How I Became A Quantum Healer

How I Became A Quantum Healer


When Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique presented in my life in early 2017, I will admit, I was intrigued. I was watching YouTube too late one night, when I should have been sleeping. I finished a yoga video, returned to my home page, and there was a video about Dolores Cannon. Immediately I felt attracted to it and clicked. There she was, slumped into an easy chair on a small stage, chatting away about the Universe, sharing her education from her numerous clients over the many years, logically speaking about timelines and dimensions like it was a common conversation. I immediately loved Dolores, and voiced out loud, “who’s the schoolmarm?”  I heard a clear voice in the back of my head say “I’m not a schoolmarm.” I looked back, laughed, and asked “who are you?” She said “Dolores.” “Dolores who?” I asked. “Cannon.” She said. I asked “can I call you Dottie?” “NO!” She said. I laughed so hard! From that moment on, I knew my life was changing, as I had been asking my Higher Self/Guides for change multiple times a day. Dolores and The High Council, as they called themselves to me, literally pulled me into Quantum Healing. I felt an accelerated vortex vacuum suck me in, with such Light increasing by the hour, as They magically put video after video of Dolores’ presentations and talks she and her team had created in the last years of her human life, and it was just the first day! Dolores posted another curious video on my YouTube home screen. A woman lying on a bed, slightly propped up, wearing a clip mic on her top, while this soothing, powerful, confident voice was asking her poignant questions. The voice was neutral, understanding the power of the pause, and the power of deeper questions. Dolores said, “watch her, and learn”.  I did. I was hooked immediately! From that moment, I fell in love with Alba Weinman. I watched every session she posted immediately, consumed them, focused my perception to being the facilitator, to learn all I could. And I did. This is the beautiful beginning of my job as Quantum Healer. And no, it’s not really a job, although it financially supports my household. It’s actually a way of BEing. When we live what we practice, what we offer the world to bring loving change, is power full. The change I have created is profound. I have helped and continue to help so many heal themselves, and Awaken. And I so appreciate every moment of this Light Work. 

Sonya….June 2020….Global Reset

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