Louise Selfridge

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Consulation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: Email or phone
Available Hours: Monday-Friday 9-6pm
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Languages: English

Address: 51, West Donington Street, Darvel, Scotland, KA17 0BF, United Kingdom.


Louise Selfridge


~ Member Since 2018

After my own Spiritual Awakening in 2015, I realised my Soul was guiding me towards healing. During my work as a Quantum Hypnosis practitioner, I realised that I was also able to ‘feel' blockages in my client in my own body, and this progressed to me practising and developing my own unique intuitive style of energy healing.

My skills as an intuitive healer continue to improve, and now extend to spirit releasement, addiction release, past life clearing and trauma healing. Chakra upgrades and activations and DNA healing can also be implemented if required.

Being able to ‘channel' is also helpful in my healing work, and it allows people to receive guidance and messages from their Higher Self or other beings where appropriate during a healing session.

I enjoy helping couples with relationship issues, particularly twin flame relationships, and I have worked with both couples and twin flames in separation to help them heal and move forward.

Psychic and Satanic attack is an area I have extensive experience in dealing with, both personally and through my clients. Often these attacks can affect whole families, including the homes they live in. I work mainly with Archangel Michael to tackle these cases.

Although I am certified in QHHT® and Introspective Hypnotherapy‚Ñ¢ past life regression, I no longer offer Quantum Hypnosis as a modality, as there is really nothing I can offer using these modalities that I can't access during intuitive healing sessions.

I am located in East Ayrshire in Scotland and offer my services both in person and through online sessions.







The past life regression lead by Louise was just an amazing experience . Everything that I observed made 100 percent sense with regards to my current life. So simple and yet so powerful. I loved every moment as it made me understand everything that I am struggling with now. I am excited to see what changes are going to happen in my life. Thank you Louise



Louise has a very calming voice which makes you feel relieved and relaxed after spending time with her.


Shirley Gray

Louise has a lovely manner and a very relaxing voice as she expertly guides you through an amazing series of visualisations, past lives, healing experiences and conversations with the Higher Self.
I was so excited about having this session and I wasn’t disappointed..
Absolutely everything that could be covered was covered .
Would highly recommend.



The session I did with Louise was fantastic and without a doubt facilitated a great deal of healing and growth. Louise is very lovely, her demeanour puts you completely at ease and her professionalism in her approach demonstrates her passion and dedication to helping others . The QHHT session covers everything you could think of and more. I really am in awe of the healing Louise did, she worked very hard.
If you feel guided to do a QHHT session absolutely go for it it!



My experience with louise cannot be put into words. I have tried. I would recommend a QHHT session to anyone in a heart beat. The past lives i experienced, finding out who my guid is, feeling myself get over whelmed with emotion when they told me they are proud of me. I was aware of it all and it was body, mind and soul altering. Everyone has noticed the difference in me, those close to me noticed it instantly with just a phone call. I cannot express enough how grateful i am to louise for fitting me in so quickly and being so understanding of everything =) you are an amazing lady louise. Dont think about getting one and dont fear it, just do it and embrace it. Best decision ive made in a long time. X



Louise is a wonderful friendly person very easy to talk to and a deep understanding of what I was going through. Louise explained everything very clearly to me also made me feel very relaxed and comfortable which allowed her to take control . Thank you Louise .



Thanks Louise for the amazing quantum healing session last week. It was totally comprehensive and covered every aspect you could think of in terms of addressing blocks to healing.
I have been doing a lot of personal work over the last few years and this touched on everything I have been looking at. It was a really intense and interesting experience and has consolidated what I have been looking at previously and gave clarity on my life's purpose.
If you are ready to look at all aspects of yourself I would totally recommend.



I visited Louise this week, this was my first experience of hypnosis. I was very nervous and a bit worried it wouldn't work as I am a bit of a control freak! Louise was great, she put me at ease immediately with her relaxing manner and explanation of the process.
I was tucked in with a blanket and made comfortable before we started which made me feel more relaxed. Her voice is very calming and re assuring and she guided me through two past life experiences which revealed some interesting things relating to some of my current health issues. It's already started to help with my anxiety levels and headaches. Listening to my higher self was strange but good and helped with a few things I'd been worrying about. Would definitely recommend you try this and give Louise a shout.



I had a very positive and enlightening session with Louise. It was an amazing experience and I was astonished at the information that came from my higher self I now understand why my life unfolded the way it did and all the negative emotions were released with Louise’s gentle guidance and wisdom. It’s difficult to put into words how liberating I found the whole process. Louise is very skillful at what she does and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.



Loved my session with Louise. Her soft Scottish accent was music to my American ears :) Her energy was very calming and helped me relax. She helped me go through two memories. Moving me around and getting to the meaning of what was being shown. I also visited a future life. I got lots of answers from my higher self and was able to do some healing on my spirit body. She also helped an attachment in my ears go to the light. Would highly recommend if you are looking for clarity, understanding, and direction in your life. Louise is an excellent practitioner with lots of different tools to help.



I can heartily recommend Louise! The session lasted nearly four hours and we covered all that i had asked for.

Definitely cleared some things up for me.

Thanks a lot Louise!


Beth Kuria Hypnosis

I had an awesome session with Louise. Her voice is very calming and gentle. Highly recommend her!


Janie walker ( Janie Walker Therapies)

I was repeating the same old mistakes. Couldn't wear scarves around my neck and claustrophobia was increasing. My stress levels were huge and I could hardly walk for the pain in my knee which I'd had for almost three years. Louise remembered everything I told her about my life which I had already done a lot of work on with Reiki and NLP however there were many things holding me back from moving forward and I was stuck in a rut including having to keep on sorting things out which was taking up all of my time. I was familiar with past life techniques, one or two I'd done with a cd one or two with a past life regressionist. When I had my session with Louise I felt warm and safe lying down on the couch to begin and then I easily fell into hypnosis and had many wonderful experiences which Louise cleaverly helped my tie into my present life. I was impressed with the easy way she conducted the session allowing me to experience this without feeling upset as I had in past sessions with others who weren't professional enough to deal with what I was seeing. I would highly recommend Louise to others interested in healing their lives now. I also experienced a knowledge in Louise of the work I'm trying to do to help people live their lives easier and I found deep compassion and understanding from her for me as I was feeling quite alone in trying to help others. Louise helpes the helpers and I hope I have explained that in a way others can understand, because it was so important for me in my healing to know she understood about being a helper for humanity. I have such gratitude for this lady for this immense work she is doing for the world.



Louise had a challenge with me as a client. I am a Psychotherapist/Clinical Hypnotherapist with many years experience. I am unable to visualise and teach students myself.
Louise conducted an in depth case history with me and used inductions and deepeners more appropriate for someone who cannot visualise. Louise used various techniques throughout the session and managed to help me become more relaxed and in trance than any one has previously.
People who know me this is praise indeed for Louise`s session as I`m a "hard taskmaster"!
I am very grateful to have experienced a QHHT session with Louise and would recommend her.


Debbie Shields

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The Healing & relaxation was very therapeutic & the regression was out of this world. I had all my questions answered & gave me a clearer insight into me & my purpose in life.



Louise has a very calming voice and with her guidance I was put into a very relaxed state of mind. At first we tried to explore my past lives and some images flashed very quickly. As more information came in as messages pop into my mind, I just said out loud whatever came to my mind. I was told my purpose of life by my higher self and shown how to use my energy to heal. My higher-self explained the reason for my digestion problems, healed me with its method and it worked magically! I actually got out of the session with a stomach ache but after releasing a large amount of gas from my bowel, the discomfort was gone instantly. My stomach felt much better the next day. The blockages in my heart and head were also cleared and now I feel joyful with a clearer mind too. The most important thing is that I can heal myself with the methods shown to me although it seemed out of place, something illogical to our conscious mind.
From this session, I learnt that Louise is a gifted practitioner and I would recommend her to anyone who would like to try this type of healing method.


Jackie Day

Prior to our session I had communion with Louise as to what I wanted to get out of the session and I was given an idea of what to expect.
On the day Louise fully explained everything to me and took the time to explore what my expectations were.
I was made to feel very relaxed, and despite my not being fully sure I would be a good candidate for hypnosis, Louise utilised guided meditation and had me fully relaxed and under for the therapy to commence.
Without giving away personal details, there were issues about my past that I was able to revisit, and release the power they held over me. I found the session to be extremely healing, with Louise lifting negative emotions and replacing them with calm and positive energy.
I feel like I have a very different perspective on problems that were troubling me following the experience, which I could not have expected when I initially went.
It’s not really easy to explain fully the benefits of trying out this type of session, however I can say that I feel so much better for it.
Louise is a skilled, ethical practitioner and I would highly recommend her and this form of healing.



I can’t believe the power of hypnosis, it was an amazing experience with Louise. I visited a number of my past life and found the reason that cause my current sickness. At first, I was worried that I was not be able to be hypnotised easily but following the instruction of Louise, my hypnosis went so well and it just took me less than an hour to explore my past life and meet my higher self.
Louise helped me to communicate and release the souls attached to my body, this is incredible. During the section, I can feel the power of my higher self who has boundless potential to answer all my queries and heal me. It is hard to explain the power of the higher self here but the experience had made me believe that there is strong self-healing power within myself. I feel so relieved and my body is so light now. I want to thank Louise helping me explore this secret within myself. A big thanks to her for releasing my body attachments, connecting my higher self and solving all my life problems. It was lovely experience and I strongly recommend Louise to everyone.


Wendy tascione

I had the most amazing hypnosis with Louise! I visited several past lives which directly impacted my current life. Visiting them caused healing and awareness. I LEARNED more about my dog and why she is the way she is. I LEARNED more about my disease morgellons which is A.I. related. I LEARNED i needed more metal detoxing, water with lemon. HYPNOSIS is like the practitioner opens you up to heal your trauma from the inside. I think all people need a series of them for truer healing and self awareness. LOUISE DESPITE MY DOG BARKING THRU OUT YOU STILL MANAGED TO HEAL ME! LOVED THIS! THANK YOU!



My Zoom session with Louise was great! It went very smooth and it was neat that we could connect in this way even though she is in Scotland and me in the US. Her voice was very soothing and she was very kind and patient guide. She was skillful in helping me to relax my conscious mind when it would try to pop in. The lives I visited were a little trippy, much different than I was expecting lol. I learned a lot about the way I get messages, and it helps me to recognize them better when I connect in meditation. It was a really cool experience.



My experience with Louise was 5 star, I was made to feel very comfortable and I relaxed instantly. The session I had with Louise was incredible, she has the most fabulous voice, Louise has a lovely manner and made me feel at ease immediately. I would most definitely recommend Louise to anyone!

For me the session confirmed everything I needed to know.
Thank you, Louise.



During my session with Louise, I was made to feel very relaxed and comfortable. Louise was very professional with the way the session went, I was a bit tense at the beginning unsure how it would go as this was my first ever time doing something like this. Louise helped me to relax, explained everything very clearly to me and made me feel very relaxed and safe. Louise managed to get rid of my phobia of sickness that I have had all my life. I’m very grateful for having the session with Louise and would happily have another.



I truly believe if everyone has gone through a QHHT session, the world would be a greater place. The feelings, the emotions, the imagines you get to see and experience, open up your heart to welcome in devine energy and powers which are beyond any eqivalent while in your human form.
Louise was so patient and professional. She could guide me through the different loops my memories took on. I remain depely thankful for her quick response and her willingness to help me experience this amazing moment in my life.
If you feel like you are stuck and lost like I did, I would highly recommend you to get in contact with her . Connecting with your Higher Self is one of the gratest blessings out there, finding who you are and why you are here would give you peace never seen before ...
Thank you once again Louise, you are a gift to this society,please keep on your amazing work and continue helping people with their awakening!

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