Tara Kiprik

Each of us holds the answers within; the key is beginning the dialogue with ourselves and recognizing that the solutions we seek are already within our grasp, eliminating the need to look outside for what we already possess.

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Address: Lyman, South Carolina, United States.


Tara Kiprik

Cosmic Connections

Quantum Healer

~ Member Since 2024

I offer in-person QHHT sessions, in Lyman, SC (halfway between Greenville and Spartanburg) for those seeking profound healing and self-discovery. Additionally, I conduct Quantum Healing, Past Life Regression, and Body Insight (or Soul Speak) sessions online via Zoom for your convenience.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a holistic healing technique that taps into the subconscious mind to address physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. It involves deep relaxation and visualization, allowing clients to access their inner wisdom and find resolutions to various challenges.

Quantum Healing sessions can be tailored to connect with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Future Self, Inner Child; move energy and release trauma within the body or chakras; or address specific spiritual or emotional blocks.

Past Life Regression delves into past incarnations, exploring how past experiences may be influencing current life patterns. It can bring clarity, healing, and a deeper understanding of one’s purpose and relationships.

Body Insight (or Soul Speak) sessions help individuals connect with their bodies to gain a deeper understanding of illnesses and dis-eases. These sessions offer profound insights into the body’s messages, facilitating healing and promoting overall well-being.

Many find these sessions helpful because they provide a safe space for introspection, healing, and transformation. Whether you seek emotional healing, spiritual growth, or wish to understand and heal physical ailments, a session with me can provide valuable insights and empowerment.

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