Pedro Frias

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Office Phone: 96 126 5831
Consulation Type: Online, In Person
Languages: English, Portuguese

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Address: 31a, Quinta dos Poços, Ferragudo, Faro, 8400, Portugal.


Pedro Frias

~ Member Since 2016

I was born with a feeling in my heart. I had to discover "something". When I was 20 I started to read and study. My first reads on Kryon and the ascended masters, along with the series from Neyle Donald Walsh: "Conversations with God" took me to a diferent level of understanding. 

Many hours were dedicated to understand esoteric sciences and I also developed an hability to "listen" from above and with that resourse and help I learn so much more.

Later one, the courses in Hypnosis and QHHT that help me take clients a step further in this evolution. 


Clinical Hypnosis / Transpersonal Hypnosis / QHHT / EFT / Spiritual Coaching



Irina Nola

February 2022

I had a session with Pedro a while ago in Portugal, he has a very unique skillset - not just taking you into past lives, but also 'rescripting" them in case of major trauma, and reconnecting with a positive timeline. This is great for healing. He also does a lot of traditional hypnosis for quitting smoking or other issues, he is a great person and a musician, very easy to talk to and work with. He is fluent in English.

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