Lory Pollina

"When you believe it you will see it"

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Address: 64, Granger Place, Buffalo, New York, 14222, United States.


Lory Pollina

~ Member Since 2014

I am a heart based healing practitioner, having studied Crystal Healing in (1987 ) with Katrina Raphael, I am also a graduate and teacher/minister of the Berkeley Psychic Institute cirriculm ¬†(2004) Santa Fe, NM, with a BA from University of California Berkeley in Philosophy (1977). ¬†I am a philosopher, musician and artist – and have followed my heart to discover and evolve through these disciplines. ¬†I studied with Dolores Cannon in 2014 and am a level II QHHT Practitioner with over 200 sessions under my belt. ¬†I have had 3 miraculous healing experiences through personal QHHT sessions and am wild about Dolores! ¬†As she always said, “When you believe it, you will see it.”


QHHT Level I and II- Dolores Cannon/Julia Cannon, (Fayetteville Arkansas)
Teacher, Minister, Berkeley Psychic Institute Curriculum (Santa Fe, NM)
Crystal Healing Certificate, Katrina Raphael, (Taos, NM)
BA, Philosophy (Metaphysics) University of California, Berkeley



Katie Kiss

January 2024

I’ve had numerous crystal healings, energy sessions, and spiritual counselings with Lory. He’s kind, very knowledgeable, really funny, and an absolute joy to be around. I’ve not come across many people tapped in so well to what’s happening on the planet, and with humanity.


QuantumHealingandBeyond.com and CandaceCrawGoldman.com

April 2017

Lory is a lovely human being.

I had the opportunity to have him facilitate a wonderful QHHT session for me in Arkansas in 2015. In that session I learned so many things about myself and my life purpose. This session continues to inform my life even today, more than 2 years later.

At the time I was dealing with a painful betrayal story and this story actually generated a painful kidney stone in my body. In the session, I was told how and why the stone was connected with the betrayal and how to quickly and easily dissolve that stone, with NO NEED to experience pain. The "instructions" on how to do this were unconventional to say the least, but- they worked and worked quickly. The stone was dissolved and I had a CT scan to prove it

Lory is open, kind, non-judgemental and has a great sense of humor. I could not recommend him more highly.

Candace Craw-Goldman
Founder the ORIGINAL Quantum Healing Support Forum


Candace Craw Goldman Interview with Lory Pollina

This is an interview made in 2016 of my miraculous experiences with healing and self-healing using the QHHT method of Dolores Cannon.

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