Judi Ceynowa

I love the phrase “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you will get”. What a wonderful metaphor for life, our journey, and our healing. The key is to believe that wherever you are is where you need to be. This is about learning to trust there is a greater force in motion going far beyond our human comprehension. Science is now catching up in their realization of this understanding. We are far greater than the sum of our experiences. Just like the pieces of chocolate in the box, each piece makes up the whole box. This is true about life… Each of us is a key and important piece of the whole whether we believe this or not. Moreover, our journey is to bring each piece of ourselves back to the wholeness of who we are, and we cannot do that without looking within and understanding ourselves more deeply. This, in turn, ripples out creating wholeness in our waking world and strengthening and healing our family lineage. Everything connects and your journey will not be like another’s journey. It will be exactly what is needed and right for you. This is called “The hero’s/heroine's journey” as Joseph Campbell coined it. My personal and professional journey has naturally led me to my next step as a QHHT practitioner. I have personally done extensive shadow, historical, and family trauma work, and some multi-dimensional healing throughout my years. I have worked with clients who were injured in auto accidents, educated, and counseled clients on domestic/family violence, and assisted and supported clients in understanding and healing trauma, both family and historical trauma passed down. I too am a survivor and have utilized what I know personally in helping others. I am an awakened soul/awakening soul believing that the possibilities are endless for personal/professional growth and expansion. My background in energy healing such as Reiki and massage along with my intuitive abilities help to enhance my work as a practitioner. I continue to learn more about hypnosis and assisting those in healing trauma or whatever is needed to improve their lives and quality of life. Whether it is to learn about yourself through past lives, stop addictions, heal, break historical and trauma patterns that sabotage you in your life, fears, or even having been an (ET) Experiencer this modality if you're open can change your life! *******Thank you for choosing me to support and assist you on the next step of your journey! Many blessings

Office Phone: 1-916-908-9222
Mobile Phone: same
Consultation Type: In Person
Best Contact Method: Email
Available Hours: Sundays and Tuesdays
Payment Options: Venmo or cash
Languages: English

Address: Carmichael, California, United States.


Judi Ceynowa

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