Meniyka Kiravell

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Office Phone: +1-858-652-0799
Consultation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: Phone, email or my website
Available Hours: Most days by appointment. Hours: generally between 9am-7pm
Payment Options: Credit Card, Zelle, Venmo, Paypal and Cash. Akashic Record Readings: $100 (1 hr) Energy Clearing, Manifest & Meditate: $150 (1.5 hrs) Deliberate Manifesting Coaching Session: $150 (1.5 hrs) QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session: $350 (4 hrs) *All sessions are available online over Zoom, with the exception of QHHT*
Languages: English

Address: West Bloomfield Township, Michigan, United States.


Meniyka Kiravell

Deliberate Manifesting

~ Member Since 2023

I’m Meniyka, a practical heart-centered life coach, healer and artist based out of Michigan. I help everyday people struggling with limiting beliefs and old patterns get unstuck, breakthrough and expand their consciousness.

My greatest passion is to empower each and every one of us to step into our true potential and live our lives with greater harmony, enthusiasm, clarity and joy.

I specialize in channeling the Akashic Records for individuals as well as transformation at the deepest levels through deliberate manifesting, energy clearing & hypnosis. My coaching, akashic record readings & energy clearing sessions are one-on-one breakthrough experiences offered in person or remotely over video. Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions are in person half-day sessions that offer same day relief and transformation physically, emotionally and mentally.


Certified in QHHT, NLP, EFT and accredited as a Holistic Healing Practitioner.

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