases I've never used before and naturally referred to myself in 3rd person, among other sensations and intuitive understandings.

What has healed/changed? I was dealing with a painful breakup that I hoped would reunite. My higher self said it we would reunite and quickly. In fact, one of my "past lives" was actually our future wedding. He reached out three days later and we're now working on building our life again, we healed my inner fears of abandonment and worry - they are nearly gone, I had a foot/toe injury that was likely going to need surgery and we did a healing on it. The next day it was so much better. As my higher self said - it will heal, will take a little bit of time, but eventually it will be gone...and that's exactly how it's gone down. It was truly everything and more that I hoped it would be. Thank you Jeroen - I will be back :))



Thank you for taking me through this awesome experience! Very thorough on the questions I had and it was truly a blessing to gain the knowledge I have now to move forward and get on the right path!


Jim R

Very interesting experience and helpful in learning to access my subconscious, the beginning of my increasing awareness.



Jeroen was extremely empathetic and made me feel very comfortable. I was able to go into a very deep state and recall several past life memories. I felt very safe in Jeroen's experienced care. I highly recommend booking a QHHT session with him.



What a wonderful healer to find! Jeroen offers a safe environment, a plethora of insight and wisdom, and beautiful guidance. I highly recommend seeing him. I felt at ease with him and appreciated the time he spent during the session but also getting to know me. He is a GEM!



Jeroen is so cool, I felt very comfortable having conversations with him that were very eye opening and tremendously helpful. My appointment lasted 8 hours and he was incredibly thorough, which I greatly appreciated. I never felt rushed! He did an excellent job with bringing to light insight to what I needed more awareness of and is very encouraging with my QHHT journey. I highly recommend him to EVERYONE! I am in awe and still taking in the knowledge that has come to light! Beautiful and mystifying experience that I believe all should do! I even feel the changes my subconscious had made in regards to healing and everything I wanted to understand, I experienced in my session physically, which gives me a massive blueprint on how to move forward!! This will OPEN YOU UP! Thank you Jeroen!!! As a side note, during your session everything seems so obvious, it's not till the next day that you recognize the complexity of your messages!!


Julio G.

Jeroen was great and has a welcoming energy and has created a welcoming and relaxing environment. Made the transitions very simple. Great explanation of how it was going to work.


Brooke G.

I am very pleased with my session and the information I got out of it. You made me feel very comfortable right away and I thank you for your services!


Brooke G.

He is very friendly and knowledgeable and managed to make me feel comfortable and at ease right away. I was more hesitant than expected, but he was able to get information out of me that I needed to hear at the end. Very pleased with him and the service.


M. A. Stephen

A quantum healing session with Jeroen is amazing, life-changing, and obvious to others. The day after my session with Jeroen my daughter said to me with an expression of awe, "Mom, you look like you have energy." During a telephone conversation the following day my son said to me, "You sound relaxed, happy, normal." Wow! Those are immediate results. What's more, I feel the inner transformation from feeling stale to being alive! I am eternally grateful that I traveled from Wisconsin to California to experience quantum healing with Jeroen. He's gifted, generous with his time, and can help you heal afflictions.



I had a quantum healing hypnosis session with Jeroen and can’t say enough good things about the experience. Jeroen is a very skilled practitioner who knows how to be present and facilitate deep active listening. I felt very safe and seen with him. The session I experienced was absolutely life changing and he was very diligent and patient to address all of my questions even though the list was quite long. Jeroen is a a highly professional facilitator on all accords including scheduling, conducting the session and delivering the recording of the session. I would highly recommend him if you are looking to have a QHHT session.



I'm very thankful for session I experience yesterday with Jeroen. From the beginning I felt connected with his wisdom and safe with his experience and knowledge. He listened every detail and guided me through all the process. I was looking for body healing and I got much more than that. Not only my body feels different but my mind is at peace. There's not enough words to express my gratitude for this experience. Thank You So Much Jeroen.






Melissa Aspeitia

Words can't express how a person can change their out look in life after having a QHHT session with a person who cares. Jeroen has the ability to ask questions that is very beneficial for the client to hear answers to any kind of questions that is needed for their advancement in this life time.. I am honored and grateful for Jeroen de Wit. He is amazing!!!


Parul Sanjiv

I'm so happy that I booked with Jeroen! He is so genuine and kind as he takes you through the journey of connecting with your subconscious and past lives. The lifetimes that came up for me were completely tied to the lessons that I was learning at the time of the session. The session helped me lean into and trust my subconscious more, and even though the things that came up were so unexpected, they brought me the clarity I needed. Suddenly, things about my life made sense, and even now (months later) I am still reaping the benefits of the wisdom that was revealed. I will definitely be booking with Jereon again in the future!


Rosie Volcano

My session with Jeroen yesterday was AMAZING. He took so much time just to get to know me that I almost had tears in my eyes within the first 5 minutes. I felt so grateful for his deep interest and presence. I felt safe and comfortable the whole time. When I went into a hypnotic state, I witnessed beautiful connection and clarity within the first few minutes and received many affirming messages from my higher self. I am so deeply grateful for Jeroen and I will be sending my friends and family to him!


K Dowd

Life changing experience! I connected with my higher self in a way I never thought if I met my real self for the first time. Still processing all the juicy bits of information I uncovered about the choices I have made thru out my many lives. It is so illuminating... putting together all the pieces of my ongoing puzzle. All the reasons why I bring certain experiences into my life became clear..the good and the bad. I am so grateful for Jeroen’s gentle guidance. He is an expert at QHHT and knows how to ask all the right questions to help you down your proverbial “yellow brick road.” I felt so safe confiding in Jeroen as if I had known him forever. He takes his job as your trusted guide very seriously and makes sure you are comfortable thru out the entire session. He is a genuine healer and cares deeply about your process, never rushing the time...just fully present for as long as it takes, so that you come away feeling like you were completely supported on the wildest journey and self exploration of your life. Simply mind blowing!



This was an amazing and transformative experience! I feel more in tune with my higher soul and like peices of me that had been lost came back to me again. I feel lighter and like my heart opened up. The healing that took place is phenomenal. Jeroen is a wonderful guide and his voice is so soothing. I am eternally thankful for all the light, wisdom. and healing this experience has given me.



I first encountered Jeroen through a group workshop he hosted in Los Angeles, and after a remarkable experience I knew I needed to dig deeper. His schedule for one-on-one regressions fills up quickly, but luckily he now hosts Zoom sessions, so I was able to take advantage of his healing work from New York during the COVID era. The experience was even better than I expected. Jeroen is a generous, compassionate listener. There's an initial therapeutic consultation followed by the regression itself. At the end of the session, Jeroen asked whether I was aware of the time that passed -- we wound up going over our time and I had no idea! I've woken up yesterday and today feeling lighter. Almost two days later and my mind is still reeling from the experience. In my opinion, it's a very worthwhile investment in you!


Anna Yosin

Jeroen was incredibly kind and gentle through the whole interview. He made me feel very comfortable and safe with the entire process and that allowed me to open up more and have a successful session. He explained the entire process and sent me a lot of information ahead of time with how to prepare for it as well as the recording of the session afterwards. Very professional and very gentle. I definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to do a QHHT session and am very thankful I found him as the person to take me through mine.


Lori Metcalf

Jeroen is truly a gifted and enlightened teacher. I have done multiple sessions with him and am always amazed at how they change my life. He has been an instrumental influence on my life journey and a big part of healing my mind, body and soul, I cannot recommend him enough. Working with him will change your life. Thank you Jeroen!



My QHHT Session was pretty amazing. I was given specific guidance for health questions I had. It took me a few days to wrap my head around this intense session. However once I was able to embrace the session and just let go....I am amazed how good I feel. My chronic back pain that I have carried around for a very very long time is now feeling better than it ever has! I was also guided to a device called THE SHIFT by Komuso Design to expand the capacity of by lungs and settle shallow breath by increasing the length of the exhale.
I have also got improved guidance on a healing life purpose that I have and was told that a lot of people on earth have it now - that is to align themselves to be the best version of themselves possible and it is from that place that we can contribute to the vibration, evolution and shift to new earth that is taking place.



Jeroen was kind and helpful through the entire process. I wasn’t expecting much to happen, but was super surprised when I first went under, the energy was incredible, and I fell right into a scene I did not expect. I came out with new knowledge and a major internal shift — I feel like I’m living in a new world with a new me. I’m so glad I did this, and so glad I met Jeroen.



I could not say enough good things about Jeroen. Not only is an awesome human, but he is so good at what he does. My session was eye-opening, insightful and healing - truly magical. I had an absolutely wonderful experience and I highly recommend taking this journey with Jeroen!



Jeroen was such a joy to talk to and is so caring. He has an amazing healing energy. I felt he answered questions I had about my life without even being asked. He led me on an exciting journey to a past life that was highly insightful and memorable. I am so grateful to him for guiding me so masterfully through the regression. I felt safe as well as excited. He took so much time with me and I am very grateful for it. I cannot recommend him more highly!



Jeroen is so intuitive, understanding, and overall just such a light in the world. He was so beyond helpful to me and I can't recommend working with him enough. He guided me through everything and I had some incredible breakthrough- stuff that would have taken years to uncover otherwise!



This was well worth the 4 month wait to get to have a session with him. Very Wonderful/Professional/Fun. He is the real deal. Five Star all the way.
Love and Light to you Jeroen, Q~from WA.



I am so grateful to Jeroen's experience, dedication, and love for this work. I learned so much about myself, QHHT, and the world at large. This session will continue to resonate for me for a long long time, full of sunlight and joy. Thank you for all, Jeroen!!!


Hazel Yuan

The confirmation I got from the session was exactly what I needed at this phase of my life. I’m grateful to Jeroen for his patience, kindness and wisdom. He was so easy to talk, as if we had known each other for years.



Jeroen de Wit was compassionate, insightful and intuitive in his approach! He made the experience smooth and refreshing. It was like a rebirthing, Thank You!



It was so nice to have met with Jeroen. He made me feel so at home and like we had been friends for years. Wonderful to talk to and the information that came through during my session was incredible. Thank you so much Jeroen.



It was truly a great and mind-opening experience:) Jeroen is for sure very experienced, I went into a deep trance state immediately and the way he talked and dealt with different situations throughout the session made me feel safe and comfortable. Highly recommend!


K. Faust

Jeroen is highly skilled, loving, and I felt deeply confident during our session that I was safe to heal and explore! I would recommend him to anyone!



I waited four months for this session and had no idea what to expect.
It was one of the most amazing experiences I been through.
After listening to the video, only then did I realize how many things I didn't remember and I received so much information from my subconscious.
Jeroen was unbelievable, he asked all the right questions and got as much information as he could. I will definitely have another session with him. Thank you, Jeroen


Karina Delgado

I couldn't thank Jeroen enough for this amazing experience, I definitely recommend his services to anyone. This experience has taught me a lot about my self, and I couldn't be happier. Jeroen has the best energy to be around with and is so easy to talk to that I felt very comfortable. I learned so much about myself and have been applying the things my higher self has told me to do.



I had a wonderful QHHT Session with Jeroen. The space was very warm and inviting and he was very safe and knowledgable of the whole process, very confident. We had a great interview. I was able to really explore why it was that I was there in depth, and the session went very smoothly, revealing tremendous insights that I'm still processing. I was given an important and powerful technique by my Higher Self for forgiveness of my father, which I put into practice. It's been a real game changer in both my personal and professional life.


Shan C

Just had time to review the video Jeroen sent me.
Jeroen is amazing. He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed from the start. He had a lot of very interesting experience himself and can even speak and write Chinese !
He made every effort to communicate with me promptly and made himself available (as I flew in from China with very limited time) despite his very busy schedule.
Finally, I am truly very luck to have his expert guidance throughout the entire session, he kept me focused and relaxed when there were some sudden interruptions from my side. we went over my life so far, 3 past lives, met my guide, which did most of physical healings needed. I do feel so much better physically. I also spoke to my SC! I found out all my lifetimes are inprints, this is my first life on earth and all the advice I need! The most important is the ending discussion with Jeroen, without him I would be lost and overwhelmed. He put everything in perspective,made me understand the whole thing!
I truly recommend Jeroen, he is a beauitful being and an expert in QHHT!


J. Cornick

I recently had a QHHT session with Jeroen and I can't put in words how incredible it was. Let me start by saying that Jeroen in an amazingly beautiful soul, whose ability to help me understand a number of questions and feelings that I have in this lifetime, seemed so effortless and caring. I have not only learned a few things on this journey, but I honestly feel we may have unlocked one of the most important aspects in my life - in my soul - that has me feeling relieved and confident. It has only been a few days, but I have seen results from our session and am forever thankful for our connection! I highly recommend a QHHT session with Jeroen for everyone - not just those looking for guidance but also those who just want to learn more about themselves and any past lives they've led. I can not thank Jeroen enough!!



It was an interesting and a wonderful experience. Jeroen is a gifted practitioner with an exquisite talent and memories. He is an excellent listener and can image your life in his mind. He is excellent of bringing peace & light to people.


Lisa Cheney

The QHHT session was a perfect experience, in large part, due to Jeroen's expertise. He is able to be a subtle background voice while expertly guiding the session to its best result. I quickly, QUICKLY, relaxed and experienced important messages from my subconscious, a former self, a greeter. This is session allowed the deeper self to surface while the human self is still aware. I couldn't have had a better session. Thanks Jeroen!


Sady Geagea

I HIGHLY recommend QHHT with Jeroen, I loved his energy. The session went even better than I would have imagined, Jeroen created a very safe space for me, he has a soothing voice and he is very talented and creative with his flow of questions ! forever thankful and grateful for him. <3



my QHHT session with Jeroen was a very enlightening and wonderful experience. I was nervous going in but Jeroen made me feel so comfortable, like I had known him for years. He created a safe space for my higher self to come through and heal me in many ways. I highly recommend Jeroen for anyone thinking about doing this. He is kind, patient and genuinely cares about his clients wellbeing. Thank you Jeroen for all your help!



My QHHT experience with was unforgettable!!! I came in with little knowledge of what to expect from this experience and Jeroen guided me through this with ease. His energy is amazing and his light, calming personality made it very easy to "unload" during the interview. I did not feel one ounce of judgement from him. As suggested by my higher self, I have started my own studies of this practice and from what I experienced with Jeroen, he follows Dolores Cannon's method to a T; which was something that was very important to me. Jeroen did an amazing job of explaining the things that I needed to know which really made it comfortable for me to be easily guided in my hypnosis! Thank you Jeroen!! Much faith, hope, and love to you!


Natalie Gardner

I had a wonderful past life regression with Jeroen. He puts you at ease right away, it was like meeting an old friend....he probably was in another life ;-). He is compassionate and has an innate understanding of the human condition which was clear as soon as we started talking about my life experiences so far. I got great results, saw the 2 lives we went through very clearly, like watching a movie. Meeting my higher self was very powerful....she had some great answers for me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jeroen for a QHHT session. He really is a true professional and if anyone can help you find your answers and healing through this method, then i doubt there's anyone better out there. Thank you Jeroen x



I highly recommend a reading with Jeroen. He is an excellent listener, healer, facilitator. This was an excellent experience for me, and I think that he is simply the best.



I became aware of Delores Canon and the QHHT experience over a year ago. When I found Jeroen practicing not far from where I live, I took that as a sign to have a session. No excuses. I am glad I did. His demeanor put me at ease. I felt safe and protected as he lead me on a profound inner journey as I got clarity with my higher/subconscious self. I am most grateful and appreciative.



Dear Jeroen,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful QHHT session.

I was thinking I might be a little crazy hopping on a plane to come down and have a session with you. But it was totally worth it and one of the best experiences of my life.

You made me feel very safe and understood during the interview which is why I think I had such amazing revelations when you regressed me.

You asked wonderful questions during my regression which uncovered some amazing information. I love how intuitive you were in the questions you asked to get the answers I wanted

Throughout the whole session I feel like you really understood who I am and the answers I was searching for both from a health perspective and in identifying my life‘s purpose. You did such a beautiful job advocating for me throughout the whole process - especially when getting answers from my higher self.

It’s been several months since my session with you and I want to let you know how helpful the session has been to me from a health perspective with almost all of my complaints resolved at this point. …All except for the one my sub-conscience explained would take a little while!

All of the information we uncovered has been pivotal for me, helping me too get on a path which is much healthier (both mentally and physically) than it was prior to our session.

Other parts of the session were tremendously validating and have left me feeling much more in alignment with myself and my life‘s path.

Thank you, Jeroen! You are perfectly suited for and amazing at this life changing work!

I want to let you know how highly I recommend you both here and to my friends and family. They only allow me to put a maximum of five stars but I would give you TEN STARS if I could on a scale of five stars!

In Love and Light,


Jen Sosa

Had my session with Jeroen this past weekend. I can't even put into word how wonderful my session was. I was able to regress into a past life that put everything into perspective . If I can share one word of wisdom is trust the process. You don't get what you want, you get what you need. Your higher self knows you better than you know yourself. I felt so comfortable with Jeroen, loved his sense of purpose, caring and wanting to aid in any way possible. All I can say my dear Jeroen is thank you for accepting your path and being there to help me along my journey. Highly recommend him. Namaste!


Greg A.

Just before the end of 2017, I had the opportunity to meet with Jeroen and participate in a Past Life Regression. With unlimited expectations, I entered his Studio in Southern California on a beautiful day and relaxed in a comfortable chair and began the initial introduction process of discussing my current life and what transpired so far in my lifetime. Jeroen’s inquiries are genuine, and in my case, significant issues concerning my present day-to-day professional work life were discussed and we resolved them on the spot – just a matter of perspective. That was easy; then followed some dialogue on select life choices that I made and lastly a review of my meaningful questions. At this point I felt peaceful, receptive and quite ready for the Regression stage. Jeroen initiated the PLR in a calm and professional manner and before long, my journey was underway. I believe that we all have distinctive journeys so a discussion of the details is not relevant. However, I can say that I experienced, love, multiple lifetimes, transitioning, ecstasy, multiple healing sessions, more love, beauty, visions, weightlessness, relaxation, cosmic journeying and peace. There were numerous arresting memories that I will never forget. Except I did! I could not remember a thing. But Jeroen video tapes your experience, so all was not lost. The complete session was 6+ hours long and when I awakened to see my beautiful wife (of many newly discovered lifetimes), Jeroen indicated to Cin that I would be able to clarify everything while she drove me back to our SoCal bohemian AirBnB. I explained to Cin that my session was phenomenal (my instinctive feeling), but the exact memory of it was fragmented and short-lived. When my video tape was emailed to me 3 days later, we laughed and smiled and revisited my marvelous expedition. Without hesitation, I committed to expanding my Design efforts to include powerful affirmations of love, energy and compassion in all that I create; and to extend my Reiki training to assist my family and friends with a positive spiritual force on their own life’s journey. Wow. Love and Peace to you my friend, Jeroen.



Jeroen is an very special gifted soul that is knowledgeable to his craft. My experience was one for the books as I have done past life regression once before but not to this magnitude. The level of comfort & trust I felt from the moment I stepped into his office was just incredible. If you need life guidance or answers to issues in your life this is who you should see. Thank you again Jeroen for my beautiful experience many blessings to you my fellow light worker.


David Becket

I had a complete Q HH T session with Jeroen mid January, the session was very thorough.Jeroen made me feel very comfortable, offering a couple options for beverage, the hot herbal tea was wonderful. The interview is quite detailed and lasted about 2 1/2 hours, I thought he was watching the clock but we just kept talking on and on, he wanted to get all the core details that he could which is wonderful. I was very surprised to learn that the second half of the session, I had been under for two hours and 40 minutes. I had no problem with that, as I had a wonderful experience, and it did not seem nearly that long. It took me a few extra minutes to really get deep into the past life, but the visual experience, and reality of it was very very clear.Jeroen walked me through all of the important parts making sure that I was able to acquire the detail that I needed, that is why the session went a little over because they were so much that I was able to go through, there was definitely enough, that I could do another session. I woke up feeling fine and actually on the drive home I felt quite calm, but a little bit charged and excited.Jeroen handled everything very nicely and I would definitely go back again.



My husband and I ended 2017 with past life regression sessions with Jeroen. What a fabulous way to begin 2018! In addition to clearing health issues and limiting beliefs, we released karmic patterns affecting our current lifetimes, leaving us free to live the rest of our lives in joy and abundance. It's truly amazing to experience the close connection with one's Higher Self that is readily available once you tap into it. Jeroen is a master healer, leaving no stone unturned. He is sensitive and kind and listens deeply to the needs of your Higher Self to ensure you get the absolute most from your session.


Andrea :)

I first would like to start off by saying how absolutely wonderful Jeroen is. He is kind, he listens and cares. He is the first person to make me realize that I no loner have to feel shame and guilt for has happened in my past. He took time to make sure that I got the absolute most out of this session. I have never experienced anything like it. It was wonderful to be able to connect with someone who truly cares and wants to see healing for his client. I would recommend Jeroen to anyone who has tried traditional healing techniques that have failed, QHHT is definitely for you. I was blessed enough to being to experience immediate healing with many issues I was having and I continue to experience healing everyday. I am recommending this to all of my friends and family. QHHT is truly a magical and healing experience. I have hope again and peace is starting to settle in my heart like I have not had in a very very long time. THANK YOU JEROEN!!!


Julie Davis

I just had a fantastic QHHT Session with Jeroen de Wit. It was my first time. I felt very prepared, because of my pre emailed suggestions and video from Jeroen. I actually started to get answers from my guides, even before I arrived for the session, just by writing down my questions beforehand. Jeroen made me feel instantly comfortable. He has a comfortable, cozy studio, and even provides snacks. He asked lots of questions before we even began, and I felt very ready, and relaxed. Time flew by, even though it was hours. My favorite part was meeting my beautiful angelic guide. This is a life changing experience. If you are ever thinking of having a Quantum Healing session, you will be very happy selecting Jeroen de Wit to guide you.



This was my first time doing this, for me the curiosity was more a factor than the need. I've met the calmest, non judgmental gentlemen, and he made me open up organically! I had no idea when the time had passed and what an amazing experience I had. I didn't go in with any expectations, but definitely I left with a big Wow!


Farzad H.

Jeroen has a calm and relaxing demeanor which ultimately led to a great QHHT experience! I felt very safe and that I could let my guard down without being judged. It was obvious to me that he felt deeply and had a compassionate heart. It's helpful to have his type of presence when your about to go into the deep subconscious of your mind! I would recommend Jeroen to anyone who seeks a QHHT practitioner, especially those who may feel anxious or worried, or is doing this for the first time!



Hey! I Just wanted to follow up about our session! It's wild how way more empowered I feel because of it. It was so nice to talk to you and have those experiences to look back on. I feel way more happier then I've been in a long time! It feels like I'm more in tune with everything. Thanks Jeroen!


Kate Winslett

Jeroen is one of my favorite people in LA. He has the most fantastic energy - super calming and peaceful. We started going to Jeroen because he uses the Dolores Cannon method of hypnosis which general consensus is that it is the most effective method currently available. The awareness and consciousness expansion I have received from working with him has completely, positively changed my view of myself, the world, and my purpose within it. He is truly a gift to this planet.


Brandon Spratt

I have wanted to undergo a QHHT session for quite some time now. I finally was able to do this and throughly enjoyed the session. Jeroen has a wonderful, hypnotic voice that you just slip away into another world. This was my first time doing a past life regression in a long time and so I think I was a little nervous going into it, but it fell away pretty quickly once the session started.



I was lead to Jeroen's office by My Higher Self. He is very kind and talented with his work. I had my appointment at 1:00 pm and left at 8:00 pm. He took the time to listen to my whole life story, which I felt was important for him to know everything about my unusual journey in this lifetime. I felt welcomed and I felt a trusting connection to him as my guide for my QHHT Session which took 3 hours. I Am very thankful for his kind gentle patience. I received an answer I have searched my entire life for (And I Am 40 yrs old) I am aware he patiently searched my past lives and current life for this connection because I had such a difficult time connecting and spoke very little. I also became a Vegan that very day (per my Higher Self instructions) and I received Peace and much needed healing in my Heart Chakra, due to a painful, difficult childhood. I AM Awakened, I Meditate in the Sun Daily, I AM Vegan, And I Am on a mission to awaken humanity, Spread the seed of Life and Love in everyone. And it's all thanks to Jeroen de Wit


Annalee Traylor

Jeroen is an absolute amazing soul that I felt a connection with right away. I have had the pleasure of taking part in his group meditations, personal QHHT session, and reiki session. He provides a non judgmental, supportive, calming, and relaxing environment where he is 100% authentically engaged in how you are feeling. After my QHHT experience, I felt extreme relief and healing. I had all of my questions answered during my session and even had some amazing surprises occur. It was truly an experience I will never forget as Jeroen was instrumental in providing the most calming and supportive atmosphere and guidance; I felt extremely safe and in good hands. If you are looking to try QHHT for the first time or if you have done it many times before, I recommend Jeroen as his experience speaks for itself. He is gentle, caring, kind, intuitive and fun! There is no pressure to say or do any certain thing with him, as he is always in the present moment and has utmost best intention for the client's well being during the sessions!



the first time i went to jeroen it was because a friend dragged me in claiming that he had magically helped her with a health problem. i was skeptical but desperate, and willing to try anything once. what i went to him for, he was able to heal. literally over night. The problem stayed away for about a year, but came back. I went to him again, skeptical - what were the chances it wasn't a coincidence he was able to help me the first time? 50/50? I went back with low expectations, and once again, problem solved. In fact there has only been one time when he wasn't able to heal me, and I went in knowing I was in such a horrible state, and late - so it was going to take more than once session. I just received a second session to address the issue this time, and overnight, again. Or I guess less than 48 hours. Close enough. Point being, wow- magic. He is 100% GIFTED. I have a love/hate relationship with telling the world about him because I am scared he will get too busy and too expensive to treat me often and affordably! If you can book an appointment and have the ability to afford a session, prove to yourself what a gift he truly is. The one and only of his kind, I'm quite sure. One of my favorite people, souls,


Barrett Perlman

I've been working with Jeroen over the last 5 years both with meditation and healing and he is absolutely amazing. He radiates positivity and has such a strong connection to his energy that it's a blessing to be healed by him.



I think he's doing such a great job and he'll do his best to get the answers you are looking for and I highly recommend him.


Cathy Byrd

I have had multiple past-life regression sessions with Jeroen and he is an extremely gifted therapist. I felt totally safe and cared for as Jeroen lovingly guided me to parts of my soul and higher self that I didn't know existed. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is interested in learned more about the mystery of life.


Megan Valnes

I’m writing this review two days after my amazing and successful session with Jeroen. My experience was quite incredible as I traveled through space and time, finding myself a sailor, a spirit, and ultimately coming into direct contact with my subconscious and higher self. With the smooth and calm guidance of Jeroen, I was able to call in physical and spiritual healing. There were moments where I felt my conscious mind was trying to take over, however, Jeroen was able to gently guide me back into the subconscious realms and reassured me that I was doing great.

I received so many golden nuggets from my experience. The wisdom and information held by my higher self are now mine to experience with my conscious mind. Now that I’m grounded in this physical reality again, I am able to realize just how deep I traveled into the dimensions of the ethereal world.

Much of this is a testament to Jeroen because I felt so comfortable and safe with him that I was able to let go and trust the process. Jeroen is a gentle soul with a curious and kind heart and I am so happy I was able to go into this experience with him. Thank you!



Jeroen is seriously a God-send! I've experienced both a past life regression and an energy clearing with Jeroen (and kitty of course hehe) and both experiences were so beautiful! I was so comfortable and having so much fun, and walked away both times with such a deeper understanding of my soul's journey and a deeper understanding of why I feel the things I do in my life. Jeroen has the sweetest heart and I'm so so glad our paths have crossed (in perfect timing of course)...Jeroen, I'm looking forward to more beautiful sharings together...thank you for seeing me and for your service xo



I've gone back and forth about leaving a review or not. It's not my intention to be negative, but hopefully this review could be used for learning. I made my appointment with Jeroen several months in advance of my trip to California. I picked him because he was a Level 3.

I arrived at the address Jeroen gave me to find the house empty. I called him and he informed me that he had moved and had unfortunately forgot to tell me. So, my boyfriend and I rushed to the new address, as this was already cutting into my appointment time. We had plans for after the appointment because we made the trip primarily for the Conscious Life Expo. It tooks about 25 minutes to get to the new address. I was anything but calm and relaxed when I got there. After a while into the talk for the practitioner to get to know you, I started feeling like this part was going on for too long, but I figured he must know what he's doing. I didn't say anything. When we finally started getting me into the regression, he went too fast. Way too fast. I tried to stay in the mental place I needed to be in to go into trance so my HS could come through, but it wasn't working. There is a huge skylight right in the ceiling above the bed, and the sun was blaring down on me with full mid-day brightness. I have a sensitivity to light. I can't have any light on when I sleep or it bothers me. When I expressed this problem to him, he tried to find a solution by draping something over my eyes but the sun was still very bright. Then he said something like, it shouldn't matter. But it did matter and that comment stuck with me. It was very un-QHHT like. Maybe he was becoming frustrated too, I don't know. But it didn't help. During the regression, I was able to see bits and pieces of former lives but my HS did not come through and I got none of my questions answered, and I had a lot of questions. I left in tears over the disappointment. I was charged the full rate.

That night at the expo, I was still upset about this. Ironically, I was standing in line next to a man who is a level 1 QHHT practitioner. I told him about my experience and he said that he also has light sensitivity and so he makes sure he can make the room very dark if need be. I thought how funny it was that finding a Level 3 seemed very important beforehand. Now, I really don't think it matters. Jeroen is a very nice and friendly person and obviously has a lot of success but my experience was very disappointing.


'The Boy Who Knew Too Much' by Cathy Byrd

I had no idea.. of the miraculous adventure I was about to embark on when Cathy Byrd hesitantly stepped into my office where we were going to have her experience a 'QHHT' session: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Dolores Cannon's method for Past Life Regression. Cathy had contacted me because her son Christian Haupt had been telling her about the memories he had of a life as baseball legend Lou Gehrig. Coming from a Christian background, Cathy wasn't familiar with the concept of reincarnation, and after not getting any satisfying answers from her church's pastor regarding her beloved son's experience, a dear friend suggested she'd go see me for a regression. Cathy's initial hesitation faded quickly when we discovered there was an instant ease and liking present in our interaction and what followed were 3 extraordinary sessions in which we found Cathy in a life as Christina Gehrig, Lou Gehrig's devoted mother. The sessions yielded a large amount of detail about the Gehrig's lives, which Cathy courageously fact-checked with still living relatives and friends of the Gehrig family for accuracy, and which ended up becoming a crucial part of 'The Boy Who Knew Too Much'; a mother's mind-opening journey in loving and understanding her son.…/1401953425/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ep_dp_9I…

QHHT session: Andromedan Starseed

I had a wonderful session with a young woman who, through her past life as a compassionate ruler - with some of her family members from her current life - connected with beings which we came to find out are Andromedans. They are one of the galactic races incarnate on planet Earth in a human body, helping to raise the frequency of human consciousness. I recorded this right after the session and you'll see me struggle a bit to get my brain in gear

What is QHHT?

Experience Dolores Cannon's QHHT in Los Angeles. To book: QHHT is a regression method developed by Dolores Cannon that uses hypnosis to help create a stronger channel to our Higher Self. We are all connected, all One and the Higher Self can access any appropriate information regarding our own lives and everything else. This clip is part of an episode for Lisa Haisha's 'Soulblaze Your Life' where a QHHT session was filmed in which she connected to the galactic council that she is part of. __________ W O R K W I T H J E R O E N Jeroen de Wit Level 3 QHHT practitioner, healer and speaker Website - Instagram Youtube - Join the newsletter for special announcements and upcoming events - Reviews - ___________ A B O U T J E R O E N Jeroen de Wit is a level 3 Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner, speaker, meditation teacher and energy healer. His mission on the planet is to midwife as many people as possible into living an authentic joyful and purposeful life. His strange looking name is actually a very common name in his country of origin: the Netherlands. QHHT helps someone align with their life purpose and awaken them to their own authenticity as being a purposeful expression of Source. This is done by having someone explore their other-dimensional identities and then connect to their Higher Self. Jeroen was trained in QHHT by Dolores Cannon in 2006, has since regressed hundreds of people and his regression work is featured in the HayHouse book 'The Boy Who Knew Too Much' by Cathy Byrd. His monthly group regressions are the official partner with Dr Claire White's and CSUN's research study on the effects of past life meditative experiences. He is a certified Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, EMF Balancing Technique, Quantum Touch and Dolores Cannon level 3 QHHT practitioner. He holds a BA in Art Therapy and an MA in Spiritual Psychology of the University of Santa Monica and has over 7500 hrs of experience studying energy healing or therapeutic techniques, and working with individual clients or groups. __________ F I N D A P R A C T I T I O N E R About Dolores Cannon:

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