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Address: 3, R527, Limerick, County Limerick, , Ireland.

Siobhan Ní Mhaille

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A Chara! Welcome Friend,

My name is Siobhán and I’m Irish, living in Ireland, a Celtic empathic Woman connected to the land, my Celtic wisdom, and Fae family. From a young age I awoke, I contained a strong sense of connection to source/God/Jesus/Love whichever you may want to call it. I'm a naturally awakened empath since childhood, over time I embarked on the journey of the inner world where the shadow self resides and shows itself to us for healing, as ultimately we are here to heal and be healed. I connected the internal heart-mind to the environment around me and further into the outer realms of space and time. I knew there was life or existence beyond what I was told to believe by my human family.

Through training in different healing modalities, I noticed the health benefits to the overall wellbeing of myself, friends, and animal kin when applying different energy techniques to aid challenges that appear. But it was not until I discovered AURA and RAAH therapy techniques that I knew so many pieces of the puzzle of life's unanswered questions formed together.


UNITY in my energy field, PEACE within and without were two bountiful results I received through receiving the teachings of Aurora Rising Phoenix alchemy teachings.

This alchemizing of my higher self is the complete gift that any of us can receive and of which I look forward to being able to bring this forward for you and many, many others who so ask for it. 

AURA Hypnosis is a Quantum healing modality encompassing total integration for the mind, body, and soul. Through performing deep energy work using alchemy symbols first and then inducing hypnosis, a deep, clear connection is developed with the Higher self which continues long after the healing.

How do AURA Hypnosis and past life regression help?

By connecting intently to your higher self  it helps define your purpose in life, by connecting with the relevant past experience to bring the greatest amount of awareness into your life and answering the many questions you can prepare before having the session. Energy blocks are located and removed allowing vast amounts of high-frequency angelic light to enter where it couldn't access before.

What to expect from a session:

After making your appointment I will email you ways to prepare for your Hypnosis session to optimize for the best possible results. Plan on 4/5 hrs for the entire process. Don’t make any other plans on the day of your session. Make sure that you have a quiet environment so your subconscious can give you the experiences and healing that you need. 

 First there is the consultation so we can set the intention for what you are wanting in the session. Your session will be recorded for later viewing and if you want to share it with others. During the session, you must be alone because having someone else’s energy in the room will interfere with the session so it is not allowed. You will feel safe and comfortable during the session. The higher self makes sure of this. Approach the session with a sense of wonder. Be curious and trust in the process. The information in the session is strictly confidential. It is up to you what you share afterward. 


Please wear light-colored clothing and wear a microphone/ and or headphones or placing your phone close to you,  because under hypnosis your voice may be quiet and hard to hear. If you have selenite you can place it on your right side and black tourmaline or a grounding crystal to your left side. Pick a comfortable place either your bed or a recliner that is in a quiet place. It is common to feel groggy and a bit dizzy afterward which usually goes away in ten minutes. Drinking water is essential. Avoid demanding activity and No driving for the rest of the day.    


After your session: I will email you information about shielding your energy and ways to optimize your healing afterwards. Your session will be emailed  to you and it is recommended to watch it for further healing. There will be information that you forgot about as well. Ground yourself with healthy food.    Maintaining a high vibration gives you the best healing results.                              

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and I do not diagnose. This is a self healing modality and the results vary from person to person. The spiritual healing comes from the clients higher self and is voluntary.



Lets get to Living

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I am here to connect you to you, to heal and serve. Lets Begin????????


Qualified AURA and RAAH Hypnosis practitionerDiploma in KinesiologyBio REsonance Testing Tera Mai ReikiVogel Herbal Medicine Certified




April 2021

Siobh√°n was everything she needed to be to facilitate the most amazing healing for me and the land where I live. Many beautiful insights and changes that will take me an age to realise. Thoroughly recommended! Bless you and your work Siobh√°n!



February 2021

I am still processing my A.U.R.A session with Siobh√°n. I was anxious at the start but Siobh√°n calm, peaceful, non-judgmental and authentic and demeanour instantly put me at ease and made me feel safe.The whole experience from start to finish was incredibly powerful. With Siobh√°n guidance I was able to heal a traumatic event in my life and for this I am extremely grateful. This experience was priceless to me and I highly recommend getting a session from Siobhan. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts, knowledge and for holding sacred space for me. Looking forward to more sessions with you in the future. Forgot to mention that since our session my craving for cigarettes has reduced immensely.



October 2020

I had a wonderful experience with Siobh√°n as my practitioner over the course of our AURA sessions. Siobhan is evidently a natural healer and is strongly empathic. I could not have asked for a better healer to help guide me on my own healing journey. She explained everything I was to expect before the session and made me feel at ease. I feel that I gained a lot from our session and have made huge progress that I couldn't have done on my own. Siobh√°n offers the best guidance and healing for anyone who is looking for a helping hand on their own spiritual journey.



September 2020

I found Siobhan through following Aurora Quezada. I found on the leas up to the session the blockages were beginning to a breakthrough in my meditations. She put me at ease and the 5 hours passed like a few minutes.



August 2020

I received an aura hypnosis session from Siobhan a few weeks ago and have already seen the benefits of her amazing healing abilities by different positive experiences occurring since the healing session. Aura hypnosis is a very deep
and effective healing session and Siobhan is a natural born empath and unique healer with an amazing ability to heal at the deepest level. Siobhan has a fantastic ability to listen and tune into your individual healing needs. I would highly recommend an aura hypnosis healing session with Siobhan.

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