Sandra Akkermans

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Office Phone: 0031 6 510 69 209
Consultation Type: In Person
Contact Method: Email
Available Hours: aprox 2500 hours
Payment Options: Cash, creditcard, IDEAL, pin, paypal, MisterCash, Sofort etc etc..
Languages: English, Dutch

Address: 1, Gilze-Rijenhof, Nootdorp, Zuid-Holland, 2631 LB, Netherlands.

Sandra Akkermans

QHHT Nederland


~ Member Since 2017

About me

I am Sandra de Bruin Akkermans certified QHHT® (Dolores Cannon) and Introspective Hypnosis Practitioner (Antonio Sangio and Alba Weinman).

From an early age I helped people with healing with energy, tarot cards, 'cleaning' unwanted energies from homes and giving readings through mediumship (spirits and psychometrics). I have followed various courses to develop my skills in mediumship, including the Mediumship training at John Johnson in Delft. I have always been looking for an authentic way to help people. I am down-to-earth, and honest.

I am interested in everything about reincarnation, the ascention, hybrids, 'abductions', different dimensions, parallel universes, portals, aliens, UFOs, multidimensional beings etc. My role here on earth is to bridge the gap between dimensions and help with the ascention of course. QHHT and Introspective hypnosis helps to fulfill my mission here!

I was very impressed with the book by Barbara Lamb, Meet the Hybrids. I have also read the book written by Sherry Wild, the forgotten promise, and have read many books by Dolores Cannon, such as Keepers of the Garden and Between Life and death. And the book by Julia Cannon, Soul Speak! I am also very interested in 'the law of one'.

I encountered the QHHT® method at the right time in my life. It is part of my mission to help people with this

QHHT is a very pure and honest form of help / healing. In the time that I have left, I like to listen to the videos of Alba Weinman. Alba Weinman has posted a lot of great videos in which she shares her customers' session on YouTube. These sessions are so intriguing and there is so much to learn from. Even if it is the message intended for that person, you will be amazed at what you get out of it yourself!

Of course I could not wait until I could undergo a session myself. My first session was very educational. A great and special experience that I still think about a lot. For me all puzzle pieces have fallen into place and I even know my life lesson and life purpose! In November 2018 I had a session with Alba Weinman. This session will soon be online. Again it was very informative and answered many questions for me.

My life's goal lies with QHHT® and Introspective Hypnosis, helping people and gathering information that is presented in this way.

Are you as curious as I am and do you want a session?


QHHT Cetrification and Introspective Hypnosis


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