Mary Magdelene

Mary Magdelene


I work regularly with Mary Magdelene, and she has played a special role in my journey. This is a post I wrote back in July, but I have been guided to share it here today, as the message applies to the energies we are currently experiencing, and Mary Magdelene is instrumental in the Shift. If you are reading this, there is no coincidence 🙂

Mary Magdelene’s DayI have been working with Mary Magdelene for several years now, and I have started talking about her more openly more recently. Today, July 22nd, is her Feast Day… I don’t really subscribe to the religious view, but I do strongly recognise this as her day. I have felt a very strong connection with her, and she came to me today, with a message which has explained the reason. She also told me I must share this message. Well, part of it. She was very specific about the part that was for sharing, and the part which was personal for me (although I am sure that the personal part will end up forming my workshops or something in future!) Before I relay the message, which will be verbatim, I would just like to add a couple of points. Firstly, while the energy has been strong for the last year, it has only just started to “crystallise”. What I mean is, I have felt and experienced the energy coming in strongly, but only now is the picture starting to form. And secondly, there may well be parts of this message which is outside of your logical brain’s capacity. I suggest that you try not to logically analyse this, but rather let the energy of her message wash over you. The energy of her words will find their way in to your soul, and your soul will get the message. Your conscious mind may understand in time, or it may not, but please just trust that if you are drawn to this, it is for a reason. Trust that you needed to receive it, and if it is meant to make logical sense, at some point it will. Lastly, please know that we ALL contain both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy – this is not about gender issues. You may well identify more closely with one of the energies, and this will simply show you how you have been helping with the process.Mary Magdelene:You have heard about the Divine Feminine portal opening today. This is not my portal, but I am a Guardian of it… as are many others… as are you. This is why you are reading this here today. Be aware of the seemingly random thoughts that occur to you today, as they are connected to the message I am sharing with you here now.This portal opens every year. This year is especially important, as it signals an end of a cycle… and therefore the start of a new one.You, along with many others (144,000) have helped to clear everything blocking Divine Feminine energy, over many centuries, many lifetimes. You are aware that Divine Masculine energy was also affected by the atrocities committed against the Divine Feminine. However, the Divine Feminine neededsignificant healing and repair before it could be risen. Divine Masculine energy was dormant, but not damaged. As the Divine Feminine energy has been repaired, Divine Masculine energy has been given space to breathe and to grow. It has not been nearly so traumatic nor intense a process for DM (Divine Masculine) energy. However, DM energy feels the pain of having abandoned the DF (Divine Feminine). As the DF has been re-emerging, the DM has had to face the abandonment they had inflicted upon the DF. We all know that the DM tried for as long as possible to withstand patriarchy. But, as the DF was damaged and disappeared, DM lost courage and strength. Now the DF is repaired, strong and surging, the DM have had to face the abandonment they feel so guilty of. This is the basis of the 3D clearing… The world fell into the illusion of separation – that DM and DF were independent of each other. This is the true sense of Unity – the DM and DF are ONE. DM and DF within us and without. Source energy (Universe) is both DM and DF… in order to embrace UNITY, DM and DF had to be healed and united first. This is what has been missing, and this is what makes the Twin Flame mission so important. People tried to find unity consciousness while overlooking DM and DF energy, and seeking it in terms of just “Divine Love”. There is NO Divine Love without DM and DF balance. As the DM stabilises, balance is restored between DM and DF… and therefore Divine Love (Christ Consciousness) is manifesting. It is manifesting with Twin Flames… they will act as beacons for the rest of Humanity, and “beam” out the Divine Love/Christ Consciousness energy as a frequency for the planet. This is what creates the New Earth, the Shift into 5D, into Unity Consciousness. Thank you, Mary Magdelene!Does her message resonate with you? If you would like to know more, I regularly hold Goddess themed workshops, and 2019 will bring a workshop dedicated to Mary Magdelene – how exciting!

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