A Divine Set Up

A Divine Set-up


By Tara Abele & Guides 

Quietly breaking the silence of my inner landscape were these words, “Greatness is not earned, it is perceived.“  Now what could that mean? Nuances abound. Well, for the past week or so, that very thing has been growing like a plant from seed in my head. I’ve come to a few conclusions. 

It’s more about allowing than an actual planting, allowing the germination to spring forth into life. Source light is expansive and never stagnant.  This universe is alive and in constant motion. This greatness that has always been, it shoots forth and works its way out of the density, like a beautiful green stalk between the pavement cracks. Gee, don’t you just love that sometimes the simplest concepts are the most profound? 

Greatness, as service to others, it’s just like that- out of nowhere a need arises and the opportunity presents itself for the individual, and let it be so.  In this now moment, it sure seems that way.  Here I am, grinding away on gym equipment and having the nudge to write.  When the source needs us, it’s funny but we seem to be right there. It’s a set-up, of the divine kind, but if you are not paying attention, I suppose that might go unnoticed. 

“Greatness is not earned, it is perceived.” Why did the guides say that? Well, while I am perceiving, I am creating.  In my life, creation with intention is regular now, after having stumbled for so long in life.  It knows me, this universe, and I know it. It keeps me going, as long as I let go. 

Long before I knew about this dream, our dream of perfection, and that I had made sure I was here for this momentous rebirth of Christ consciousness, life was very different indeed. At this time, our true innate divinity allows us to perceive the higher octave.  Massive amounts of support and guardians angelically crowd around us, as we signify our readiness. Descent from the heavens, did not mean lost forever for all mankind- a round of mocha lattes for all, they say!  Celebrating in the upper room, cries of “they are purposely moving towards their destination,” joyfully cheering us on! 

They continue to speak, “Cream of the crops, yes, you- purchase yourself a new radio, tune into the good stuff, and open like a rodeo- pull in the light codes with your lassos. While you are at it, Romeos, fill yourself with her love, the planet’s, barring none from this light. And hold on tight.. to what? Your convictions, intentions, and higher mind.  Keep in mind you have two options- to go with or not, to fight screaming or not. 

Peak performance is necessary right now, so do your best, and you are all so loved. Cool beans, right? More toward the end of the year, you’ll find out what you’re made of. We can see it, but can you?” So be strong- greatness is not earned, it is perceived, you know.  We know how manifestation works. Feel it, be it, and then you’ll see it! Perception is the key.  

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