Sandra Akkermans

Office Phone: 0031 6510 69 209
Mobile Phone: 0031 6510 69 209
Consultation Type: Online, In Person
Best Contact Method: Email
Available Hours: 10 am - 6 pm (GMT +1) Central European time
Payment Options: IDEAL, Bancontact, Paypal, Creditcard, Sofort
Languages: English, Dutch

Time Zone: (GMT +1) Central European time

Address: 45C, Kampenringweg, Gouda, Zuid-Holland, 2803 PE, Nederland.


Sandra Akkermans

QHHT Nederland


~ Member Since 2016

Meet Sandra Akkermans, a beacon of light on the journey of spiritual awakening. As a dedicated hypnosis practitioner, Sandra guides seekers through the depths of their subconscious, helping them unlock hidden truths and embrace their path to ascension.

Sandra is a Exectutive Contributor for Brainz Magazine, a certified Hypnosis practitioner fopr Alba Weinman’s Introspective Hypnosis technique, Soul Fragmentation and QHHT level 2. And also a certified Galactic Akashic reader. But Sandra’s impact extends far beyond her sessions. With a YouTube channel, Instagram and Tiktok channel and 700+ mesmerizing hypnosis sessions, and 1000+ readings her reach knows no bounds. She also organises monthly free online hypnosis sessions with a large group of like minded individuals. 

Sandra’s unique approach, delves into the recesses of the mind to release past traumas and emotional burdens. Drawing from her extensive training under luminaries like Dolores Cannon and Alba Weinman and Debbie Solaris, she crafts a safe space for healing and transformation.

Her certifications in several Past Life Technique, coupled with her mastery of ceremonial guidance, equip her to navigate the complexities of the human psyche with grace and compassion.

If you’re ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing, reach out to Sandra Akkermans via her website, Your spiritual awakening awaits.


QHHT Level 2 completed over 700 sessions
Introspectve Hypnosis completed over 400 sessions
Galactic Akashic readings completed over 300 sessions

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Executive contributor Brainz Magazine


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