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Laura Luz

Laura Luz Counselling Services

Registered Psychotherapist

~ Member Since 2022

Hello and welcome.

My name is Laura Luz, I live in Victoria BC and I am the mother of 5 grown children. I am a psychotherapist, wisdom teacher, intuitive guide and spiritual mentor, so work on many levels of mind, body and spirit.

Allow me to help you to…

  • Remember your personal magnificence,

  • Remind you of your intuitive gifts and talents

  • View your life with more enthusiasm and wonder,

  • Clear-out negative thoughts and emotions,

  • And enter health and wellbeing with more ease.

I work with individuals, couples and families. I have a client-centered practice which moves at the pace most comfortable for my clients.  I use hypnosis, body-psychotherapy, analysis, cognitive-behavioral therapy and coaching (among other tools) to assist clients to heal and move forward towards a life of balance, freedom and wellbeing.

My expertise centers around Relationship dynamics, Human-behavior and the Spiritual journey of Awakening.  I use the language of symbolism, dreams, life-patterns and intuition to bring a new view and vision to others.  I do this with an understanding that includes compassion.  Clarity and insight are easily accessed within our work together.

Look up my QHHT page to get your questions answered.  And remember to ask for your complimentary consultation for 20-30 minutes.

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Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Masters Counsellor, Spiritual Director, Spiritual Psychology Facilitator, Intuitive guide.


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QHHT video

QHHT Benefits Hypnotherapy in general, and QHHT in particular, uses verbal repetition and mental imagery to induce a “trance-like state” of increased focus. It's typically described as feeling calm and relaxed and usually opens people up to the power of suggestion as well as their own Higher-self guidance. In the past Hypnosis has been disregarded as a parlor trick however, today hypnosis is now increasingly believed to improve many individuals' lives and outcomes. The process of hypnosis was approved as a therapy in 1958. Benefits QHHT can help in many areas, including Resolving childhood issues РChildhood issues, almost everyone has them. From serious abuse or other problems in the home to lack of self-esteem or a need to be successful at all costs the issues and problems that you experienced as a child may still be impacting you today and causing you to make bad decisions or to not take very good care of yourself. Hypnosis is a great way to work through childhood issues and replace those negative messages about yourself with positive ones. Promoting deep relaxation РIf you have ever tried meditation you know already the great things that relaxation does for the mind and body. You can become more creative, better at problem solving, less irritable, and you can reduce your risk of health problems like heart disease or high blood pressure significantly if you meditate or relax regularly. But if you have trouble relaxing, or if you never seem to be able to relax deeply enough to really feel refreshed, then you should try hypnosis. Hypnosis is a wonderful way to experience truly deep relaxation that will make you feel much healthier and alert. Enabling behaviour Change РAre you the kind of person that is always snapping at others? Do you get irritated and angry often? Do you have trouble managing your anger? Hypnosis can help you change your behaviour patterns so that you can be healthier and happier. Most often behavioural patterns are learned in childhood, but a hypnotic suggestion given while you're in a deep hypnotic state can help you get rid of those old messages telling you to behave in certain ways and replace them with messages to act in new, more appropriate ways. If you are the type of person who has a short fuse and quick temper then you should already realise that what you are creating about in that moment is nothing to do with the real reason for the anger. If you are trying to recover from the effects of a dysfunctional family or an abusive childhood using Hypnosis to help eliminate the unhealthy patterns that you learned to survive can be very therapeutic. Hypnosis can help you identify with the real underlying issues in your life that make you react to thing the way you do. Of course this not only benefits you the client but your family, friends and work colleagues who have close contact with you. Reliving anxiety and depression РMany people are reluctant to take medication to treat anxiety and depression because they don't want to become dependent on these notoriously addictive medicines. Other people just can't seem to find a medication that works for them. Enjoy the benefits of hypnotherapy using this drug free and effective way to calm anxiety and to treat the symptoms of depression. By using hypnotic suggestions to eliminate the triggers of anxiety and depression people that suffer from depression and anxiety can sometimes find 100% relief from these conditions by using Hypnosis.

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