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Address: 19626, Vernier Woods Lane, Spring, Texas, 77379, United States.


Lynne Benton


~ Member Since 2013




December 2020

Lynne is a highly skilled hypnotist. I easily went into a deep trance and received validation of my being a volunteer here on earth as in how Dolores Cannon speaks of the “Three Waves of Volunteers.” Lynne asked for healing for some physical issues I’ve had such as chronic headaches. My headaches have stopped which is a miracle. Also, I live in much more of a state of peace and happiness that I didn’t feel before. I highly recommend her as a hypnotist.



December 2020

The QHHT session was extremely successful. I felt completely safe. Lynne did a great job at guiding me into a trance where all my questions were answered. She worked hard to get lengthy answers for my questions. I gained information I didn’t know which has helped me to move forward on my path here. This is a 5-star hypnotist for sure! Thank you so much!



December 2019

I really loved my session with Lynne.
Her office was calm and serene, Lynne herself has a sweet disposition that makes you feel comfortable before going into the QHHT. She takes her time answering your questions after the session which, to me, is an added bonus.

Definitely recommend Lynne and will be back to see her.


Alyssa Culpepper

July 2019

Lynne was very informative and communicative when we first spoke on the phone about the session and again when I came to the session. She spoke about stories that she had experienced and told me how the session was going to go. I spoke briefly when it came to explaining my questions.
Once we got to the session it was not working out. I was able to visualize something as she spoke in the initial bit of the session, but unfortunately we never got to the past lives, we didnt get the questions answered. She could not put me in trance again. She warned me not to listen to the USB until I got home. To be quite honest I was upset I had spent $300 on a faulty session so I haven't tried to listen to the USB until today, it did not work. She did warn me this would happen with a MAC.
So I came away with not much from the session, not even the USB, and $300 out of my pocket. Not a great experience for me, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be for you. She did offer for me to come back in August although she said she fills up fast so she isnt sure if she would be able to book me, the only reason why she got me in on the day I got was because someone cancelled by saying their car broke down. I had called her about two weeks prior. Not sure if she remembers that.
I would double check if you want to spend that money on something like this. It was a waste of time for me.


Lynne Benton-Quantum Healing HypnosisQHHT

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