Sally Tarquinio

You never lived as yourself. Human beings spend most of their lives being nothing but not-self.  There are very few exceptions. This is our world. - Ra Uru Hu "The new world needs you to live as Self!" ~Starquin

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Sally Tarquinio

Sovereignty Through Heart-Felt Presence

Intuitive, Activator, Liberator, Quantum Healer, Human Design Guide, & Engineer

~ Member Since 2018

About Starquin ♥️

Healing healers in all walks of life.  Shifting consciousness with fusion of science and the etheric.

Spontaneously evolving & transcending limitations for those simply in her field at the right time. ¬†Empowering those with the courage to feel, who take responsibility that everything happens FOR us, and seek to embody their Essense through experiential awareness. ¬†Providing practical, relatable, compassionate, tough love to quicken deconditioning of the Not Self, for you to radiate your unique frequency in ease, joy & grace…


Giving the body what it needs to heal itself from the inside out – physical, energetic/emotional, mental, intuitive/multiverse & spiritual support for rapid & sustainable transfomation (aka remembrance).

Services offered:

♥️ Sovereignty Thru Heart-Felt Presence sessions
♥️ Human Design Foundation & Applying Your Design in Daily Life sessions
Discover Who You Are & Life Purpose
♥️ Radiance sessions
♥️ 30 Days of Blessing Balls

♥️ Connecting Sacred Sites Within

♥️ Medical Intuitive Reading
♥️ BioEnergetic Assessments

♥ Mentorship
♥️ Masterclasses
♥️ Healthy parents provide space for healthy children

Opening Channels; Deconditioning & Detox Programs ¬†… Individual 1-on-1 sessions

Accelerated Awakening; Living Your Purpose/Self-Mastery Programs¬†… Group &/or 1-on-1 sessions

Including METRICS of the HEART

Heart metrics help us understand where we are with respect to our conscious intentions, the imprints we’ve chosen for this life (including life purpose & mission), and where we are getting in our own way. They differentiate us living as Self vs. Not Self. ¬†They reflect our daily life.

When used in conjunction with a Sovereignty Session, can be a tool for experientially knowing the frequency of being grounded, connected to Source… (At least 90% functioning is needed for us to reliably count on a metric.) Touchpoints to experiencing “wholeness”, an increased capacity (frequency) where we get our own insights and remember who we are/why we are here.¬†A means to calm down the mind & for it to step aside, as it is unable to comprehend higher consciousness.¬† And become more honest in your self-investigations.

The body is a flow system; disease is a result of toxic load in the body, nutritional deficiencies, and emotional & physical shock/trauma. Based on your intentions & The DESIGN OF THE BODY (TM), I eavesdrop in on the communications system of the body to find what it needs to heal itself, top-down & from the inside out — the way the body developed.

An invitation to experience the simplicity & power of SOVEREIGNTY THROUGH HEART-FELT PRESENCE, and know your own Truth

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be? Radiant health, a fulfilling career, loving relationships, financial abundance, a recurring situation resolved, the freedom & ease to be you?

I create sacred space for those with the courage to fully feel the incongruencies in your body to manifesting this longing. Entraining compassionate, heart-felt presence. Raising your frequency for expanded awareness.

Guiding you first to do what you need in order to be: grounded, in heart presence, connected to Source & allowing (each key to manifestation). Feeling the difference compared to how you were.  For some people, just this is a huge transformational experience!  Feeling embodied for the first time in a long time.

I invite you to feel more fully. Feel what comes up in your body. Guidance suggests areas for me to tap into to stir up your juices. I invite you to feel even deeper, asking open-ended questions based on your intentions and what I feel, see, hear, & know from tapping into your Innate and from Source. You notice your focused attention brings up certain energies, colors, sensations & messages. Eventually you fully feel your pain, become aware how ridiculous the beliefs you were programmed to believe are, transmute & integrate them, restore flow. I then invite you to explore & transmute the initial shock/trauma (from early childhood, or the most relevant “past” or parallel life) so you no longer need to magnetize similar traumatic situations in order to heal ancient, core wounds. Or invite you to pull into your current life what your “future” higher-frequency Self has realized & has already achieved what you seek.

You begin to know experientially that you have all you need already inside you. Alchemize the shadow side you took on to transmute for yourself, family, ancestors, culture… No longer rely on something outside yourself, or create what someone else tells you is best (takes energy to live someone else’s life).¬†Learn to shift perceptions using your sensations & geometric expressions in the present moment to remember who you are, why you are here, manifest the joy you truly want.


‚ô•Ô∏è”Sally (Starquin) is the real deal! ¬†She brings colors never seen before except in God’s own garden.” ¬†- C.H.

‚ô•Ô∏è“MY EXPERIENCE WITH SALLY has been the most lasting & transformative session I've ever done with an intuitive. We began with grounding & I breathed in the sense of the sacred space which she had created. It felt safe, rooted & open to possibility.

Sally led me to where I could visualize & feel the place of trauma inside me. As we gently explored this, she began to offer ways I could start to encompass my feelings – in visualization & as feeling in the body. It was like being handed a toolbox with all the right tools to begin enacting change within.

I've worked over the years with both intuitives & clinical therapists, & often found that sessions open some energetic doors… but soon afterward, I lose the sense of it and forget much of what felt within reach during the session. Sally helped me to more deeply & physically feel and own the work of our sessions. I have much more easily retained the sense of release & empowerment that I received.” ¬†- Linda.¬†

‚ô•Ô∏è”I HAVE KNOWN SALLY for many years and have watched as she has honed unique abilities to help one on their journey to health & well-being. ¬†The dynamic balance between keen logic & developed intuition allows Sally to see many facets of a person and also come up with quick solutions for their growth. ¬†I received guidance with my Human Design chart which aided me in understanding my strengths & weaknesses from an objective viewpoint, making self understanding a much easier task.” ¬†- J. E.

‚ô•Ô∏è”I spent over 35 years seeking knowledge about who I am & why I am here, how to achieve vibrant health, how to be embodied & aligned… Looking for answers from this & that religion, a multitude of¬†spiritual¬†teachers & programs, an extensive list of practitioners who all encourage their version of looking within for answers. Sally is the only one I know who insists on & enables an experiential knowing that all I need is already within me. When I am gifted with her insights & knowledge, it just feels like this vast, loving, familiar embrace. Or the kick in the butt that I needed to shift my perspective & remember who I am. Much gratitude! My life has changed for the positive in so many ways! My health, my relationships, being ok in my own skin, consciously responding to life vs. simply reacting… And oh how I wish Sally would be sharing herself with the rest of the world. She will blow you away. Thank you Sally!!” ¬† ~ Karen


Human Design System: a synthesis of Ancient Wisdom [ie, astrology,  I-Ching, Kabbalah] & advanced physics/biology/chemistry, and life verified.

Splenic Manifesting Generator 1/3 Investigator/ Martyr with a Right Angle Incarnation Cross of Laws

Aware that everything can be different in the next moment. Becoming wise in how laws work, as always testing & retesting, knowing that laws can become outdated or simply not apply anymore. As gates/channels are embodied by waiting to respond & then inform others if splenic center says yes, Starquin:

Fuels awareness, challenges old paradigms & beliefs, shares what works (& not works) that saves time, expense & suffering for those who ask. Shares, uplifts, empowers others. Not here to simply improve – Starquin mutates/evolves & transcends limitations for herself & those in her field.

Her four Incarnation Cross gates (the Sun & Earth gates imprint 70% of our Design & Personality):

GATE 3: ¬† Gate of Ordering. Evolution is Generated & Empowered. ¬† SURVIVAL.¬†¬†An innate knowing of what is sterile & what is fertile in their various manifestations (biological &/or dependent on collaboration with others). ¬†Harmonic energy to deal with limitations. Creating the pressure needed to evolve into form. ¬†Critical to wait for right timing of releases of potential & structures needed for true evolution to settle into place. Anyone who steps in your aura, at the right time, can be changed just by being in your presence — a spontaneous, quantum shift in frequency/ evolutionary transmutation on a genetic level.

GATE 60. ¬†Gate of Acceptance. ¬†The Pulsing Pressure to Evolve. ACCEPTANCE. ¬†Acceptance of limitation is the first step in transcendence. ¬†It is the “space between” where evolution takes place. ¬†Evolution is released in limited amounts. ¬†You cannot change what you cannot accept. ¬†If impatient with the unpredictable process of Evolution & feel you cannot affect change around you, look inward. Accept the mystery of this process & trust transformation is occurring within you, & because of you, in the world around you. Gate 3, sister gate of your¬†Channel of Evolution¬†¬†(an individual, knowing circuit), plays a key role in bringing order to the potential chaos that comes with evolution, helping you feel able to move forward.

GATE 56. ¬†Gate of Stimulation. ¬†The Storyteller. QUALITY.¬† Stability through movement. ¬†The practical sense that even short-term activity should be of value. ¬†Expression of practical ideas that have value. An idea is not a solution or a call to action, but a journey over time designed to stimulate the formation of our ideals & beliefs. It’s natural for you to find ideas through many diverse experiences that may take you all over the world.

GATE 50. ¬†Gate of Values. ¬†Guarding & Maintaining the Tribe. ADAPTABILITY.¬† When unable to make it alone, you will naturally align with nurturing & protective forces. ¬†The awareness that to maintain one’s principles/values, the support of others is necessary. Your task is to be cognizant of which values, laws or rules safeguard how the Tribe cares for its own. Your instinctual awareness scrutinizes which are corrupt or unjust, unnecessary or self-serving, or need to be challenged & changed — your way of caring for & nurturing every aspect of life within the Tribe.

Other Channels:

Channel of Talent  (a collective, logic circuit):  Represents communicating with enthusiasm the intuitive correct expression of Mastery, achieved by blending Talent with repetition over time, bringing practical solutions to the world. This channel has no direct access to energy.  The talent & mastery have to be recognized by others when timing is right. (Why shows/exhibitions are important for artists of all types Рthey have to be seen.)

Channel of Exploration  (an individual, centering circuit):  A design of following your convictions. Empowering others simply by being the purest expression of the self (being & responding). Includes Gate of Power, the busiest & most powerful Human Design gate. Its impressive source of energy empowers us toward individuation, displaying & celebrating our uniqueness in the world.

Channel of Judgment (a collective, logic circuit):  Gate of Correction allows you to perceive what is “off” in a pattern & great for any kind of diagnostic work.  Paired with Gate of Vitality Рthe pressure to perfect life to make things better. Contains the intuitive & energetic ability to make things correct in order to create a perfect expression of the joy of life. Life force focused on providing energy for experimentation that fuels this awareness of patterns that need perfecting or not, & sharing to ensure a safe future for humanity. You are a tremendous asset to those ready to hear the corrections you offer.  Thus, it serves best when others ask for it.

ABOUT Starquin from her Perspective

Supporting strong, aware women/men who just need a nudge for peak performance or those with chronic dis-ease, to listen to their body’s plea to live in alignment with who they are, have the courage to fully feel, take responsibility that something good happens from everything in their life (life happens for you – not to you), & are open to compassionate “tough-love” if needed.

Dedicated to creating sacred space, so it does NOT need to take 7-14 years to cellularly decondition the Not-Self once you start living your strategy & inner authority that the Human Design System states. Sacred space for you to entrain to heart-felt presence, fully feel & observe what you perceive blocks your deepest longing & connect with Source to receive what you need to shift the blocks & spontaneously evolve, revive the body’s life force, remember who you are & why you are here, reclaim your sovereignty, and share your unique abilities with joy, ease & grace.


“May your dreams not come true, may your hopes not be fulfilled, as they are based on what you know.” The highest potentials manifest “exploring possibilities that have never been touched or reached before.”

The worst thing that can happen to you is to be an unused life. Whatever your capabilities, you must stretch them to the limit and a little beyond.”¬†

“There is a difference between a genuine spiritual process and spiritual entertainment. I have decided I will not enter entertainment business.”

“If all your energies are focused in one direction, enlightenment is not far away. ¬†After all, what you are seeking is already within you.”

~ Sadhguru    

DISCLAIMER: Information you receive from any & all services, communications or consultations with Starquin is for educational purposes only and is not intended to, nor should it take the place of any medical, financial, traditional psychological, or other professional advice. The choices you make & the actions you take are solely your responsibility. You agree to completely hold blameless & absolutely indemnify Starquin from any & all liabilities & expenses.


Extensive experience researching complex systems issues, putting pieces of puzzle into an integrated whole using a balance of logic and intuition. Over 30 years in energy healing, metaphysical & processing groups (that kept me sane :=). And then finally remembering the heart is the key to getting out of my own way and connecting deeply to Source & miracles.

B.S. Engineering/Operations Research
M.S, Information Management
International College of BioEnergetic Medicine
Certified Medical Intuitive (S Mayo)
Emotional CPR (Dr L Wooley)
Dynamic Body Balancing (Dr Carol Philips)
Autonomic Response Testing (Dr Klinghardt)
Isha Institute of Inner Sciences (Sadhguru)
SevenOaks Pathworks – 5 yr program
Traditional Acupuncture Inst Sophia – 1 yr program

Lyme Dis-ease (my greatest spiritual gift)
Includes co-infections, heavy metals/chemical toxicity, mold, hypercoagulation, methylation/ detoxification issues, electro-hypersensitivity, & autoimmunity




November 2020

Sally is so much the REAL DEAL. Wisdom & comfort just flow through her emails & it’s so much appreciated! She provides a safe & accepting space within which I feel welcome for who I am, in her workshops & private sessions. Priceless! I’ve been to many health workers, all fields, over the last 35 years and haven’t found A PLACE THAT I COULD BRING ALL OF ME until Sally. What a gift she offers! Ultimately the “hunting & pecking” with this body worker, that workshop, these practitioners, that we hope will lead us to that accepting place is really dragging out the process as it’s more avoidance than work. (My conclusion after I finally stopped all the nonsense & got honest with myself that I was looking for the quick fix, something easy & not too drawn out.) I feel so much better having dropped running in circles. Yes, working with Sally costs money, but IT’S A CHOICE OF WANTING TO FEEL GOOD FOR A DAY or FEEL GOOD FOR LIFE. -- Karen



April 2020

As other reviews have stated, Sally is infact the REAL DEAL. Her wisdom, love and empathy for not only you, but humanity is inspiring and the truest form of love. I have worked with Sally for human design and healing sessions. For the time and heart that goes into this life changing experience, it is an extraordinary value and deal! She helped me feel safe in myself and work through illusions that were preventing me in becoming a better version of myself. Even when I am not physically working with Sally, I hear her, sense her and feel her support flowing and gently allowing space for me. Though the words are tough to convey exactly what happens through our time together, the best way I can describe it is multidimensional, vivid, ever-evolving, ever flowing and life changing. The investment with Sally is a benefit to the "past, present and future" self!
Thank you for EVERYTHING, Sally!!


Irina Nola

April 2020

I had a session with Sally for some physical problems, and it was a very interesting experience. Some issues from my childhood came up. She was navigating me in a light trance state using her psychic abilities. I felt better after the session. The session pinpointed some of my shortcomings and lessons I need to learn.

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