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Living Your Poetry, A Divine Healing Message

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Right now, in this very moment, I am sitting in the front living room of the A-frame cabin where my husband and I have been transported after eight years of living in Florida. Now, we find ourselves, aghast, befuddled, overjoyed to be here in the Olympic Mountains in Washington. I’ve never been here before.

And now we live here. How has this come to be? The circumstances of this event are cosmic and synchronistic. We had originally planned to move to Oregon, but where we were going was on fire. In an act of trust, utter surrender, and divine intervention, we found a place out in nature in the Olympic Peninsula, not at all what we had originally intended.

Now I am completely enthralled with the idea of the Tao, and the Soul’s purpose to fulfil our highest desires of beauty, connection with nature, and divine love. It can be so very scary to leap into the great unknown and change our orientation from that of obligatory cow-towing to social pressures, to utter surrender into the great essence of life’s flow. We could have given up and said ‘oh, well’, and just lived in fear of all the bad things that could happen when traveling during a pandemic to a totally unknown place in the middle of election season with all the social unrest happening in our country. We could have stayed put, stuck, and in a place we had outgrown.

So here we are and I find myself again, in the great in-between.

How can we embrace the in-between?

If we attempt to manifest our desired reality, perhaps how it happens  is a complicated recipe of past life momentums, soul purpose, and a vivid golden energy within our hearts that eggs us onward toward a higher destiny. For we consciousness adventurers, there is a deep independent spirit and drive to follow our bliss.

This is certainly not always an easy road to take. In life we make sacrifices, exchanges, compromises. There are rules to follow.

As a member of the human race, awake to the realities of life’s cycles and conundrums, I am starkly aware that we have an opportunity to embrace this in-between place we find ourselves collectively in.

As the old paradigm sheds, decomposes, and becomes again part of Earth, a process barely just begun, we may feel that we have no right to individual freedom, choice, and the kind of adventurous experiences that many of us long for. The in-between can be shaky ground. It can feel like a great abyss. 

And we might drown in it if we don’t embrace it.

Like the bardo, written about in the Tibetan sacred texts, we find ourselves in the vast in-between of 2020. How can each of us contribute to a gleaming, new, beautiful humanity? Each day is an invitation. Each day we can look into the abyss and choose to see it as the cleansing waters, purging our human mis-creations, so that we can begin anew.

The energies of 2021 coming soon, will reveal things we cannot even imagine about our culture, our world. The end of this year now is a potent time. As we are squeezed in the pressures of time, pushing through the levels, layers, and dimensions of mind; as we fly high into the fifth dimension of compassion, wisdom, and peace – do not be discouraged even though the outward appearance do not seem to match up with the inner truths we know exist in the here and now.

Find those precious gems. Find those gleaming, golden waters within. Live your poetry. Give yourself permission to create freedom within yourself and in your world.

… With Love, Rachel.

As always, I am here to support you as you create that freedom in your life. You can book a healing, mentoring, coaching, or quantum healing session with me at today.


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