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Come with me on a Quantum Healing journey to unlock your hidden potential.

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Julie Jones

Quantum healing with Julie Jones

Quantum Healing QHHT and Soul Speak practitioner

~ Member Since 2021

Come with me on a Quantum healing journey. Discover all the answers you seek are right within you. Let me guide you around your ego and any blocks you may have. Together we will enable the other parts of you to speak. These other parts know everything about you. Allow these parts of you to reveal the reasons for your physical ailments, and any problems you have in your life.

What is Quantum healing? Quantum healing is a holistic approach to healing that aims to address not only physical conditions but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person. It is based on the principles of quantum physics, which state that everything is made up of energy and that certain techniques can be used to alter and improve the energy flow within the body.

Quantum healing involves accessing and directing a person’s own internal healing energy to promote well-being and restore health by removing blockages or imbalances at the energetic level.

The goal of quantum healing is to activate the body’s natural healing mechanisms and restore the body’s energy flow, thus addressing the root cause of the illness or ailment. It is not just about treating symptoms but aims to provide a comprehensive healing experience that can improve a person’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. By accessing a deeper level of consciousness and understanding the interconnectedness of all things, quantum healing offers a unique approach to holistic healing that can enhance overall well-being.

Are you tired of feeling bad in your body, your career or in your personal relationships? Or are you looking to unlock the excellence you know you possess? Together we can join forces. You are an expert of your own life. I am a provider of tools, let’s work together. We will find the winning combination for you. You are the one in the driver seat. You will find compassion, comfort and healing here, in this safe space.


Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner (NLP)

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner (QHHT) Level 2

Certified Metaphysical and Spiritual Advisor



Nikiya Tucker

May 2024

Julie was absolutely amazing!!! She was very respectful and endearing making the therapeutic conversation of revisiting my past and traumatic experiences easy and I didn’t feel apprehensive or triggered in any way. It felt just like I was talking with an old friend I haven’t seen in a long time. Her compassionate approach gave me the space to feel safe and understood. The Hypnotherapy session was intense and chocked full of information that allowed me to fill in the gaps of understanding about my core motivations and why I’m so stubborn which is funny because my past life revealed that I died as a result of not wanting to give up my free will to live freely and on my terms, which explains my feast or famine approach in this current lifetime. I was also able to cure the pains in my body, chest and lungs as a result of healing session so my subconscious mind was all hands in and trusted Julie which made for an excellent and insightful healing session. It was life altering and I got my instructions for my life’s work so I’m ready to move forward victoriously!!!



August 2023

Julie was absolutely terrific. This was my first time experiencing hypnosis; she walked me through what i would go through and definitely set me at ease. She helped me regress to two past lives—an extraordinary moment for me. I highly recommend Julie to anyone interested in a journey of growth and exploration. She truly brings compassion, insight, and great skill to this work.


Lynda Provenz

January 2023

From the moment Julie and I started communicating with each other, I felt an instant connection. It's important with QHHT sessions that you feel comfortable and safe with your practitioner, and Julie definitely makes you feel that way. She is very knowledgeable of spiritual ways and I loved discussing so many different aspects of life before we even got started with the QHHT session. I learned a lot about myself and I'm continuing to do so. QHHT is not a once and done thing. It's but one tool you can use on your spiritual journey. I will be back for a second session to pick up where we left off. I highly recommend Julie. She is very caring and responsive and follows up to see how you are doing.



December 2022

This is my first QHHT experience and I am so grateful it was done with Julie! She took the time needed to understand what I wanted from my session and explain the process. Her positive energy, caring and welcoming approach made me feel comfortable to talk about my life experiences, which helped me to relax and deeply connect to my higher self.
Julie is a beautiful enlightened soul! She is knowledgeable and passionate about helping people to go through their journey and evolve as a soul. I highly recommend her!


Crystal The Pistol

November 2022

This was my first time experiencing QHHT. Julie does a great job explaining the process. She has a warm and loving persona. She creates a safe environment and provides ease through the process. I was able to walk away with more clarity and direction. I highly recommend Julie.



October 2022

This was my first QHHT session. I did not know what to expect other than what I had read in Dolores' books. Julie spent a significant amount of time with me prior to the session to get a good understanding of me and to answer all of my questions. My experience was fantastic and I had two very vivid experiences in my exploration. I don't know if these were past or future lives, but it's all one moment anyway, right? What I do now realize is that both of these lives that were shown to me are relevant today in the need for additional surrender and to go deeper in my connection with source through nature.

Julie has a great personality and was very responsive through email, chat, phone and in person. She is a kind and caring individual who doesn't bring biases into her work. She is open and nurturing. I am grateful and highly recommend Julie!



October 2022

I had my first QHHT session with Julie Jones. It was like nothing I have ever done before and I have delved into numerous spiritual modalities over the last few years. This was truly
Unique. She was An excellent facilitator and had a very zen, peaceful space where we did the session. She spent 5 hours I have never had any spent anywhere close to this to do any healing modality on me. She was very calming and reassuring and I felt safe and cared for. She made sure I had an amazing experience and I did. The details of what I experienced are too long to fit on this page but I was
Able to connect to past life memories and higher self to get deep insights to very relevant current issues in my life. Julie was truly incredible and I recommend her highly to anyone interested in really opening the door
To their soul ????


Ray Gorman

October 2022

Enter the dimension of self-healing. Julie Jones uses her holistic skills to reveal how to coax your mind to help renew and repair you. Discovering these mental pathways can be a life-changing experience. Mastering the techniques Julie employs can reward you with the unique ability to actualize a mental image into reality. Julie can open that somewhat hidden doorway to your own brave new world.


Joanna Camilliti

October 2022

I recently had my first session with Julie. The experience in itself was amazing in my opinion. Julie took the time to talk to me before the actual session. She was kind and very easy to open up to. If your in need of a QHHT session, I recommend Julie highly ! You will not be disappointed .


LightningBugQHHT - Kristina

November 2021

Julie is an incredible practitioner. My session with her, allowed me to open up to inner truths within myself that I had never acknowledged or accepted before. I experienced powerful benefits of her session before even beginning the hypnosis segment! Once she guided me into the hypnosis state, I had the most amazing, detailed journey through a past life that I will never ever forget. I have used the insight provided by that past life, and the conversation she had with my higher self as well, to create more wellness, joy, and true success. There are not enough words in the world to fully describe how grateful I am to have been blessed by Julie and her skillful application of Quantum Healing Hypnosis. Thank you so much, Julie, from the core of my heart!



November 2021

I rarely write reviews on anyone that I encounter, however I had to make an exception. Meeting Julie and my first session was delightful and insightful. I decided to have a one was pleasantly surprised. Especially now during this Covid era, I have missed the 1 on 1 interactions with with energy workers and healers.
Julie did not disappoint, she was right in tune with my feelings and where I’m at at this time. Her energy is centered and calm. She makes you feel very comfortable during the process.



May 2021

I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet such a loving person that came into my life at just the right time! She such an authintic caring loving person who is understanding and you really feel comfortable barring your soul! I don't talk to many people in fear of judgement or feeling not heard. When I spoke with Julie I felt at ease and heard.
I highly recommend her for any service! If you want someone who does this because they genuinely care about your well-being and your healing. Where you feel at ease and relaxed and heard.

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