A SRT Session: Clearing a Client's Allergies to Cats

A SRT Session: Clearing a Client's Allergies to Cats


Julia had severe cat allergy for as long as she could remember.  She first found out she had allergy to cat when she was 7 years old.  As years went by, her allergies seemed to grow more serious.  When she got near a cat her eyes would get red, itchy and teary, then her throat would get tight making it hard for her to breathe.

Julia was the eldest of her six other siblings growing up in the 50s and 60s.  Her father was a hard-working small business owner, her mother was busy bearing and raising kids and did nothing outside the home.  From an early age, Julia adapted quickly to make herself useful.  She helped mom take care of her younger siblings, and when she grew a little older, she started helping dad in his business, which involved mostly manual labor.

It was Julia, still a child herself, who had to search and eventually found her younger brother who went lost in the trees.  It was Julia again as a teenager who jumped into the lake fully clothed and swam to the middle of a huge lake and saved her other younger brother.  The young boy went on the family boat and drifted away from the shore when he lost an oar.  He tried to get it back but he himself fell into the water.  He was holding onto the edge of the boat, but couldn’t get up back in.  When Julia saw the empty boat in the middle of the lake she instinctively knew her naughty brother was in trouble.  She struggled to search through the mirky water but couldn’t find him.  It was the longest 10 minutes in her life.  In the end, she was able to find him hanging on the side of the boat away from the shore, where Julia couldn’t see.

Julia was a sweet lady, an extremely caring one.  She always played the mother, to every one around her, even to her own mother.  That’s when Dad unfortunately lost his life to heart attack at a relatively young age.  Mom had never done anything outside the home.  She didn’t even know how to drive.  Julia gave up her school and came back home to manage Dad’s funeral and all aftermath arrangements.  She was merely 20 years old.

During the Spiritual Response Therapy session, I asked High Self to help clear Julia’s allergy to cats.  

Robert Detzler said that people have allergies because they were harmed or caused to die from the particular thing they are allergic to.  Allergies to cats resulted from past lives in which they were harmed or killed by jungle cats.  As result, when they get near cats their subconscious tells the body “ You were harmed by this.  Danger.  Stay away”.  

When I asked for clearing of the allergy for Julia, High Self sent me to clear some specific charts.  Two blocks were found.  One block was in the desire to be nurtured and protected by a loving, wise and understanding parent figure; the other block was that of a suppressed child.

We conducted a past life research in order to find out how and when the blocks were established.  One of the researches revealed that as a son in a past life, Julia was seriously harmed by the mother, who rejected him, and was self centered, full of hate, bitterness and negativity, resulting in illness, low self esteem and other harms.  In another past life, there was negativity, panic, feeling of unworthiness, self destruction from child abuse resulting in a suppressed child.

Next, High Self directed me to integrate total forgiveness on multiple levels.  After that, there were no more charts to clear.  

So far I couldn’t see what these charts had to do with Julia’s cat allergy.

I had to understand what really happened that caused Julia’s allergy.  So I started to ask High Self questions.  

Here is the story we got out of further inquiry:  In one of her past lives, Julia was a girl.  Her family lived in South America, near a jungle.  She was killed by a brown panther (cougar) when she was four years old.

In other two life times, Julia, an adult woman each time, was harmed by a jungle cat, but not killed.  We didn’t go into details about these two incidents.

Then I asked for direct healing of Julia’s allergy, and High Self indicated that she was 100% healed.  I asked if she was instantly healed and if it was OK to subject Julia to a cat afterward.  High Self confirmed Yes and Yes.

After the clearing session, Julia put her hand on a cat and played with the cat, without the slightest allergic reactions.  

Julia was now finally freed from cat allergies that she had suffered all her life.

It was great! But I was wondering about how the charts were relevant to Julia’s cat allergy.

Spirit instantly showed me the relevance.  Julia’s blocks from protection and nurture by a parent figure were the root cause of her allergy to cats.  From this root grew the experience of one past life where she was mauled to death as a young child, for lack of adult protection and supervision.  Also from this root grew the current life lack of nurturing and care by adults, creating the suppressed child that always had to take care of everyone. 

It is her innate need for love and care that had molded her into a Mother Mary of today.        The healing involved applying forgiveness on multiple levels: forgive the 4-year old girl in past life and her parent who neglected her; forgive the cougar and jungle cats for taking her life and harming he in past lives; forgive adults in her current life for depriving her of a normal childhood; forgive her parents for giving her the burden of caring for her young siblings; forgive her younger siblings for the burden and stress they caused her; forgive everyone who couldn’t be there to help with the crisis; forgive herself for allowing everything to happen and for suffering for so many years.  

Spiritual healing is very different from modern medicine.  Modern medicine uses chemical drugs to suppress the symptoms for temporary relief, often times creating inadvertent side effects, whereas spiritual healing addresses the root cause of a symptom.  

Spirit could have cleared the allergy instantly, but instead, it took us to clear the blocks in the charts, because it is not about removing the allergy itself, it was about removing the blocks and dissolving the discordant energy the blocks created.  

Removing the root eradicates all that ever grows out of the root.  Fixing the symptoms is like eliminating what grows out of the ground, but as long as the root is intact it will keep on shooting sprouts out of the ground all the time.

Yes, modern medicine can cure a disease to some extent, but the true and permanent healing is through spiritual healing, through attuning to Spirit and realizing that we are spiritual beings.

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