Merrily R. Milmoe

We are unlimited masters playing at the illusion of limitation for all that it adds to our evolutionary growth to go on and be benevolent co-creators

Office Phone: 510-410-8717
Consulation Type: In Person
Contact Method: email
Available Hours: Generally only available to see people on Sundays at my office.
Payment Options: cash or check only
Languages: English

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Address: 87, East Blithedale Avenue, Mill Valley, California, 94941, United States.


Merrily R. Milmoe

~ Member Since 2013

I was the first in northern california to have a one-stop shop holistic cneter called Healing Arts Studio that evolved into eleven practitioners providing multiple modalities for optimized healing. I have also been a researcher for 43 years in 12 different topics about 4 hrs. a night. One of my biggest passions is helping people to remember Who they really are and the Big picture view. Right now is the most important time in earth’s history and I am very excited about it.


CMT, LYT, QHHT practitioner


2 world championships


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