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Mari Beckman, Psychic


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Mari Beckman is a psychic, medium, master galactic and celestial light-coder, channel, author, teacher and host of the “Metaphysical Meltdown” podcast in Lancaster, PA.

“I am a direct channel of Spirit and the higher self. During a session, I tap into your energetic field and scan the body, mind, spirit and emotions to understand what is most important to work on. Through your higher self, we work with your guides to clear blockages and access lifetime and timeline issues. I use mediumship and an original light-coding system to clear and balance as well as bring forth understanding of your origins and strengths.”

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The Abundance Activation Overlay

My first activation overlay is on abundance. There are 11 more to come. "The Art of Your Energy"

Energetic Recalibration

Post October & November Energies

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