Learn To Trust The Unknown



The ego mind is only afraid of the great unknown because it fears what it doesn't know. It seeks certainty. security. familiarity. It doesn't know of the realm of greater possibilities. So it resists, holding on to impermanent objects of personal desire, personal will, while the treasures to be found in the depths of the Mystery await — how long will humanity hold back on our evolution in consciousness, while so many go hungry and die from the misgivings of an ignorant and fear riddled society?

Our leap into the No-thing, the vast emptiness where one can truly diminish the ego to make contact with deep peace and eternal truth, is a service to the whole, for here we can see how we can be of maximum service to one another.  Yet many resist.

I offer encouragement and support for those who are on the greatest journey of all. Know that the soul has prepared itself to take it and the heart knows how to do it.

The true light within is making its attempt to emerge from the void, like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon, which indeed, is a painful process of transformation. If the caterpillar decided to not feel the pain of growth, then it will not become the butterfly it is destined to be.Book a 60 Minute Breakthrough Call with Ascension Guide and Spiritual Coach, Jamie Lu.

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